What I’d like to speak about now is the concept of being extraordinary. This concept is extremely important, whether you happen to be an extraordinary person yourself, or to be part of a group of extraordinary people, or whether you’re exploring the Sefirotic topic of being extraordinary.

Being extraordinary is the Keter, the highest of the Sefirot, and I’m involved in a constant exploration of it. So, let’s begin.

First, I’d like to speak about extraordinary time transcendence. You need to know that the patriarchs and matriarchs were all plugged into an extraordinary level of time transcendence. They experienced the restoration of youth in their old age by bearing children at the ages of 90 and 100 years. They were connected to the eternity atmosphere of the Paradisical afterlife, and so in this life as well.

Many years later, when the Jews left Egypt, the inception or birth-point of our people, they left in a flash, not even long enough for the dough to rise (thus the concept of matzahs). And this imprinted on the soul of the Jewish nation a natural, inborn ability to not be limited by time. The patriarchs and matriarchs understood they deserved this “above time” dimension, as a result of taking advantage of every day and every moment of their lives.

This is the concept of Allness, or Kol [a post life consciousness accessed in this life] and was the code word of the Patriarchs, and it earned for them a ticket to eternity, as they were buried in the cave of Machpelah, the entrance to Paradise on this earth. It’s the place where the time frame of this earth meets with the time frame of the garden of Eden.

I have a few comments on the above paragraph, with regard to transcending time:

The Patriarchs experienced youth in their old age. We can see, if we have good eyes, a very spiritual person, who even in their old age they may have a baby face, or what our Sages call a “shining face.” And this is an indication of youth in an older person. Even though they say the eyes are the window to the soul, it’s really the whole face when the older person has been living in a time-transcending way.

The Patriarchs gave birth in their old age. The whole idea of the difficulty and travail and age constrictions of giving birth is a curse from Adam and Eve, back in the garden of Eden, condemning women to suffer in the birth process itself. Since the Patriarchs didn’t have the ability to bear children at all, for them to have children was entirely extraordinary.

We also have a tradition about those people, who are at any time living in an extraordinary way with regard to the whole birth process and the garden of Eden episode of birth, which says if they transcend that idea, if they live in an upper level, soul way, they will not have a hard time giving birth in this lifetime, and they will have the ability to give birth at older ages as well.

That’s one of the lessons we learn from the Patriarchs, to transcend the limitations of time, even though there are natural limitations. We don’t necessarily have to be limited by time.

The Patriarchs experienced this world inside of the next world. That was a blessing our Sages used to give each other, “May you experience your future world in this world. May you experience the garden of Eden in this world now.” By living Paradise now, living a life that is completely self-actualized and G-d connected, a person will be experiencing the future life in this life now.

One of the keys to doing that is to be detached from this world. To the extent you’re detached, then you’re not attached to all the vicissitudes of this world, you’re able to transcend it and live in sort of a garden of Eden-type reality in this world.

Another point made above is that in Egypt the Children of Israel had sort of a supernatural “coming out,” which is an indication of transcending time in the birth process. We all know that everything follows the beginning. The body follows the head, for example.

The Jewish people are called Reshit, and as it is said, Bereshit Bara, in the beginning, for the sake of Reshit. So, who is Reshit? Reshit is our people. Our people are all about beginning, and we understand that to the extent you invest in the beginning, all the rest will follow suit. The beginning of a Sefirotic process is what determines the rest of it. The head of the year, Rosh Hashanah, determines the character of the rest of the year to follow.

So, we know that secret of extraordinary time transcendence as well.

The Sages took advantage of every single day of their life, with their Allness. Because they’re related to time in an extraordinary way, making every minute sacred, a sacred opportunity, they lived a life and they left the world with Allness. It was almost like measure-for-measure, to the extent that this whole world is a mirror, a measure-for-measure kind of system.

If you relate to time as being precious, every minute, time will relate back to you as being precious, too, and you’ll be able to live an “above time” reality, even in this world. I believe this is a big part of why the Sages were able to transcend their youth and their old age as well. It’s because every minute was precious to them.

In the cave of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, there is the connection between the post life, the paradise, garden of Eden post life and this world. The cave is a meeting point. And this meeting point is another key to transcending time.

If we understand that there are certain vortexes of time connections in our lives, then we will know exactly how to transcend time. Abraham sensed this when he bought that cave, that it was a time warp cave, a place to move from a time-limited reality in this world to a time-limitless reality of the next world.

That cave is certainly in a place, in the city of Hebron, but it’s also in a certain time. There are time markers in our lives where we can bridge and go beyond this life and into the next life. Time passes away, but with sensitive and subtle spirituality we can feel certain times in our lives when we are bridging past, present and future all together. And that is another way of time transcendence.

The following is sort of a time-transcendence meditation:

Be aware that you are a child of the people who have an illustrious history of being able to transcend time. With this realization in mind, focus on what area of your life might be time-bound, and how great it would be to have the ability to transcend these boundaries.

For example, midlife and aging issues… Rather than giving in to the normal, restrictive consciousness and fears that plague so many people, focus on the timeless parts of your being, such as your soul. Your soul does not age the way your body does. It carries on forever. To live your life with the soul at the helm, as opposed to the body, you’ll transcend the crippling, aging woes that so many people suffer.

Other examples of time transcendence are the awareness of the afterlife and the way all your present actions have eternal reverberations.

To expand a little bit on that:

We are a people who transcend time. We need to use that power inside ourselves to focus on the time-bound parts of our lives, and expand them into time boundlessness. How do you do that? You do it by focusing on that which is timeless, and yet accessible to you, which is the soul.

And the more you live life from the soul and not from your body, wherever you find yourself in a time bound situation you’ll be able to go beyond those boundaries. Time is bound only when it is not connected with timelessness parts of ourselves.

So we need to heal and project in a timeless way to see the expanse of every process we get ourselves into, and other people as well.

And one final point:

The afterlife has eternal reverberations, and we have to focus on those now, which means understanding “reality” we find ourselves in as we live this life 24/7 is just a video movie. Imagine that the movie you’re in right now will have replays, with deeper analysis and depth, going forward forever. When you do that you can relate very differently to every move you make in this movie now.

You’re going to think differently, and speak and act differently. You’ll side differently and count your people and your situations differently, because of those eternal reverberations. That has a huge impact on how we live our lives.

When we live with that awareness that every move goes on forever, we’re going to think twice, we’re going to be more meditative before we think, speak or do anything in our lives. And that’s going to raise us up above time as well.