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What I’d like to speak about now is another article I’d like to paraphrase, and throw in a little of my own, based mainly on another article by Tsvi Meyer Zilberberg. It’s an article about Ratzon, about Will.

You’ll see in the course of it how it applies to this particular time of year. And it begins like this:

Ratzon is a principle in life which is one of the most fundamental principles in spirituality in general. The idea of Ratzon is that it can get us through difficult situations as no other human characteristic can. And that’s why it’s connected, more or less, to these three weeks right now.

It is the inner motivation or intention of all service of G-d, in all types of ways. It’s to have that inner juice or motivational motor that drives us through things that are difficult to have happen.

In Hebrew, the holy tongue, there are many, many similar words to Ratzon which show how central it is to Jewish mystical thought. So, I’m going to transliterate a few of these words in Hebrew to show you how many words are similar to it.

Besides the word Ratzon, we have the words “chafetz,” and “chashek,” as well as “tzimaon,” which sort of means “thirst,” but it’s also a type of Ratzon.

We have the word “kivui,” which is kind of a hope, which is a kind of Ratzon as well. We have “teavon,” which is also a kind of thirst.

We have the word, “cheshek, and “chamid,” and we also have many more to show how fundamental Ratzon is to the whole spiritual experience.

We have different ways of achieving Ratzon, and one way is to project something we intend to take upon ourselves, something we will make happen. It’s sort of like the idea of my graduation speech. And my once-a-week clearing, as well as once-a-month and once-a-year assessment of achievement. And also what I hope to achieve in different aspects of my life, such as faith and trust and Divine Providence and clinging to G-d.

Ratzon has to do with anything and everything we want to accomplish in our lives. We need to get that impetus going in order to have it. Ratzon can be accessed through studying the events, the highlights of our lives.

Ratzon is a very elevated aspect of spiritual work. It can break all the restrictions, everything that has to do with nature. When we connect with Ratzon in a deep enough way, there’s nothing that can stand in the way of our Ratzon.

We live in a place called the Olam, which is the world, and in Hebrew the word means “hidden.” The truth is hidden in this world, the truth of reality. So, therefore, in this world Ratzon has no value to most people. They can’t trade in Ratzon for monetary value, the value of their own work. With some exceptions, teaching seminars, etc, but in general, only the results speak, not the desire. In spirituality the exact opposite is true. Ratzon makes things happen, it is behind everything.

One of the reasons is because it is one of the highest of the Sefirot, and it’s what makes everything happen in the world Sefirotically. All of the Sefirot, all of the character traits one can experience will follow suit because of Ratzon. Both the inside of us and the outside of us is opened up when we open up Ratzon.

Since it’s so powerful in the spiritual world, therefore the Yetzer Hara, the evil impulse will do everything in its power to uproot it. The mortal enemy of the Jewish people, which is Amalek, does everything in his power to uproot Ratzon , also called the “beginning of all things.” Ratzon is the beginning of all processes and represents the root level, so that’s where destruction is aimed. That’s what they do and that’s what the Yetzer Hara, the evil impulse does as well. It’s because Ratzon is so important.

Our Sages tell us that a person who comes to purify himself receives help. And they say that in the way a person wants to go the person who wants to purify herself is helped “by them.” So, why does it say, “by them,” in the plural… Who are “they” that are helping? We learn an incredible lesson which reveals that every time we have a desire for a positive thing it creates an angel. So, a person should know that every new desire or will towards something positive is not there by itself, fending for itself alone. It’s actually something much more powerful than a one-time Ratzon.

It’s a Ratzon joined with all the other angels of all the other times we wanted to make something happen in our lives. Every Ratzon is joined with all the other Ratzons we have in that same area.

According to the SefirYetzirah, we are in the months of Tammuz and Av, which represent the two eyes. Eyes, among other parts of the body are seen to be instruments of Ratzon, of yearning, and of looking towards something beyond themselves. This is part of the time we’re in now. We’re in a time period of the three weeks when all those who chase G-d get to G-d during this time.

Everything is a function of Ratzon, of desiring as well. When we chase we get to what we need to get to. When a person declares that they will have something that they want, that falls almost in the category of a vow. When a person declares a vow they are co-creating with G-d a reality. Our Torah promises that everything that comes out of a person’s mouth they will make happen, or it WILL happen.

So, there’s power in that type of Ratzon as well.

A story is told of an incredible person who lived in Jerusalem in a previous generation, and it was not a well-known person, but there was a community of fairly simple people who wanted him to give them encouragement, and they wanted him to speak to them every erev Shabbat, every Friday afternoon.

He agreed, of course, and he loved to give and he enjoyed the opportunity to give them encouragement. The story took place in the middle of the summer, right around this time of year, that he showed up and nobody else showed up to hear him speak. But he said it was not his concern that nobody else was present, and he proceeded to give an incredibly powerful, impactful teaching to an empty synagogue. When he finished, there still was nobody present in the synagogue.

After a few months he saw a man who had totally gone off the path, to the point he sort of drove the teacher somewhat crazy, which caused him to avoid the man whenever possible. But that man ran up to the teacher, shook his hand and said, “Thank you for transforming my life.”

The teacher asked, “What do you mean by ‘transforming your life’?

“The day you gave that speech to the empty synagogue I was standing outside the window because I wanted to imitate you and make fun of you in front of my friends. But I saw how passionate you were and I understood your message. The words of your heart went into my heart, and they changed my life.”

So, we never know. Even though someone’s Ratzon is directed towards something that doesn’t seem to be helpful at all, we never know what’s actually going to come out of it at the end.

