I’m going to talk about Love for my next week’s MMM. I’ve talked about it before, but as I’m discovering over time, you can get into the consciousness of a topic, not just a fact-finding mission or a definitive thing, but how it hovers around us and takes us to a different place, a whole different continent of mind-state. That’s when there’s no end to the topic.

So, even if I’ve explored the topic before, I will discover all kinds of new stuff as well. What I’m going to transcribe here are two different things – some general intros about what Love is, and then I’ll share some applications I’ve discovered.

Love is the Bliss/Bliss relationship that people of the same [or even different] root souls share

Love is sharing our hearts with those we love [and even with those we don’t even know]

Love is Avraham waking up early with alacrity to do the Will of his Maker

Love is becoming a true giver and sharing all your love with others

Love is saying yes to everyone and everything

Love is thinking and feeling and speaking in poetry all the time

Love is jumping out of bed in the morning because you don’t want to miss one minute of living

Love is being attracted and being attractive

Love is bridging people to that which is unbridgeable

Love is what happens when all the barriers and obstacles and separateness and belief systems are removed

Love is all you need

Love is so much more

Love is something that, truth be told, I don’t think I know too much about, but I’d like to learn…

What all these things are based on is the idea that love is a mystery. And love is a very powerful thing. It commandeers so many institutions of our lives. For example, Hollywood love stories lasting “forever,” and the same in novels. At the highest level it’s based on the love that G-d has for us, and the love that we have for G-d.

We are commanded to love in a lot of ways – with all our hearts, to love the convert, to love the Torah – and it’s part of the mystery and mystique of the male/female relationship. It’s that part that is the saving grace. If there was no love, they would tear each other to pieces, which they may be doing anyway, but it would be worse without the love.

It’s the inner motivation, perhaps, of what sex is. Or, sex is the outer manifestation of what love is.

It comes from the Sephira of Chesed, which is giving, but giving in the way that Abraham gave. He gave as a freebie, meaning he gave without expecting to get anything in return. That’s what a true love-sharing thing is.

Love is the recognition of the other person inside of me, and me inside of the other person, and sharing that reality in a very deep way.

Love is putting myself in another person’s place. It’s how you relate, and how you see things from their point of view.

Love is speaking from the heart and bypassing the brain.

Love is the feeling we have for certain people in our lives, our soul family, our soul mates, which naturally evokes a kind of love.

Love is what we have for life, when we reach down deep enough into our resonating selves and try to understand how we feel about situations, and then react accordingly.

Love is the thing I am most fascinated with, in the process of living a life I love, by contrast to a life that I “should” live. Ideally, I can combine the two together.