What I’d like to speak about now is a change of direction, it’s about Geulah.

It’s coming close to Pesach now, to Passover 5775, and this time of the year is all about feeling on a personal and cosmic level that we will be redeemed in these days as we were redeemed in the past.

We have to be open to being redeemed, personally and globally. And we have to be open to it, and understand what it really means to be redeemed.

In order to understand anything we need to understand its opposite. So, what is the opposite of being redeemed, it is being in exile.

Exile is a place where you are not home, not in sync, not connecting different parts of yourself together, and you’re not connecting with all parts of your life, past, present and future.

There’s a disconnect, and that’s what exile is all about.  The authentic “me” is not coming to the surface.

There are ways of weathering the exile, as the Jewish people exemplify throughout history, but the most important way to do it is to look forward to the redemption.

It’s an understanding, “yeah, I’ve been here before, but I’m going to get out of this situation,” and that means projecting and envisioning how you’re going to get out of the exile, the disconnect, to the unification, the connection.

One of the ways we learn from the Master Template of Redemption, the coming-out-of-Egypt template, is through speech. The Israelites were stuck in a slave mentality, in a disconnect for 210 years. And one important thing we can learn from their story, their redemption from exile, involves speech.

The Israelites couldn’t speak from their slave mentality. There was a choke-hold imposed by Pharoh and the Eqyptians, and in order to be redeemed they had to liberate their speech. So they began doing it by screaming and grunting and sighing, all non-verbal expressions meaning Dayenu, “it’s enough.”

G-d heard those screams and grunts and sighs because he is close to us at all times, and he hears us whenever and however we are calling out to him. He hears us. He heard the Israelites calling out to him and it brought a response from G-d.

They were able to open up their mouths and begin to speak in the highest manner a human generation had ever spoken. The Israelites became a generation of Daas, of knowledge, of prophets that uttered the highest level of speech.

From slave mentality to prophetic, divine praise and futuristic channeling, articulation channeling, the highest, in the shortest amount of time… This is not a history lesson. It’s what happens in our souls when we need to redeem ourselves, to get out of the disconnect and into the connection in our lives now.

So, we need to understand that we have to start the process with a scream. If we want to be able to talk we need to say, “I can speak,” and, “I can understand the pain of what’s holding us back…” because we are not authentically representing ourselves when we speak to people.

Generally, I am not speaking my peace. I am an actor. This isn’t really the, “me.” We have to understand that and we need to be bothered by that to the point where we cannot suffer it any longer.  We have to scream, grunt and sigh it out in some way.

Whether it’s talking from the heart, screaming music or just grunting and sighing out loud. Let the sounds be known to G-d, with emuna, with trust that G-d hears our sounds, and will then bring salvation into our consciousness.

That’s the metaphysics of what happens in the redemption process. It’s going to bring into us an incredible, blinding light, enabling us to bypass all the Pharohs, all of the strangle-holds we think are holding us back. It will allow us to skip and leap and jump out of our situation, and then open our mouths and channel the brilliance inside ourselves.

That’s what part of the process of redemption is about. When it happens and we open up… and it will happen in a flash, without our conscious awareness. Our redemption, we’re taught, came in the blink of an eye, at a time when we were looking the other way.

And we have to be open to the same thing happening in our lives once again. When it happens, we bring Messianic consciousness first to ourselves and to the world, and then to the person representing Moshiach, because he himself doesn’t even know who he might be, until the time comes and the soul of Moshiach comes down inside him.

In the merit of our leaving exile, and loving people without needing any reason why, just because they are G-d’s children, and in the merit of the search for connection to G-d and Torah and peace and souls, we are ready for a major shift on consciousness.

That Messianic shift in consciousness WILL come to us, and we will talk about it with everyone we see, which will make others want to talk about it, learn about it and investigate it, too.

We will deepen our understanding and knowledge of it, and the lion will lie down with the lamb because everybody will be in total amazement at what human redeemed and liberated consciousness is all about. It’s fusion and connection with G-d, and the whole world will be doing it.  We will be fused, and in that time everybody in the world will know that G-d is One and His Name is One.