What I want to talk about this week is being fully alive. The concept came to me in a poem and a see a connection with what I’m experiencing now, and what this week’s Parsha is describing as well.

The concept intrigues me… What does it mean to be fully alive?

So, what I’d like to present is explorations of ways to become fully alive, some practical ways, with philosophical elements, of living in a more full way.  Here’s a list of a few ideas:

  1. To be fully alive is to bring down that which we don’t yet know, to begin to know and to grow and become more alive. That happens when we bring into our knowledge something we have not previously known.
  2. To be fully alive it’s necessary to be willing for some things to die in order to live. That means we’re ready to sacrifice ourselves, and to get rid of everything that is not our “essential self.” That’s what needs to die. We need to “kill off” those things that are blocking us from fully living.
  3. To be fully alive we need to be mindful and to embrace whatever we’re engaged in at the time, with our full attention, as if nothing else in the world exists. That’s how we can feel alive. Once I heard that our emotional, creative and intuitive intelligence are important to feeling fully alive.
  4. To be fully alive we need to consider what makes a dead person, and then separate out the qualities that represent a live person, and build on them.
  5. To be fully alive we need to bring our body and soul together, not just part of them but all of them. And we need to join together anything that can make us feel whole, instead pf partial.
  6. To be fully alive we need to find our Achilles’ Heel, or something deeper… the reason we’re here. What are we coming here to fix up? We need to tap into that answer to discover wholeness and to feel fully alive. When we live from our core or Ratzon points, meaning the essence of who we are, and we could condense it into one word, we could live from that one word to be fully alive.
  7. To be fully alive we need to dive deep into a concept, and get to know it from inside. Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of my mother’s passing and what’s come up for me, to elevate her eternal soul, is to dive deep into my awareness of her, of her presence. I’ve done this for about the last three years on the anniversary of both my mother’s and father’s passing. That makes them more fully alive for me and it makes the part of me that’s connected to them more fully alive.
  8. To be fully alive we need to join our imperfect self with our perfect self, to become one, whole self and G-d’s Tikkun Olam, his rectification of the world. We can be G-d’s right-hand person to make things happen, and that’s when we become more fully alive.
  9. To be fully alive we need to be connected to our post-life experience, and the eternal reverberations and ramifications of everything we say, do, feel and think, then we’re more fully alive, right here and right now. And the same thing goes for our past-life, too. Between the past and the future we can have a life that’s more fully alive here and now.

When we reveal more of the Sephirotic traits in the here and now we are living more fully alive. And when we pick up on the patriarchs For the Patriarchs, every day was fully lived.  We, too, could be receiving the messages and all the opportunities being sent to us at all times, as did our Patriarchs.

Now that we’re moving toward the Rosh Hashanah, we’re looking at the highlights of our year 5778, and the collection of our days, weeks and months. And we’re looking closely to see what Hashem is guiding us to do.

I want my Mystical Musical Meditations to be more fully alive with my creative searching and expression of who I am. I think when we join our higher soul and our lower soul we give them awareness, identification, expression and life, and we also become more fully alive with them.

So, these are some ways to explore how to become more fully alive.