This will be number six in our series, Restoring The Jewish Glory. My subject is this – our legacy in history is as “raisers of Holy Sparks,” because that’s what we are as a people.

As a background understanding, what does it mean to “raise up Holy Sparks”?

Kabbalah explains that there was a breakdown, a cosmic breakage of reality, which means there was too much Light, and not enough vessel to receive that Light. So, the vessels of reality were shattered. And now we have a scattered collection of vessels, each with a little bit of Light. This is what we call “sparks,’ hidden inside of reality.

This shattering process happened over and over, during the fall of Adam and cataclysms, holocausts and other situations, personal and collective. But, that’s the basic process. And it means that reality is sort of set up in a way that’s not fixed. Instead, it’s all in a broken condition.

That’s why we need somebody who knows how to fix up, or automatically, organically knows how to find the Divine hiding inside the secular, of what seems to be “non-Divine.”  The purpose is to raise up the hidden sparks by identifying the Divine and raising up reality to a Divine level, which is where it was originally.

We have this legacy, as a people, to trace it back on a collective level. When Adam fell from the Garden of Eden when he ingested the knowledge of Good and Evil he mixed good souls and bad souls, good energy and bad energy, into all of reality.

You can look into Adam, into the map of the world, like a map of the world showing population density, both now and throughout history, and you can say, “The fall out of the arms or the legs is in North and South America, for example…” Or the fall out of this is in this part of Europe or this part of Asia perhaps.

With the right glasses you can see the fall out of Adam, with an admixture of good and bad, and how it ended up in all these different nations. And our legacy, we who are the Jewish sparks-raisers, is exile. We are exiled throughout history, to the right time and the right place, according to what our personalities are like and the need of the particular country in need of raising sparks at that time.

So, American Jews are thrown out into the exile of America and European Jews into the exile of Europe, all of us in the right place at the right time.  We sent out by force into exile, to raise up those sparks that are the most in sync with who we are in our time in history.  That’s the cosmic picture, and that’s who we are – cosmic, historical sparks-raisers.

We do it by just being Jews, basically. We don’t have to go anywhere and do hocus-pocus and abracadabra just to raise sparks. We don’t know how to do that because there is no such thing. We accomplish that by simply being ourselves, by being who we should be, if we are choosing to be who we should be. If we are holding to our tradition and we’re connected to G-d and to Torah and to Judaism then we’re going to raise the sparks. And we’re going to bring the potential converts who are not necessarily in their place back to their place, because we happen to be there to arouse them and awaken them.

This is what we do. It’s our historical legacy, our job. Our mission lasts until Moshiach comes and all the sparks will be raised up. That’s the cosmic, the big picture of what we do as sparks-raisers.

The technique or technical “how-to” of it is that every day every person experiences lack. We all lack things, and when we encounter our lack, whether it’s through learning, or relationships, eating, sleeping, walking, talking or anything else we may do, we discover what is driving us. We find out what we want and what we need, and we know we’re resonating with those particular things because they are sparks. When we engage these things we resonate with, the things we lack, and when we do it in a holy and proper way we raise up those sparks.

That’s how we do it. You might way that we are human vacuum cleaners, pulling up the dust and the dirt from all over the place and making everything clean again. We are sent into the world for this purpose, exactly this purpose.

The super-stars of this process were our forefathers. They came with their “days, “ as they said at the end of their life story. Every single day they raised up sparks, and in every encounter in lie they were raising up sparks. Our Patriarchs are Matriarchs are showing us the way, how to do that.

There is nothing that is perchance, or coincidental. We are placed in certain situations individually as well as nationally, because G-d has providentially put us there to raise up that which has fallen.  This reality fills us up as well.

Back to the collective idea… As long as we’re in a country of exile and as long as we still have work to do, we’re going to be in that country. Usually, we may find ourselves as leaders in our country. The politicians, the scientists, academicians and financiers are the people who are making that country work.

Once the sparks are all lifted up, the non-Jews will kick us out of the country, in either a nice way or another way, not so nice. Basically, there’s nothing more for us to accomplish over there because the sparks are all lifted up. That’s what’s happening in our time, right now. We are experiencing this incredible influx of exiles from all over the world, because there is no more restoration of sparks needed where they had been living.

We’re in the middle of the influx here in Israel right now. We’re watching the miracle unfold every single day of our lives!

So, that’s our legacy. That’s what we do on an individual and collective basis from the various places of exile where we’ve been sent, and depending on our personalities, who we are.

If you bring all of that into this particular 3-week period we are in right now, called The Narrow Straights, where an uncanny collection of cataclysms have happened to us throughout time, sparks-raiser Jews need to remember, “the higher they climb, the harder they fall.”  In other words, the harder and darker things may appear, the greater is the Light underneath.

The Messianic Lights are right beneath this period of time right now. The biggest, the greatest sparks in the dimension of time, not just space, are found right now. This is when and where we really have to shine. We really have to chase after the sparks, as the verse in Jeremiah says, “All those who chase after her will catch her in the Narrow Straights.” It’s referring to our trials during this time of the year. But it also means that everyone who chases after G-d during this period will find G-d.

If you chase after those sparks you couldn’t find the rest of the year, you will find them now. The danger and the opportunity is incredibly great right now. But, that’s our legacy as sparks-raisers.