IRRESISTIBLE SOUL MATING or ‘The Zen of Beshert-ing’

Let me give a little preface to where we’re going…  I’d like to share some mini-classes, some contemporary classes being created as my life moves on. They are interesting to me, and hopefully to others as well.

This idea, Irresistible Soul-Mating came from experiences with people I’m counseling, and one person in particular suggested “Zen and The Art of Soul-Mating.” So I thought I’d try to bring my ideas into that sort of framework, and in fact create a template for becoming a Zen  SOUL-MATING Master, so to speak, or an irresistible person.

Now, we’re not really “zenning” it here; we’re Yitzchak Schwartzing it. This is my own exploratory sharing of this vision, and of course it’s always a work in progress.

I want to create an irresistible person, who is going to go out, wherever they are going to be, and be an effortless source of incredible attraction. Anybody who is aware on a conscious level, yet unaware on a subconscious or superconscious level, will want this person in their life.

What comprises such a person?

From my experience gathering tools over the years, I believe the first component is Paradising. The person needs to be completely and fully self-actualized and fused with G-d at the same time. That’s my quirky way of defining what Paradise is all about, and it’s why my website is called the Paradise Principle.

The idea is, when you are completely self-expressed, completely infused with G-d, you’re living in Paradise. It’s where humanity is ultimately returning, the garden, the Paradise.

That’s the first element of this irresistible, potential Soul Mate.

The second element is being balanced and harmonious. That will involve getting a picture of each person’s Sefirotic profile, and balancing it, helping that which is weak become strong, and aligning it to express each person’s Sefirotic potential in life.

A third element is what I’ll loosely call emotional, spiritual pheromones. By that I mean a person, if they are connected deep enough to the uniqueness of who they are, and they become the “Me” they like the most, with creativity and joy and openness and application and flexibility. When they become that kind of person, then their pheromones are emanating out into the atmosphere, and other people will be attracted in an irresistible way to such a person.

The next element is the way they connect to other people. They have to be open to the fact that people are mysteries. And even though each person they meet might seem to fit into some kind of category, they won’t jump to conclusions. They stay open to the fact that each person is unique, the time is unique, the relationship is unique. They allow themselves, despite all their age and their knowledge, to stay open and allow for the unexpected. They support and empower and embrace the uniqueness of the other person as well.

The next element is that the person needs to be in sync with the times. We live, throughout the year, both qualitatively and quantitatively, in different time zones. If you plug into the uniqueness of each time zone you’ll have a big head start on your compatibility, your desirability, your irrisistibility to others.

The next element is to be altruistic. Do what you do. Become this potential, irresistible soul mate person, but do it in order to help other people discover what you’ve discovered. Do it for G-d. Do it for other people in the same boat and looking for something. Be an innovator. Do it in a way that helps other people receive what you have.

The next element is to do everything with mindfulness. Although that sounds like an overused word, when it’s used in the right way it can never be overused. Meditatively focus on exactly what’s going on now, not what’s happened before or what will happen later, not something else distracting your mind. Focus exclusively on exactly what you’re working on right now. The more you do that the more you’re going to open your mind and your being and your spirit to be mindful in all areas of your life.

The next element is to have trust. Just as G-d has come through for you in the past, he will come through for you in the future, no matter what you’re obstacles are. In Soul-Mating, realize that G-d’s on your side, he’s got your back. He’s guiding you, he’s nurturing you, and you’re going to be able to see for yourself, eventually, that just as G-d has come through for you in many ways, beyond your comprehension, beyond your memory right now, he’s going to come through for you in his own time and his own way once again.

For the next element we have to open up the parallel worlds, the Kabbalistic male/female dimensions. And we’ll need to utilize them on a practical level, to connect in the most attractive way to bring male and female together.

The next element is Bliss-Bliss. It’s beyond Win-Win, and it means you can find a way, no matter who you’re interacting with, and even if that person is not meant for you, find a way your meeting can be Bliss for each of you. That’s the language of Soul Mates, of true Soul Siblings. They are concerned for the welfare of the other person. They are concerned for your welfare and when you connect it’s in a mutually blissful way.

The next element is my old, faithful graduation speech. It’s my Ratzon Counseling tool used to project yourself to a future ideal situation in your Soul-Mating experience. That creates a roadmap and you can start down that road, with brainstorming, good advice and a lot of faith that G-d is bringing you to that place.

The next element is knowing what you know. Most of the time in life we’re functioning with a superficial type of knowing, based on societal demands and expectations, and it’s as though we’re just an actor on the surface of life. That’s all that’s coming through. But you have a deeper knowing. You have a knowing that’s uniquely yours, and you resonate with it. It’s a little bit elusive, but if you allow yourself the time and the energy investment to really hear that knowing, you’re going to be irresistible.

Finally, don’t worry about what other people do or what they think of you. Of course, be respectful with other people, but do what you have to do, and do it in a way that’s alive, that’s mushrooming, saying yes, moving forward faster and greater, leaping forward in ways you’ve never done before.

Don’t be afraid to say Yes in life.

That’s it. That’s the beginning of the model of Basherting, The Kabbalah of Irresistible Soul-Mating.