We need to know this is true and we need to know our Ratzon helps us build the Third Holy Temple, and that we have sockets which are collected from the half shekels, and the word shekel has the numerical value of the word “nefesh’, another synonym for Ratzon, as is the word “kesef” which means “money” in Hebrew. It comes from the word “kisufim,” another Ratzon word.

These monetary things we have in our lives also play upon the word Ratzon. G-d showed to Moses a half-sheckel in fire, representing Ratzon, and he wanted the Ratzon of everyone’s contribution. He wanted it to come from a place of Ratzon in order to build the Holy Temple. That’s how the Temple stands, in our Ratzon.

In our last generation here, when people’s ability to think and to know all aspects of humanity are very weak relative to earlier, stronger generations. Every little, tiny bit of Ratzon is very precious in G-d’s eyes.

A Love Letter From G-d


Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s Last Day

The day of Lag B’Omer commemorates [according to most opinions] the last day of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s life, I would like to share [in a personalized way] from his classic work, the Zohar. Based partially on the translation of Daniel Matt in his version of the Zohar, I will share this story in honor of Lag B’Omer this year.

On the day that Rabbi Shimon was to leave this world, he was arranging his affairs. All of his chaverim, his colleagues, assembled at his house. Among them were Rabbi Elazar and Rabbi Abba, but the whole house was full.

On this last day of his life, Rabbi Shimon raised his eyes and saw that the house was full. He began to cry, and he said, “The other time I was ill, R. Yitzchak was in my presence. I was already selecting my place in Paradise, next to his, but I didn’t die then. They extended our lives until now. When I returned, fire was whirling in front of me and it’s never gone out. No human has entered without permission. Now I see the fire is out and the house is filled.”

Rabbi Shimon opened his eyes again, and he saw what he saw. There was a fire whirling throughout the house, which is one of the reasons we light bonfires on Lag B’Omer. And with that fire, everybody left, except for his son, Rabbi Elazar and Rabbi Abba.

Rabbi Shimon told his son, Rabbi Elazar, “Tell him [R. Abba] to arrange my affairs and sit by my side. Happy is his portion.”

That’s exactly what they did. They sat down and Rabbi Shimon began to reveal to them the secrets-the deepest secrets he’d never revealed. Rabbi Shimon said, “This gathering is different than our previous gatherings. In the previous gatherings, the Blessed Holy One and his chariots, they convened.

But now, he comes with all the Righteous from the Garden of Eden and he wants the Righteous to be honored… Rabbi Shimon quoted a verse from the Song of Songs, verse 7:11, “I am my beloved’s, his desire is upon me.”

He went on to explain, “All the days I have been bound to this world, I am bound in a single bond with the Blessed Holy One. That is why his desire is upon me, he and his Holy company have come to hear and enjoy concealed words of praise for the Holy Ancient One, the Concealed of All Concealed, separated from all, yet not separate.”

And they all noticed the presence of this Supernal Company.

Rabbi Shimon said, “Until now, all the words I am going to declare were concealed, for I was scared to reveal them. Yet, now they have been revealed. And it is known by the Holy Blessed One, blessed be he, that I have not acted on this last day of my life for my own honor, nor for the honor of my family. But rather, that I would not enter his Holy Palace ashamed. Furthermore, I see that the Holy Blessed One and all his Righteous Ones approve. I see all of them rejoicing at this, my wedding celebration.”

He called the last day of his life his “wedding celebration.”

“All of them, in that world, are invited to my wedding celebration. Happy is my portion.”

Rabbi Shimon went on to explain his deepest Kabbalistic Secrets. The Supernal crowd that was there took note of every word. And the description of each word was a description of sparks that are sparkling from the highest spark, from the hidden of all hidden. Levels upon levels of enlightenment, there is revealed upon revealed and these lights were all connected.

The lights of each and every spark were ornaments of the King, the crowns of the King. Every light shines and joins onto the Light within, not separating at all. The Light that is revealed is called the Garment of the King. The Light within is a concealed light. All those sparks and all those Lights sparkle from the Holy Ancient One, the concealed of all concealed, the high spark.

Rabbi Abba said, “Before the Holy Spark finished saying the word, “life,” (which was the last word Rabbi Shimon said in his life) his words subsided.”

Rabbi Abba was still writing. He was the one taking notes. He was the scribe of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. He said, “I was still writing and intending to write more, but then I heard nothing. I did not raise my head because the light was so overwhelming I could not look. Then I started trembling and I heard a heavenly voice calling, “Length of days and years of life.”

All day long, the fire did not go out in the house. No one could reach the house; fire surrounded it, a heavenly fire. All day long I lay on the ground and wailed. After the fire disappeared I saw the Holy Spark, the Holy of Holies leaving the world. And he had a smile on his face on the last day of his life, which he, himself, called his, “wedding celebration,” his passage into the higher world.

Rabbi Chiya rose to his feet and said, “Until now the Holy Spark has looked after us. Now is the time to engage in honoring him.”

They carried his body out, lifted the bed he was lying on, and after the bed emerged from the house it rose and a fire blazed before it. They heard a voice saying, “Come and enter. Assemble for the wedding celebration of Rabbi Shimon. They shall come to peace. They shall rest on their couches.” [Isaiah 57\2]

As they entered the cave for burial, they heard a [Heavenly] voice from inside that said, “This is the man who shook the earth, who made kingdoms tremble. Many open mouths of accusation up in heaven subside today because of you, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. Happy is his portion above and below. Many sublime treasures lie in store for him. With him it is said, ‘’As for you , go to the end and take your rest; you will rise for your reward at the end of days.”

