This has to do with do with looking at the world through a Kabbalist’s eyes. It focuses on the Sephirot, so I call it Looking at the World Through the Sephirot.  And there’s a lot to say on that topic.

It starts with understanding the essence of what the Sephirot are all about, which is a bridge between G-d’s articulation and our human articulation of the world. When we look at the world through the Sephirot we are looking through G-d’s eyes with a Divine interpretation.

We see the essence of things. It’s like we put on “essence glasses,” and we can see things differently when we re-frame processes and structures as Sephirot.

We move nouns into verbs. We take structures and watch the Sephirot turn them into processes. So, that’s what makes this have a process focus.

When we see the world through Sephirot, we are also able to see how things interact with each other Sephirotically. By definition, the Sephirot are all about harmony and interconnections.

Once we understand the whole Sephirotic structure, you understand how one thing can exist in a vacuum by itself, but also it exists in conjunction with other Sephirot.

According to the Arizal’s understanding, the Sephirot are not only individual entities, but they are always a part of the whole.

A professional basketball player, or football or any sport, if you interview one player you’ll hear that person say, “I did it for the team. I don’t do it for my own glory,” whether it’s true or not. But that’s the way it works, and that’s the way Sephirot work.

You look at each of them to see how they match up with all the other Sephirot, and it’s why they are also holographic. Each part has all the other parts within it.


Looking into a person, we are also holographic. We have a micro-cosmic view of everything outside of us on the inside of us.


When a Sephirotic master looks at the world, it’s like a physicist who understands that the source of matter is energy. Sephirotically, we understand that the source of matter is Divine energy.


Sephirotic consciousness is something that, as we become more fluent in our description of it, and as we translate everything we see and hear into a Sephirotic template, the more we have the ability to have a conversation with everybody and anybody.


Their occupation doesn’t matter, nor their interests or problems. I have a Sephirotic template bridging me from the world to the G-dly world. And with that Sephirotic template, I can connect with anyone.


We also have to understand that Sephirot are not fixed and frozen. It’s not that kind of situation. Instead, it is a live world, full of experience, like a person.


Therefore, when I look at the Sephirot in the proper way, it’s like the difference between looking at music scored on a piece of paper and hearing that same music, or playing that music. That’s the Sephirot also. It’s not a frozen photograph or portrait.

The Sephirot are alive, more so than we are. If you understand that there’s an experiential aspect of the Sephirot you’ll put on your Sephirotic Glasses and see them as a rich expression of what life has to offer.

Also, if you understand the Sephirot, you’re interested in the language of Kabbalah, which is spoken in the Holy Zohar and in everything, really. They always translate non-Kabbalistic teachings into Kabbalistic teachings by means of the language called The Sephirot.

Once we understand all of that, we have incredible power to heal, to bring things that are out of alignment back into alignment and to help people see their dreams come true with the Master Template of how the world works.

It brings life, and color and music to what might otherwise be a very drab existence.