Love Letter From G-dHere is a piece from Rebbe Tzvi Meyer Zilberberg in his book in Hebrew, the title of which could be translated, “Discussions of Encouragement.”

He published it about 15 years ago, and in it he talks about the hypothetical speech G-d is making to us, upon the destruction of the Second Temple.

At the time that happened, the two cherubim, symbols representing our relationship with G-d, did not turn their backs to each other. That’s what you might expect in a time of devastating destruction, but what happened was just the opposite. They turned face-to-face, representing our fulfillment of G-d’s will. It’s like two lovers turning face-to-face., which is G-d and each of us.

So, right at the peak of destruction when you might think the cherubim would turn back-to-back, but what actually happened is they turned face-to-face. And this work of RebbeZilberberg is written to explain this phenomenon to us by hypothetically paraphrasing what he would have said.

So, here’s what G-d is saying to us:

“My Dear Children,

“You are beginning now, in these moments, a very long exile. It’s a difficult one, a deep one, in spirituality and in physicality. The G-dly service that is incumbent upon you in this long, dark exile is to do my will. And to begin right now, with the destruction of the Second Temple, and to continue constantly to build the Third and final Temple, ushering in the Messianic Age, which will be the complete rectification of the world and of Creation.

“For this purpose, I now am teaching you how you are going to do it, how you are going to build this Temple within each of you, in actuality, and how you can strengthen and encourage yourselves in this long, seemingly endless exile you are stepping into.

This is how it’s done – you need to know that I love you with a love which is endless, which is incredible. Every single one of you, every SOUL of you, I love you with the greatest of all loves. And it’s much, much more than you can ever imagine. This is the greatest love that you are capable of even believing possible.

“You don’t know how this love in my heart burns for you, every single second. This is a love which is much greater and stronger and more constant than any of the loves that have taken place in this earthly world.

“I beg of you, my Dear Children, that you should know that even when, in the externality of reality it appears, right now, that the entire world is burning and shaken-up with destruction and problems, and the Holy Temple is burning in flames, and there are rivers of holy and pure blood flowing out of it.

“Everything seems the opposite of this love that I profess for you right now. But I ask of you, my Dear Children, to know that this whole world is filled with my incredible, hidden love for you. And that you should know that the inner soul of this Holy Temple, which are these cherubim in a state of love and embrace, clinging to each other in the greatest way, face-to-face, and that’s the true situation right now, and everything else is only a garment, only an illusion of what you actually see externally. But the truth is that everything is filled with a hidden love. And I now have to ask you a special request, to every single one of you, my Dear, Sweet Children, to implore you, to beg of you that you should remember this one request of mine, and you should go over it in your hearts and minds, over and over again.

“When every one of you considers your personal situation in this reality of destruction and exile and problems and pain and pressures and failures and trials and tribulations and falls… that’s the time, that specifically is the time in all of your personal lives that you should know that in that darkness, in those particular moments, you are also like those cherubim, face-to-face in love with me.

“We are in the greatest embrace at that specific time, and that is the greatest redemption of any fall you experience in your life, no matter how deep the pain and sorry is, no matter how much you think you’ve failed and you think you’ve let me down, and you’ve let yourself down.

“You become confused and you become blocked-up. In these particular times, know very well, remember well that it’s the most important time to know how much I love you and to bring that into yourselves. And to know, as the verse says, that the greatest waters cannot extinguish this love.

“Therefore, I announce to you that whenever you attend to any of the hardest situations in this exile I’m informing you and teaching you how to attend to these situations, especially that last generation before Moshiach comes, when hearts and minds will be closed-up.

“The greatest love happens specifically in those times. And that’s why the last, lowest, weakest generations will specifically be the ones to bring Moshiach, and to become the warriors of knowing this love that I love you so incredibly much.”