Lag B’Omer 5775 Thoughts

THE POWER OF KABBALISTIC LEARNING [according to the Holy Zohar]

1. There is not a letter or word in the Torah that does not contain Kabbalistic secrets.

2. True Kabbalah causes the world to be filled with the knowledge of Hashem.

3. One who goes on to the post-life without Kabbalistic knowledge, though they may be filled with
Mitzvot and good deeds, will not be able to enter the [innermost] gates of the world to come.

4. The one who occupies them self with Kabbalah, is able to sweeten up all that’s difficult, cast aside harsh judgements and purify himself.

5. One who ignores to pay proper attention to Kabbalah, causes poverty and the elongation of the exile.

6. Every Kabbalistic word properly learned, creates entire worlds.

7. The masters of Kabbalah will be the first to rise in the resurrection of the dead.

8. The prayers of the Masters of Kabbalah will be received and answered.

9. The masters of Kabbalah have the power to nullify harsh decrees, to be in constant connection to Hashem, to bring down blessing and are called Tzadikim [righteous ones].

10. There is no wisdom that compares to that of Kabbalistic wisdom.

11. The knowledge of Mitzvot are considered to be the BODY of the Torah, whereas it’s SOUL is the secrets of the Torah [ie…The Kabbalah].

12. The masters of Kabbalah, relative to others, are referred to as the children of Hashem, as opposed to being Hashem’s servants, and this is because they know Hashem intimately and not just in a general way.


IRRESISTIBLE SOUL MATING or ‘The Zen of Beshert-ing’

Let me give a little preface to where we’re going…  I’d like to share some mini-classes, some contemporary classes being created as my life moves on. They are interesting to me, and hopefully to others as well.

This idea, Irresistible Soul-Mating came from experiences with people I’m counseling, and one person in particular suggested “Zen and The Art of Soul-Mating.” So I thought I’d try to bring my ideas into that sort of framework, and in fact create a template for becoming a Zen  SOUL-MATING Master, so to speak, or an irresistible person.

Now, we’re not really “zenning” it here; we’re Yitzchak Schwartzing it. This is my own exploratory sharing of this vision, and of course it’s always a work in progress.

I want to create an irresistible person, who is going to go out, wherever they are going to be, and be an effortless source of incredible attraction. Anybody who is aware on a conscious level, yet unaware on a subconscious or superconscious level, will want this person in their life.

What comprises such a person?

From my experience gathering tools over the years, I believe the first component is Paradising. The person needs to be completely and fully self-actualized and fused with G-d at the same time. That’s my quirky way of defining what Paradise is all about, and it’s why my website is called the Paradise Principle.

The idea is, when you are completely self-expressed, completely infused with G-d, you’re living in Paradise. It’s where humanity is ultimately returning, the garden, the Paradise.

That’s the first element of this irresistible, potential Soul Mate.

The second element is being balanced and harmonious. That will involve getting a picture of each person’s Sefirotic profile, and balancing it, helping that which is weak become strong, and aligning it to express each person’s Sefirotic potential in life.

A third element is what I’ll loosely call emotional, spiritual pheromones. By that I mean a person, if they are connected deep enough to the uniqueness of who they are, and they become the “Me” they like the most, with creativity and joy and openness and application and flexibility. When they become that kind of person, then their pheromones are emanating out into the atmosphere, and other people will be attracted in an irresistible way to such a person.

The next element is the way they connect to other people. They have to be open to the fact that people are mysteries. And even though each person they meet might seem to fit into some kind of category, they won’t jump to conclusions. They stay open to the fact that each person is unique, the time is unique, the relationship is unique. They allow themselves, despite all their age and their knowledge, to stay open and allow for the unexpected. They support and empower and embrace the uniqueness of the other person as well.

The next element is that the person needs to be in sync with the times. We live, throughout the year, both qualitatively and quantitatively, in different time zones. If you plug into the uniqueness of each time zone you’ll have a big head start on your compatibility, your desirability, your irrisistibility to others.

The next element is to be altruistic. Do what you do. Become this potential, irresistible soul mate person, but do it in order to help other people discover what you’ve discovered. Do it for G-d. Do it for other people in the same boat and looking for something. Be an innovator. Do it in a way that helps other people receive what you have.

The next element is to do everything with mindfulness. Although that sounds like an overused word, when it’s used in the right way it can never be overused. Meditatively focus on exactly what’s going on now, not what’s happened before or what will happen later, not something else distracting your mind. Focus exclusively on exactly what you’re working on right now. The more you do that the more you’re going to open your mind and your being and your spirit to be mindful in all areas of your life.

The next element is to have trust. Just as G-d has come through for you in the past, he will come through for you in the future, no matter what you’re obstacles are. In Soul-Mating, realize that G-d’s on your side, he’s got your back. He’s guiding you, he’s nurturing you, and you’re going to be able to see for yourself, eventually, that just as G-d has come through for you in many ways, beyond your comprehension, beyond your memory right now, he’s going to come through for you in his own time and his own way once again.

For the next element we have to open up the parallel worlds, the Kabbalistic male/female dimensions. And we’ll need to utilize them on a practical level, to connect in the most attractive way to bring male and female together.

The next element is Bliss-Bliss. It’s beyond Win-Win, and it means you can find a way, no matter who you’re interacting with, and even if that person is not meant for you, find a way your meeting can be Bliss for each of you. That’s the language of Soul Mates, of true Soul Siblings. They are concerned for the welfare of the other person. They are concerned for your welfare and when you connect it’s in a mutually blissful way.

The next element is my old, faithful graduation speech. It’s my Ratzon Counseling tool used to project yourself to a future ideal situation in your Soul-Mating experience. That creates a roadmap and you can start down that road, with brainstorming, good advice and a lot of faith that G-d is bringing you to that place.

