The MMM I hope to give over this week is Masculine and Feminine Paradigm. The reason why I’m choosing this topic is because besides being a very vital part of human life, especially in our time, to understand how to get it right, it’s also at play in the last two weeks of Sephirot Ha Omer.

This week is the week of Yesod, which is the basic male paradigm.  And the final week is the week of Malchut, which is the female paradigm.

Since it’s naturally coming up, the way I’d like to share it here is to bring a little bit about Yesod, the male paradigm, and then go into a little bit about Malchut, the female paradigm, and then a little bit about how they actually connect together.

In a word, Yesod, the male paradigm is all about Allness, which is complete self-expression The Sephira is represented in the human body by the male organ. That part of the male body is not only a reproducer and pleasure giver, but it’s a coalescer. It brings together the Allness of the human body.

Similarly, the Yesod, the male paradigm, brings together the Allness, the representation of the idea of completeness, self-actualization. Allness means representing every part of the person.

In different words I call it Allness Living, which has to do with how you interact with others, how you interact with yourself and how you interact with Hashem. It’s with completeness, with totality. That naturally brings into the picture the male paradigm.

The last week is the receiving element, the female paradigm. In G-d’s great wisdom he deemed it necessary to come out that the Allness is parallel to the female sexual organ, which is receiving, as opposed to giving.

As opposed to Allness giving, it’s Allness receiving. It’s a completely self-less kind of receiving, which has the fundamentals, the Zohar teaches, but has nothing of her own, only what she receives from the male self.

The more the male shares his Allness, the more the female is filled-up with that Allness. She becomes impregnated with that Allness. That expresses itself, not only biologically but also Sephirotically, in all areas of life.

The way we believe in G-d, in all dual dynamics… the sun and the moon, the heavens and the earth, and G-d in us, all have this dynamic of Allness giving and Allness receiving.

They express themselves in coming together through different levels of harmony. There are higher levels of harmony and lower levels of harmony. And there are a lot of variations.

Kabbalah offers a few different examples. Here are a few of the Kabbalistic coming-togethers:

1) One is Chochmah and Binah, right and left brain.

2) The flash that’s received as a vision and the processing of that flash. That’s an offshoot of this masculine/feminine dimension. Basically, everything in life is sort of an offshoot of the masculine/feminine principle, we just have to be able to see and identify it.

3) Harmonizing the wisdom that’s coming to us, and the packaging of that wisdom.

4) Harmonizing connection with disconnection.  Another way is saying yes and saying no. That’s the brining together the opposite parts of this universal duality.

5) Harmonizing the sun and the moon – the archetypes of steadiness and of change, which is what the moon is all about in its different phases.

6) Harmonizing the hidden and the revealed. Usually the masculine is more of a hidden element and the feminine is more of a revealed element, or a desire to bring things into revelation. The masculine desire is to keep things sort of in a hidden place, going back to their roots.

7) Harmonizing the right orientation with the left orientation.

8) Harmonizing outreach with in-reach.

9) Harmonizing fixing with being fixed.

10) Harmonizing lights with vessels.

11) Harmonizing expressing energy with containing energy.

12) Harmonizing giving with receiving.

13) Harmonizing compassion with strict justice.

All of these things in life are what is required for primal duality to become unity in the male and female dimensions.

This is just opening up the gates, and there will be a lot more to speak about.