On the occasion of the yartzeit of Rabbi Yitzchak Issac Luria, the Arizal, I want to talk about him because he was such an incredible human being. These are some things everybody needs to know, to understand what it’s possible for a human being to become in this world:

  • The Ari was mean to be a spark of a part of the reincarnation of Moses, of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, and possibly Moshiach ben Yosef (of the two Messianic presences, ben David and ben Yosef.)
  • The Ari had the ability to look at another person with x-ray eyes, so to speak, and to see into their soul. He could look at a person and understand everything about them, just by looking at them. By sensing their aroma, he knew their essence. He could look at their forehead and understand their sins, and look at their eyes and see their soul, and bring it out to speak to it.
  • The Ari could go to a graveyard and look at the souls of the people buried there. He was able to select a name from the Kabbalistic books he studied and speak a name from among the Sages, and that person would appear before him and answer whatever the Ari asked.
  • The Ari could look at birds and understand their language, and look at trees and understand their language. He certainly was able to understand the language of Torah and, in fact, was a genius at understanding all of Torah.
  • The Ari could look beyond the surface of a person and see what’s underneath, which may reveal that another soul is also inhabiting that person’s body. Not only in an evil, scary way, but also in a holy way. A person from a previous generation came to help another person along in this life, as a mitzvah. He could look at a student and stand up for them, because he understood that, as a result of their actions, they had the assistance of a Sage from 2000 years ago.
  • The Ari was able to see, in a learning session during the day, where all the doubts came from. He would seek out these doubts, like a warrior in battle would seek out the enemy. Whenever he found a doubt, something that was unclear in the world of Torah exploration which is mean to be sort of a grey area, meaning not black and white, the Ari would seek out the doubt to destroy it. And that’s how he became a person of incredible clarity. Whatever he said, he said with absolute authority, unlike some of his students who had a harder time, and weren’t always clear about what he said, how much he said and what he meant.
  • The Ari could draw down any soul from any time period, past or present, and bring it into the room.
  • The Ari went up and visited the upper yeshivas when he went to sleep each night. He was escorted by angels to protect him on the way into Heaven, and he participated in the yeshivas of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and Moses and any other Sages of his choice. He was welcomed with open arms.
  • The Ari was able to come back and report what he learned. The accumulated wisdom, his entire body of knowledge communicated by the transcribers of his wisdom was collected from his age of 36 to 38. And that’s what he gave to the world, and it encompasses a body of knowledge which is huge. Every book of Torah you can find includes something from the Ari.
  • The Ari was able to share just a fraction of all he actually knew, which became apparent when one of his students snuck into his room while the Ari was napping on a Shabbat afternoon, and he saw the Ari’s lips moving very fast. Afterwards, he was told that during the minute or two he saw the Ari moving his lips there was conveyed so much information through him that it would take 80 years to share with others.
  • The Ari was simply a man of increbility, in every sense of the word… a man who knew the root soul of every person, where they were on their path, what they were supposed to be doing in the present and also in the future, and what they need to fix up in their lives.
  • The Ari could take a soul out of a person and interview it, and find out where it’s going and where it needs to go.
  • The Ari was incredibly humble. He never killed any living thing, although he could have done so at any moment.
  • The Ari was speaking with angels at all times. And he understood the language of the body, physical features and facial features, their eyes, nose, mouth, ears and lines on their face. Doing so he could read the person’s reincarnations throughout their past lives.
  • The Ari revealed to us methods and systems of Kabbalistic learning which answer the deepest questions ever asked by humans, all the paradoxes included. His account of the constriction of G-d’s presence and revelation in Creation, and his system of Sephirot are good examples. The Ari said he didn’t get anything of his own except what he gleaned from the Zohar of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, and which he put into a system for others to understand.
  • The Ari answered some of the biggest dilemmas regarding reincarnation, why bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people… he understood all that.

Those are just a few points outlining a truly amazing person, who emanated this access to wisdom every single minute of his life. He was a shining example of the extraordinary. From the Ari, we see the possibility of what a human can do and can be. He came here to fix the world, and teach through his main student, Rabbi Chaim Vital, who was prepared to be the Moshiach, but it was not the time in his generation as they were not worthy, so it didn’t happen yet.

We still have more work to do, but in the Arizal we can see what a human being can actually become.