The next element is knowing what you know. Most of the time in life we’re functioning with a superficial type of knowing, based on societal demands and expectations, and it’s as though we’re just an actor on the surface of life. That’s all that’s coming through. But you have a deeper knowing. You have a knowing that’s uniquely yours, and you resonate with it. It’s a little bit elusive, but if you allow yourself the time and the energy investment to really hear that knowing, you’re going to be irresistible.

Finally, don’t worry about what other people do or what they think of you. Of course, be respectful with other people, but do what you have to do, and do it in a way that’s alive, that’s mushrooming, saying yes, moving forward faster and greater, leaping forward in ways you’ve never done before.

Don’t be afraid to say Yes in life.

That’s it. That’s the beginning of the model of Basherting, The Kabbalah of Irresistible Soul-Mating.

Kabbalistic Healing – On Geulah

What I’d like to speak about now is a change of direction, it’s about Geulah.

It’s coming close to Pesach now, to Passover 5775, and this time of the year is all about feeling on a personal and cosmic level that we will be redeemed in these days as we were redeemed in the past.

We have to be open to being redeemed, personally and globally. And we have to be open to it, and understand what it really means to be redeemed.

In order to understand anything we need to understand its opposite. So, what is the opposite of being redeemed, it is being in exile.

Exile is a place where you are not home, not in sync, not connecting different parts of yourself together, and you’re not connecting with all parts of your life, past, present and future.

There’s a disconnect, and that’s what exile is all about.  The authentic “me” is not coming to the surface.

There are ways of weathering the exile, as the Jewish people exemplify throughout history, but the most important way to do it is to look forward to the redemption.

It’s an understanding, “yeah, I’ve been here before, but I’m going to get out of this situation,” and that means projecting and envisioning how you’re going to get out of the exile, the disconnect, to the unification, the connection.

One of the ways we learn from the Master Template of Redemption, the coming-out-of-Egypt template, is through speech. The Israelites were stuck in a slave mentality, in a disconnect for 210 years. And one important thing we can learn from their story, their redemption from exile, involves speech.

The Israelites couldn’t speak from their slave mentality. There was a choke-hold imposed by Pharoh and the Eqyptians, and in order to be redeemed they had to liberate their speech. So they began doing it by screaming and grunting and sighing, all non-verbal expressions meaning Dayenu, “it’s enough.”

G-d heard those screams and grunts and sighs because he is close to us at all times, and he hears us whenever and however we are calling out to him. He hears us. He heard the Israelites calling out to him and it brought a response from G-d.

They were able to open up their mouths and begin to speak in the highest manner a human generation had ever spoken. The Israelites became a generation of Daas, of knowledge, of prophets that uttered the highest level of speech.

From slave mentality to prophetic, divine praise and futuristic channeling, articulation channeling, the highest, in the shortest amount of time… This is not a history lesson. It’s what happens in our souls when we need to redeem ourselves, to get out of the disconnect and into the connection in our lives now.

So, we need to understand that we have to start the process with a scream. If we want to be able to talk we need to say, “I can speak,” and, “I can understand the pain of what’s holding us back…” because we are not authentically representing ourselves when we speak to people.

Generally, I am not speaking my peace. I am an actor. This isn’t really the, “me.” We have to understand that and we need to be bothered by that to the point where we cannot suffer it any longer.  We have to scream, grunt and sigh it out in some way.

Whether it’s talking from the heart, screaming music or just grunting and sighing out loud. Let the sounds be known to G-d, with emuna, with trust that G-d hears our sounds, and will then bring salvation into our consciousness.

That’s the metaphysics of what happens in the redemption process. It’s going to bring into us an incredible, blinding light, enabling us to bypass all the Pharohs, all of the strangle-holds we think are holding us back. It will allow us to skip and leap and jump out of our situation, and then open our mouths and channel the brilliance inside ourselves.

That’s what part of the process of redemption is about. When it happens and we open up… and it will happen in a flash, without our conscious awareness. Our redemption, we’re taught, came in the blink of an eye, at a time when we were looking the other way.

And we have to be open to the same thing happening in our lives once again. When it happens, we bring Messianic consciousness first to ourselves and to the world, and then to the person representing Moshiach, because he himself doesn’t even know who he might be, until the time comes and the soul of Moshiach comes down inside him.

In the merit of our leaving exile, and loving people without needing any reason why, just because they are G-d’s children, and in the merit of the search for connection to G-d and Torah and peace and souls, we are ready for a major shift on consciousness.

That Messianic shift in consciousness WILL come to us, and we will talk about it with everyone we see, which will make others want to talk about it, learn about it and investigate it, too.

We will deepen our understanding and knowledge of it, and the lion will lie down with the lamb because everybody will be in total amazement at what human redeemed and liberated consciousness is all about. It’s fusion and connection with G-d, and the whole world will be doing it.  We will be fused, and in that time everybody in the world will know that G-d is One and His Name is One.

Kabbalistic Healing – Part 3- Unblocking Healing Strategies

Paradise Principal Kabbalistic Healing

9. INNER STRONG POINT MESHING HEALING [‘….Veyachaid levaveinu/and unite our hearts….]

Identify a weak area of your life….search for a part of your life that is strong—a strong point [if possible, a point that is in the same realm , yet is the opposite of the weak point]….now mesh the two traits together….do this energetically by simply meditating on how the strong trait comes to empower the weak one….do this also practically by finding a way to apply the strong point right in the very midst of the weak one….for example, if you are very self-conscious about speaking in public, and you have a strong point of connecting with people 1 on 1—then when you next speak in public, focus all your attention on just one special person….

