What we’re going to talk about now, in the continuation of the Soul Series, is what I call, “Soul Speak.”
I want to frame this as a list of ways to allow your soul to speak to you, or how to connect with your soul by “speaking it out, “ and bringing it down to a much more practical level now, incorporating ideas we’ve already seen, and some new ones as well.
“Speak your soul into being ______.” Now we’ll fill in that blank with a list of different ideas.
• With the essence or the soul of any matter, the soul being the epicenter within everything else going on.
• By expressing what you’re encountering with the “eyes of G-d,” so to speak. That means seeing what was, what is and what will be in a person or a situation, and speak what will be into being.
• By tapping into the pre-birth impressions we all receive in our mothers’ womb, where we were able to see all our reality, all our wisdom, and all of the world, from one end to the other. Speak that into being.
• By asking your soul what to do in any particular situation. You’ll be amazed how seemingly obvious and yet powerful a solution this is.
• By asking G-d the answer to any question you can think of, and your soul will receive G-d’s answers.
• By connecting to your feelings that don’t match or synchronize with what’s going on in your life, and understanding that those feelings are coming from a higher place, a soul, causal place.
• By connecting to that which is out of your body, beyond you, and located within the 96% of our intelligence which we are not putting to use. As we draw what’s outside of us inside us, we are speaking our soul into action.
• By understanding not the externalities, but the internalities for any situation or any piece of wisdom we study at any time.
• By understanding that the body receives all its well-being, all its growth, protection and healing from the soul. And when we relate to our body as a soul-guided being, that’s the proper way.
• By connecting to events and people in our lives with a resonation, and an awareness of how smooth things are going, because the smoother things are going for you in any situation or encounter, the more your soul is informing you what’s correct, and the right way to go.
• By understanding what kind of unfinished business you need to take care of. That’s what we’re here for in this lifetime, this incarnation. We’re here to take care of unfinished business. Tap into that soul feeling you have inside yourself, and persevere with what you’re driven to do, no matter how hard it may be. By tapping into that you’re tapping into the calling or mission of your whole life.