May you be blessed from the Source of Blessings

May you be loved from the Source of Divine Love



May you be guided by the Source of  Divine guidance

May your fate be drawn down from an above-nature place above the stars and the astrological realms

May your heart be so opened up , that it kindles the hearts of others

May your mind be expanded to see the allness always

May your love be an endless love of water and fire

May your thoughts be the thoughts of your Soul

May you transform all your descents to ascents

May you know the One who Knows All

May you be surrounded by those who love you

May you be occupied fully with what you are here for

May your joy be a joy that is so full that it gladdens all those around you

May you live to see the world elevate to a whole new level

May you truly actualize your higher calling

May you be receptive enough to see and  hear and be blessed out by  the myriads of spiritual abundance that is present every minute

May you be blessed to create your life’s masterpiece and to become a work of art

May you tap into the eternal and endless wellsprings

of creative living

May you unleash yourself from all that is holding you back

May you join hands with the Master of the Universe in all that you do and say and feel and think….

May you be blessed to live in Paradise in your lifetime

Shabbat Shalom,