This concept is connected to the idea of Sephirotic Alignment Therapy, which is using the Sephirot to partner in us that which is weak with that which is strong. In taking Sephirotic readings on people, for example, I find they may have a weak Gevurah and a strong Chessed, or the other way around. In other words they may have a weak ability to say No and a strong ability to say Yes, or it may be the other way around.

When I can see it, I can have people commit to doing the opposite, and to become stronger in the quality in which they are weak. And the idea is to help a person become complete, balanced and completely self-expressed. This idea is, in my understanding, what a person is all about.

Because I’m a cafeteria person, choosing a little bit from other people’s strong traits, I’m hoping other people will do the same thing as they compensate for their weaker points. Find another person in your life to help you overcome the weaker parts and develop your strengths.

Another way to accomplish this meshing healing is to find your strong points, to find the Lion inside and draw upon it. When you find the strongest part inside yourself it tends to sweep away all the weaknesses on the spot.

A great singer who gets up on stage and has some problems with pitch may be able to compensate with their presence, personality, emotion and passion. Those qualities may sweep away what they are lacking in perfect pitch.

Generally, in life, we are searching for personalities and traits to pattern our own lives, and compensate for what we may be lacking. The whole idea is to find strength and mesh it into our lives to compensate for that which is weak in us.

10. G-D DIALOGUE HEALING [‘…….Hashem Sefatai Tiftach/Hashem, open up my lips…’]

Write a letter to Hashem expressing your problems and your blocks…etc….and then write back to yourself, playing the role of G-d , and directing and guiding you in a way that you think He would….carry out ‘G-d’s advice’ and report back to him and ask what’s next and keep up this dialogue as much as you can….notice the inner knowing that you plug in to in playing the role of G-d, and notice the breakthroughs that you ultimately achieve ….

The idea here is that G-d is accessible to us if we open up this kind of dialogue, When we have G-d answer back to us we find the G-dly part inside ourselves. We identify our G-dly selves and the wisdom inside us.

We can also do the same exercise with other wise people in our lives, and write down what we think they would say to us, what they would advise us. And we can also do it with the Sages, asking them for their advice.

This exercise plugs into the deeper aspects of our intellect and our intelligence, our “knowing,” or Daat – Daas in Kabbalistic language.

Every person has knowing, has Daat inside them. When we are able to turn down the noise of our inner dialogue and detect, discover what we really resonate with, it’s beautiful. It’s an art form we can actually develop and master by listening to what we know. It can be developed by having a Daat dialogue as well.

Getting our own, personal G-dly advice this way can get us through a lot of situations. And it can open up for us a deeper way to pray.

We can keep the dialogue going, and in a playful way we discover new questions based on the answers we get from G-d this way. Of course we always have new questions because there are always more things we don’t know.

11. REFRAME AND ELEVATE HEALING  [‘…..Hamagbiah Shefalim/He raises up the fallen……]

Find a trait or part of your personality that would be considered troublesome or fallen or damaging …..look deeply into your inner motivating factor ….reframe this motivation into a positive direction….for example, uplift the trait of self destructive lust to becoming a passion for doing goodness or G-d connection or loving your neighbor….or reframe arrogance into being holy pride for taking a stand on doing all that is good and right or raise up obnoxious skepticism to becoming holy skepticism towards anything but the absolute truth…

This is a reframe, a reframed unblocking healing tool. And it goes back to the early Masters of Chassidut, the Baal Shem Tov and others who understood the world is made up of lost, Holy sparks, or the lost parts of ourselves.  The Kabbalists call it Shevirat haKeilim, the breaking of the vessels of reality.

The character traits that make up human beings are often found in a lowly, fallen, degraded, disorderly kind of place, and it’s within our power, in fact it’s probably our obligation to raise them up. The way we do that is we reframe.

The world is made up of a limited number of specific Spherotic traits. And those traits can be found in a fallen state or an elevated state. When we can identify them at their source, we can raise these traits to their highest state.

We see many different examples of this in Jewish lore, going back to the days of our Sages. One story that comes to mind is about the head of the local Mafia in Israel, the biggest gangster named Resh Lakesh, who was so tough that nobody messed with him.  At the same time there was one of the greatest of the sages living in Israel named Rebbe Yochanan.

Rebbe Yochanan had his back turned to Resh Lakesh once when he was bathing in an outdoor pool, and the gangster mistook the Rebbe for a beautiful woman who was bathing there. Being the flamboyant gangster-type, Resh Lakesh jumped into the pool from a tall building and discovered he was a man when Rebbe Yochanan turned around.

Rebbe Yochanan was so impressed by the passion displayed by Resh Lakesh that he told him, “Listen, if you would only elevate your passion from your desire for a woman to knowing G-d’s Torah and G-d’s will, then I will give you in marriage to my sister who is much more beautiful than I am.”

Resh Lakesh, formerly the notorious gangster, eventually became the Rebbe’s #1 study partner and one of the greatest sages of his generation. This story is a great example of reframing passion that’s fallen to passion that’s reclaimed in a holy way.

12. FREEDOM FROM WORRY AND NEGATIVITY HEALING  [‘…….Hashleich al Hashem yehavcha/ Toss up to Hashem your burden…’]

Bring up from the subconscious to a conscious state, any negativity that you feel or have in your life….identify the 2 main sources of your bad feeling—the need to control and/or the need to get approval ….send up these inner feelings on a cloud to Hashem –for Him to take care of ….feel the experience of mind freedom and  being worry free that you enjoy after doing this exercise and the cumulative effect that you gain after doing this repeatedly….also feel how the more that you do this , the more that you free your mind up to encounter your challenges with genuine creativity and innovation….

