To continue our exploration of the soul, here are more suggestions for experiencing expanded soul dimensions. You can choose them and use them to strengthen your own soul connection now:

  • Experience being inside of G-d 24/7
  • Experience the higher soul/lower soul contrast. Experience and embrace both sides.
  • Experience being detached from results
  • Experience soul-familying. When you connect with other people in your soul family you have an affinity for each other and a mutual enthusiasm to support each other.
  • Experience The Garden of Eden and also Mount Sinai in your own life
  • Experience pre-birth conditions inside your mother’s womb
  • Experience a previous gilgul, or incarnation
  • Experience seeing through the eyes of G-d
  • Experience the soul dimension of longing for something you want so much that you KNOW you will get it
  • Experience being detached to the point of equanimity, and accepting whatever results may occur
  • Experience the soul feeling of being G-d’s extended right hand
  • Experience being a magnetic field, where everything in your world is being attracted to you
  • Experience being born, in your life just as it is right here and now
  • Experience being a dissolver of any and all boundaries, and therefore a connector to all dimensions, in an endless way
  • Experience the melancholy yearning feeling of seeing and being in distant points of space and time
  • Experience absolute trust in the One Above
  • Experience the déjà vu of knowing, “I’ve been here before…” and “I’ve earned this before…”
  • Experience other people as all of these dimensions when you choose to see them as souls