The topic of next week’s MMM is Messianic Consciousness, which is something I’m always talking about, one way or another. But I’d like to get a sharper focus on it right now, because the time is right.

So, let me divide this up into the sources, where they come from, and also how to acquire Messianic Consciousness. We’re in a time period right now, the Three Weeks, which is an ironic, paradoxical and vulnerable time period. The more we move into it, the darker it becomes, and the darker it becomes, the more vulnerable and the more rectified it becomes.

The more we mourn the Temple, the more we are happy about the process of rebuilding. And the more we wait for Moshiach to come, the more we bring him, from our waiting. In these time, Moshiach, in a counter-intuitive way, is coming right into our faces.

All those who chase Hashem and Moshiach will be chased by good things, and good things will catch them.  This is a time to catch what we’re chasing after, one way or another.

This time period is also a transition time. In many ways, our present coming-out-of-exile time is like coming out of Egypt. But in one, specific way it’s not like coming out of Egypt because we don’t have to leave within 18 minutes, without time for the matzah to rise. This time it’s a slow process, as we’ve been told by our prophets. It’s happening slowly and gradually.

It’s a transition from a time of trying to fix up the world, to a time of knowing G-d, and from a time of duality to a time of oneness, from a time of constricted consciousness to a time of expanded consciousness.

It’s a time transition from G-d’s hiddenness to a time of discovering G-d is at the core of everything, and a time of being brought back into the Garden from which we were once cast out.

It’s a time of transition from a time of hierarchy to a time of complete, equal access to Hashem, world-wide, and a time of seeing how everything is connected to Torah.

It’s a time of transition from a hard heart to a time of a heart of flesh, and from a time of partiality to a time of wholeness, and from a time of not knowing G-d to a time of knowing G-d.

This is the time frame we’re in, meaning the Three Weeks, and it’s also the overall slowly-but-surely progression of the Messianic Era.

What do we do about it, and try to get on board? How do we expedite the situation?

We need to plug ourselves into this kind of consciousness. We do this by seeing how Hashem is working through us, not just for us, and to try to know his ways, including seeing and carrying both sides of paradox in our lives. That means having the ability to see something and also its opposite, knowing both can co-exist simultaneously.

And we need to see everything that’s happening as G-d’s goodness, even though it seems unfair and too difficult on the surface level. We need to move ourselves away from our patterns, as the Jews did when they jumped into the Red Sea, away from our patterns that are self-defeating and toward patterns that are open to miracles.

We need to try to be selfless, and to match our will with G-d’s will, allowing us to see in a much greater, more intimate way.

We need to try to see how our actions have an effect on everyone else, and to see the wholeness beyond the partialness.

We need to try to see our calling, both individually and as a generation, and to live inside of spiritual concepts.

We need to try to find a way to live without time restrictions and with a sense of timelessness instead, and without finite thinking, but with a sense of infinity instead.

We need to try to see the past, present and future through the eyes of Hashem. And, one way or another, we need to do this together with everyone else. This is how we usher ourselves into Messianic Consciousness, which we’re all headed into, one way or another.