This idea of turning over your feelings to Hashem has proven very useful and practical idea to me over the years. It’s a mind-clearing idea, often expressed, “Let go and let G-d.” It means let go of resistances, which is a good strategy anywhere, anytime, in any situation.

We need to understand that giving up the struggle is probably the biggest part of what Buddhism is all about, and about half of what Judaism is all about. We give up the struggle, and then we struggle.  Meaning, we give up the struggle totally, and then we take it upon ourselves to fix things up. I say this proudly because that’s what makes us as Jews, we walk with that paradox. And in my humble opinion, it’s the best of both worlds this way!

That’s what we do to open up a flow and to have a lot of trust in G-d, to believe he’s really going to take care of it. We have to want to be free. We need a deep inner desire to give up the burden because we don’t want to carry it around anymore.

13. MELT THE DARKNESS HEALING  [‘…..Lo tira mipachad Layla/ Don’t be afraid of the fear of the night…..’]

Collect all of your negativities one by one into a big wax ball …..fill yourself up with light—the light of trusting in Hashem to come through for you and loving and being loved by Hashem and in knowing that hiding inside of the pain is Hashem , and when you find Him there, the pain disappears….gather all this collected and concentrated light into an imaginary vessel and direct this light at the big wax ball of darkness ….keep the light shining on the wax ball until you see and feel that you’ve melted away all of the darkness…..notice afterwards the experiential as well as the real life effect…..

The source of this idea is the Baal Shem Tov who taught us that if we search for G-d in the pain, and discover that G-d is the source of the pain, then the pain can go away. Because where G-d is there is no negativity. We can find G-d in any part of our lives to get rid of negativity and bring healing and positivity into that part of us.

That’s the idea here – bring all the negativities into one big, wax ball, and then bring G-d into it and watch it melt away.

I’ve seen long-term, powerful effects of healing in myself and others by the use of this tool. It’s not difficult and it’s very effective.

I think it’s really important to walk with this outlook, this belief that anywhere there is darkness in life, hiding beneath it or inside it is G-d. G-d is hiding inside challenge, difficulty and confusion, all of it, any darkness.

If we understand that G-d is hiding underneath all of that, and he wants us to find him there, like a game of hide-and-go-seek, he’s hiding from us. But when we find him, the darkness goes away and things change. Even if we keep this in mind and just do it a little bit, things change in our lives.

This is sort of a Divine purging exercise. The more we understand it and believe in it, the more we see it and actually do it, the more we bring light into our lives where darkness was formerly found.

Kabbalistic Healing – Part 2 – Unblocking Healing Strategies

Paradise Principle Kabbalistic HealingContinuing from last week’s teaching, and last week did the first four, so this week I begin with #5.

5. Seeing With The Eyes of G-d Healing [“…..Lecha Hashem hagedula vhagevura/yours Hashem is the greatness and the might….”]

See the challenge that you or others are going through as being one that is only problematic when you see it from the narrow perspective of the present, but just Hashem represents past, present and future all at the same time [He Was , Is and Will be]—so too when seeing with the eyes of G-d….whatever problem you or others face, there’s a past history to it that makes it understandable and even elicits empathy and compassion….and when you add to that the ultimate future rectification, healing and perfection that you or they are destined for—and you bring that into the here and now, then whatever problem exists now melts away…

This type of healing is based on the timelessness of the Divine. Timeless means that there is no beginning or end, no past, present or future, or that all of these exist at one time. The very name, the proper 4-letter Hebrew name of G-d is expanded to mean the past, present and future, “whatever He will be, He will be,” past, present and future, in other words.
This perspective, which we’re seeing in a G-dly way, and which is one of the most potent ways for us to connect with G-d. It is basically our key to drawing down what is called “The Hidden Light” or the Ohr Ganuz, which is expanded seeing, meaning our words, and our vision from one end to another, such as one end of our life to the other, from one end of Torah to the other and from one end of history to the other, etc.

That hidden light is the past, present and future as well, and seeing with the eyes of G-d in this way is what all of humanity will eventually step into. And the most potent aspect of the healing comes when we’re able to project and to radiate into the mind of the person we’re seeing in this way, that they are headed towards perfection, towards empowerment.
They are on a road of constant improvement, even with its twists and turns, but for a person to know that no matter how many left turns and bumps in the road there may be, the journey is cumulative. They are building their life in this way.

This is the most healing message a person can hear, connecting them with their future but also with their past as well. Their past has all been a preparation for where they are now.
When you frame a person’s life in that way you give them incredible courage and encouragement to keep on doing what they’re doing and not to feel afraid because G-d is leading them in the way they need to go.

That’s Garden of Eden perception and encouragement as well.

6. HELPLESS LIBERATION HEALING [“….Hoshiainu V’nivasheia/save us and we will be saved….”]

Express to Hashem all of the efforts that you have made to overcome a certain problem….keep going until you find that you’ve done everything you could and the problem is still there….at this point , experience your helplessness and in a very emotional way, scream out to Hashem, ‘I can’t do it anymore, Hashem—please do it for me’….follow up your session by processing how you feel now [usually realizing and giving over to Hashem your helplessness is a very healing and liberating feeling] and how this exercise affects your life Providentially [I’ve found that prayers are answered doing this, more than any other practice] as well is the effect it has on you long term [I’ve found that even the most insensitive and cold people become soft-hearted and loving doing this consistently over a period of time]…

For over a year and a half I had three on-going groups, probably at least ten years ago, of “helpless liberation healers,” sometimes called, “helpless emotional screamers,” among other names, and we all used this tool.

