Shofar Blowing on Rosh Hashana

Shofar Blowing in Chodesh Elul

Dear friends,

I humbly submit to you the fruits of  my latest venture

into the multidimensional realms of creative expression –

this time the format is  poetry…..

poetry inspired by these days of Elul when the atmosphere is pregnant with creativity….

poetry inspired by my constant search for new ways

of tapping into and expressing

the hidden messages of the heart and soul….

Seven poems

Let the  Heart Speak

When you let the heart speak

Then you’ll be able

to see what can’t be seen

When you let the  heart feel

Then miracles  will happen

That you’d think

Couldn’t possibly be

When you let someone’s pain

Fill your heart

Until you heart becomes

A Void that you’re unable to bare

Then your heart will be able

To speak about what will happen

In their life

And  your heart will be able

To erase their pain

And sweeten their life

When you let someone’s  joy

Fill your heart

Until your heart

Becomes a wellspring of joy

That overflows

Then your heart will be able

To  speak

Of things that no one  knows

And your heart will be able to feel

The direction that their life will go

In   Response

The absolute commitment

To be in a state of acceptance,

Accepting all that comes down

From the One Above

As being the very best possible

Of all possible scenarios

Elicits measure for measure

The ultimate Divine response

That all that we do,

Though we may make

A thousand mistakes and blunders,

We are nevertheless

Unconditionally accepted as we are

I am for my beloved

And my beloved is for me

I receive my beloved with allness

And my beloved

Receives me in allness

My world manifests itself  to me

As I see it ,

When all I see is it’s goodness

Even when others would see

No goodness at all

Then my world responds

And shows me

Nothing other than

her absolute goodness

Be and see and think and feel

That all is good

And all that you will encounter

Will be absolutely good

In response


I think that if we could

Leap outside of ourselves

Leap outside of all of the


Leap into the land

Of soul thoughts and soul words

Into the land

That we have never

Ever  been before

Yet we know this place

Like we know our own bodies

A place that is totally new

A place that has no rules

Or pre-conceptions

Just a Knowing

Then we could jump into

A whole new way

A whole new way of

Feeling and thinking and speaking

And what we’d think, we’d be

And what we’d feel, we’d be

And what we’d think, we’d speak

And what we’d feel, we’d speak

And Hashem would take us

To the place of the heart

And the place of the Soul

And the place that we know

Bring me there

Bring me back

Bring me home

Ohh dear master of the Universe

Ohhhhh hear my deepest yearnings

And take me there

I’ll follow your lead

And my mouth will speak your praises



Grace flowing through the pores of your skin

Grace peeking through the smile on your face

Grace surging through the photos that you take

Grace making itself known all over the place

Show me the way to see that all is One

Show me the wisdom inherit in everyone

Show me the purpose of all that exists

Show me the Grace that emanates above the sun

And my soul is restless to behold

The time when I’ll see and feel and know and hold

That the source of all that exists

Is filled with the Ancient grace of Old

And the time will come—I hear the call

When a light will shine so fine and so bright

Lighting up  the endless night

And grace the earth for once and for all

I hear that she has opened up all the other doors,
And that she no longer seeks what’s behind them
I hear that she knows that all else is false
And all she seeks now is the sanctuary of the Divine
I told her ---don’t worry –when one door is closed
Hashem will always open up ten more in it’s place
I told her that she need not pay attention to the now
Hashem will come through for her just as He always does
She knows that the One who makes Heaven and Earth
Will send and is sending now all the salvation
She knows that all that is lacking is to get out of His way
And He will light up her heart and soul and life
She tells the story –the ultimate story
That we all will hear and tell eventually
She tells the story –just listen….
That the whole world will listen to
So we ask you , Our G-d , our Father,
Our shepherd, our sustainer---
To open up the doors to all that is good
All that is You…..
And to close those doors 
To all the obstacles 
To all that gets in the way
Of seeing nothing but You
And your full open Hand
Your full open holy hand
Extended to us eternally


I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine

Only we humans were created as one body

With male and female parts

That became separated

So we spend our entire lives

Driven to return to the oneness

Our souls are essentially a part of G-dness

We spend our lives thinking

That we want this

And we want that

But all we really want

Is to return to the oneness

This is the month of Elul

This is the month of Creation

And creating

And co-creating

And re-creating

And creativity

We are moved to rediscover

The roots of who we are

And to recreate ourselves

In that image

But all we really want

Is to recreate ourselves

Returning to the oneness

When there is love

There is no space too small

To keep us from being together

And there is no space too large

That can keep us apart

When there is love,

Then all of the unquenchable thirst

That exists in the Universe

Will drive us to seek to

Return to the oneness

And where there is love

That is created

From sharing together

Thousands of experiences

And millions of love songs

And heart songs

And prayers

And blessings

And feelings

And fears

And pangs of guilt

And saying I’m sorry

And knowing that you’ll

Come through for me

Like you have

Endless times before

Then the love

Will guide us

To return together

To The Oneness

Soul family

…..and to you, my possible Soul Family member,

Allow me to begin to share with you

Who I am

In the hope that this will

Inspire you to do the same

With me…..

I’m a country boy at heart

A cowboy from the great southwest

I love the simple things…

Like good music and beauty …

Like love and honesty

And goodness and truth

And when the underdog comes through

in the end….

I’m a creature of creativity

With a passion that has no limits

To awaken and express this creativity,

And an explorer of the unknown

And a dedicated student of life’s wisdom

For the long haul

I’m a believer in the G-dly potential

Of the human being

And I want to prove to myself and to the world,

That when we bring G-d inside of us,

There is nothing

We can’t do and we can’t become

[even if it’s never been done before]

I’m a believer that every person

Has a point

That no one else has

And that everyone else needs

And this is the most important

Thing that we can share with each other

I’m a believer that when 2 people

Begin to realize that they are

Soul family [and especially the very close kind]

Then there is nothing

More beautiful or important

Than the bond that they can forge

I’m a believer that every minute

In every possible situation,

And with every person that we meet,

Hashem is sending us

An opportunity to restore

Another lost part of our Souls

I’m a believer that if we become believers

In ourselves and in our G-dliness

We can restore all of the glory

That once graced our holy people

We can recover our mastery

Of wisdom and G-d-connection and prophecy

And infinite compassion

And infinite love


I’m a believer that G-d wants us

To reveal His Presence

In all the places that He is hiding

Including –and ESPECIALLY

In the ME-ness inside of us

I’m a believer that though you and I

Have begun to connect in wonderful ways,

we can take this whole

Splendid form of communication

To brand new levels and dimensions

That perhaps neither of us have

Ever dreamed of, or imagined could exist

I’m a believer in Allness ….

An allness that is simply comprised of the benevolent collection

Of gifts that Hashem has given us and is giving us constantly

Helping us become all that we can become…..

May we not lose a drop it of or miss a beat ….

An Allness that is the core motivation

Of all  that I do,

And is the exclusive basis

For all of my  life’s decisions

And a cure-all for all of life’s sickness

And an inner drive that leaves me no rest

And the source;

of all my unifying-ness

And bridging-ness

And infinitizing

And constant growth

And my relentless search to find

And  bond with  my soul-family

And my need to show all of this

to everyone else I meet

wishing you;

endless Blessings,

Love and Wellbeing,