This week’s MMM topic is privacy. That may press some buttons for people, just hearing the topic. It doesn’t seem like much of a title for an exploration of higher consciousness, but it actually is appropriate.

I want to go in two different directions here, one is the explorations I want to explore and the other is the questions I want to ask. In a way, it’s all about questions.

As regards explorations, I have a feeling that our world, both personal and global, is suffering from a crisis, which is a lack of privacy. For the most part, we are not aware of it, or we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg.

I want to understand what that does to the soul, even though on the surface we may the lack of privacy for granted. I have a sense that privacy is a part and parcel of the human condition, as well as the global condition. If we don’t have it, we’re missing something very vital in living.

Case in point, we were created from a private place. From the very beginning, we came from an individual, closed, hidden, invisible, personal level, and we have to grow to go on and learn to express ourselves publicly.

In order to share, you have to start by being private. I think it’s the key to processing thoughts. You first have to think before you speak.

It’s the key to creation of the world. First there was darkness and then there was light. First there was nothingness, and then there was creation. The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

We start out alone, and then we share with people. We should always think about the ramifications of our words and our actions. Thoughts start on a private level, and then we process them before speaking.

Our Sages say that blessings do not rest except upon something that is hidden from the eye. It’s about modesty and keeping the mystery intact. Keep the privacy intact. Don’t show it in everybody’s face until you first get a handle on it.

Think things through. Get to a place of quietness and clarity before going out and sharing with other people. Don’t say things until they are clear first. Don’t be so impetuous and share whatever comes to mind.

So, I think privacy is part and parcel of what healthy, organic living is all about. That’s the result of my investigation. My questions on the topic are the following:

In today’s world and in our private worlds, we need to understand when we need to share and when we need to keep things private. As regards our love, how much of it is something we share with others? When do we share? How do we share our love? And when do we wait to share it?

How much of our bodies do we show? How much to we keep private in terms of what we’re putting out there?

What about secrets? When do we keep a secret, and how, and from whom? And, when not to keep a secret?

The world monetary system… Everybody seems to be in public view now. There are advantages, I understand, but what happens when there’s no privacy left?  All the money is accounted for by Big Brother, or Big Banks which know exactly how much you have. They can sift from the top and they tend to do so. Where is the privacy there?

Internet privacy. It’s one of the biggest issues in the world right now. Everybody is out there on social media, and the more everybody’s out there, the less everybody’s out there. The more quantity there is, and the lack of privacy is growing, the less quality there is in sharing and connection.

How do you share your privacy regarding how much money you have?  And why and how, and how do you deal with that?

Your inner voice. When do you share your inner life with people? When is being alone a good thing, and when is it not a good thing? How much alone time do you need to keep the mystery in?

These questions, and others, will naturally perpetuate. And they are the things I want to explore in the week to come.