We elaborated in an emotional way, to G-d, that we are helpless. And the emotion is there because it’s the emotion that kicks it up to a whole different level. When you’re talking emotion you’re talking from your heart, and when you’re talking from your heart you’re talking about what you’re really here for, what you really feel.

You can bypass the rationalizations and justifications, the repressions and inner protective mechanisms that block us from truly feeling what’s going on inside us. So that’s why it needs to be emotional.

And when we got to that place of helplessness we knew there was no more therapeutic healing, releasing, heart-rendering-melting place. The feeling of “I’m helpless and I’m giving it to G-d who is going to help me…” getting to that place of helplessness is the source of this healing.

First of all, healing is flow. And allowing your helplessness to consciously come to the surface of your awareness is re-instating flow that’s been repressed, because of your helplessness.

Admitting your helplessness, submitting yourself and saying, “I can’t do it, G-d, please do it for me,” is the way to be released. The message you’re sending to G-d by saying and really meaning this in an emotional way is the essence of what prayer is all about, the essence of what G-d is all about.

Why do we pray? We pray to find out where we are, to say, “G-d, please do this for me,” but when we get to this essential prayer place of asking for help, like we would ask a friend, that is bringing G-d into our lives in perhaps the most potent way possible.

When we do that we find our prayers being answered, we find our trust level goes ‘way up, we see miracles happening in our lives, we see our hearts opening up, and we are more sensitive and responsive to others who are in need of help, as well as ourselves. And like everything else in spirituality, we see that it perpetrates more of the same.

7. LOWER SOUL INTEGRATION HEALING [“…..Bkhol levavecha/with all of your hearts…..”]

Connect with that part of yourself that you normally tend to repress —the ‘shadow’ part—the part that tends to sabotage your efforts, the more that you try to repress it—the part of you that is usually looking to be ‘done’ with responsibilities and to have fun [and a host of other questionable traits—not including those of the yaitzer hara\ the evil inclination driving you to go against Hashem—that’s not part of this approach] …..rather than continuing to repress it, integrate it…do this in any one of several ways—make a deal with it—win win—you give it it’s free reign as long as it does you no damage, or you replace it’s fallen traits from being destructive, to being helpful and empowering…..notice how the more that you positively integrate this lower part of yourself, the more energized and peaceful do you feel……

We all have many non-flattering parts of ourselves, and we repress them. These parts of ourselves that are repressed can come back to haunt us and sabotage us, at times and in places where they are not flattering. They rear their ugly heads and make us think and feel and say and do things that are NOT what we want to do.

As long as we hide and repress these parts, that’s exactly what will happen to us. The healing here is to liberate the non-flattering parts of ourselves by first identifying them, by admitting that there’s an ugly, dark, shadowy part of me that wants to be lazy, that wants to have fun at the wrong times, that wants to be a kid, that wants to do things that are not necessarily against G-d’s will for us, but definitely things we need to take care of.

That’s what we’re here for in this life, to take care of unfinished business. These parts are the expression of unfinished business from previous incarnations and whatever other sources, but we need to take care of them.

The best way to deal with an unflattering partner, which these parts are, is to talk it out, to make a deal, and make a win-win. It’s a negotiation, such as, “I will give you your expression of laziness if you will allow me my sense of accomplishment.” “I will give you your expression of interest in having fun if you will allow me my sense of being responsible.” Make it clear. Bring it out.

When we do that we not only liberate our lower parts but our entire self. When we do this we serve G-d, as our Sages say, “with all of our hearts.” We use our higher parts and our lower parts, and we are a complete person in that sense.

8. PERFECT AS IS HEALING [“…Ain ra yoreid min haShamayim/Evil doesn’t come from G-d”]

Repeat the phrase, ‘Perfect as is’ every 15 to 20 seconds repeatedly…..Allow your mind to wrap itself around all the imperfections and difficulties in your life….Sweeten all of these thoughts by accepting that they are personally sent to you from ABOVE by Hashem [and therefore have no intrinsic negativity] at this particular time , place and manner—because Hashem feels that it’s the best possible thing for you… that Hashem has guided you and helped you overcome similar challenges in the past—so too now…..
This is the ultimate tool for transcendent living, for equanimity, for having a life which is going to allow you to embrace everything that happens to you and to have peace of mind.

Perfect as is means, when you say it every 15 seconds or so, feels as though everything in my own life, no matter how unflattering, is exactly what Hashem is sending to me. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

Even if I made a bad decision, with all the circuitry that’s been lit up here and all the decision-making processes and factors, and what happens in our day-to-day processing of living, we are saying, “this is exactly what is designated for me from Above.”
I accept that it’s perfect as is, it’s what I need to go through right now. Then I embrace life, I jump out of bed in the morning and have compassion upon every other person in the world who is flawed, like myself.

I am able to embrace the flaws and my little, tiny baby-step accomplishments. This is the key to transcendence. It’s the key to being able to say that whatever comes along it’s my life, as is. Of course I’m improving and G-d is helping me improve, but I am going to face the music of everything that is going on in my life as G-d – sent. When you see everything as G-d – sent then you are sweetening it ad infinitum.

Kabbalistic Healing – Part 1 – Unblocking Healing Strategies

Paradise Principle Kabbalistic Healing

Kabbalistic Healing – Part 1 – Unblocking Healing Strategies

I’m going to read from a previous teaching I’ve sent out, and expound on it here, seeking something deeper and more profound than I provided earlier, to get to that essence point in the healing process.

Kabbalistic based recipes for transcendence   [F. A. B. ]

The following healing strategies are drawn from a personal collection—a collection of healing or transcendence approaches gathered over the years…the list is partial [and will always remain that way as long as I continue to explore and collect]….These healing strategies are drawn from Torah based-Kabbalistic sources—most of which draw upon Divine assistance or empowerment.

1. IMPACT TRANSFORMATION HEALING [’..Libi Challal Bkirbi/My heart is void inside of me..’]

Experience the negative emotional impact of your present ‘story’ or ‘life coping recipe’ so vividly, that you have no choice but to throw it away……allow a new healthy recipe to be born —ie…automatically be drawn down from ABOVE to fill the void that’s left in the place of the old recipe’s way of doing things [without you doing virtually any planning at all]….

The secular source of this comes from a landmark forum seminar I personally attended about 10 – 15 years ago.  It involved people seeking to change their consciousness by bringing to mind their “story,” and describing it with such harsh, negative words that they simply decided to let it go entirely.  They just dropped it.

And what was left behind was a void, a space where a whole new recipe for living could come in to fill that void.

This is a very powerful way of healing, of transformation. It’s a Kabblistic way of healing because it duplicates what G-d did when he created the world with the Kabbalistic Tzim-Tzum process.

Originally, there was nothing in the world except G-d. There was G-dliness everywhere and G-d wanted there to be a Creation to join G-d in the world (for whatever reason, which will always remain a mystery to us), and so he first made a void. But nature abhors a void and it must be filled. That’s the power of creating a void. It’s something that, by its nature, demands to be filled.

So, too, whenever we want to tap into any expansion or creation in our lives, to move into something new, we need to start by getting into a void. It may require going into rock-bottom mode, someplace intolerable where there’s no place else to go. That situation creates a void which can bring in a whole, new life.

Naturally, we don’t want to create a desperate situation, but when we’re already in one, we need to know that we’re on the edge of something new coming into the world, into OUR world.  That’s the pattern of life, that descent down to the bottom level is going to produce new life.

That’s the source in the Creation process, creating whole new life, and it’s the source in our emotional life as well. Whether you’re going to bring this about for yourself, as we’re describing here, or whether you’re in a situation where it’s happening TO you or THROUGH you or FOR you…. Never despair.

The void itself is going to give birth to something totally new. This is actually the whole point of the universe. We learn in the Creation story that, “… there was evening, there was morning,” on Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. There was first “evening,” first the void, first the darkness and intolerability, which is what launches the day.

In this transformation healing we are simply tapping into the most primal pattern and energy of life, using the darkness, the void, the intolerability in order to create a whole, new self-transformation.

2. WAITING FOR THE RIGHT TIME HEALING [’…. Ana Atid Lalededt/I will give birth….’]

Experience the negative emotional impact of your present ‘story’ or ‘life coping recipe’ so vividly, that you have no choice but to throw it away……allow a new healthy recipe to be born —ie…automatically be drawn down from ABOVE to fill the void that’s left in the place of the old recipe’s way of doing things [without you doing virtually any planning at all]….

This is an exposition on the holy, Divine word, “Ehyeh,” meaning in Hebrew, “I will be.” It’s a Divine name, one of the proper names of G-d. It represents a look into the future. It’s the name G-d told Moses to tell the Jewish people, the Israelites… Ehyeh would be the one to take them out of Egypt. When they asked, “Who sent you, Moses?” He replied, “Tell them Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh sent you,” which means the future orientation, “I will be what I will be sent you,” indicating that future orientation sent Moses to lead the Israelites out of captivity. “I will give birth,” is giving birth to the future.

Realize that when you are in a constricted mindstate that you are able to wait it out and simply do nothing at all…..rather than jumping in and arguing or making a decision or acting in any other way upon your present instinct—which is based on a corrupt mind state, and will inevitably lead to negative results—–just wait until your mind state will be expanded —and then act….

This is a very, very important healing tool here. We need to know when to shut up, basically. That’s what we’re talking about here. This is a natural rhythm of human consciousness. We get into constricted mind states, corrupted mind states, and worried mind states of one kind or another. When we are in that constricted head space what we need to be doing is this – not doing anything.

Not doing anything at these times will not only prevent us from sticking our foot in our mouth, from making horrible mistakes, from saying something we’re going to regret, from hurting ourselves and other people… but it’s also teaching us the incredible value of patience.

Patience is within the highest Kabbalistic Sefira, which is Belief, which is Emuna. Belief and patience are the same thing. Having Emuna, having Belief is something that you just embrace. You don’t MAKE it happen. It’s not something that you control. You just let go and let G-d, that’s what patience is.

It’s going to be ok. It’s going to work out. Hang in there. Things are going to work out. To have patience you need faith: faith in yourself, faith in life, faith in G-d, faith in the situation… You need trust in all these things.

By doing this you’re not only saving yourself a huge amount of trouble, but you’re also developing the all-important trait of waiting, of patience, of faith.

3. CO-CREATING HEALING [‘…Naase Adam Btzalmeinu/Let us make a human in our image…’]

Declare or create a projected reality—a very different scenario than your present blocked up one….realize that your declaration has the power to manifest—it’s your birthright, being that you are Created in the Image of Hashem, and therefore are given the G-dly power of creating…..with clear and powerful Emuna and intention—watch how Hashem  makes the reality manifest—in His own time and way—possibly with your inspired assistance [if you choose to assist] , but mainly on His own, with you out of the way…..out of His way…..

This is from Bereshit, the first book of Torah. The verse is unique because we would expect it to say, “Let ME (G-d) make a human in MY (G-d’s) image,” but it doesn’t say that. It says, “Let US,” which is G-d and whoever else we are talking about making a human in “OUR” image.

What’s really interesting about this verse, and I’m going to choose it because as I’m speaking today it’s the yartzeit of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, an incredible redeemer of so many lost Jewish souls, before his death at an early age. Rabbi Kaplan described this verse as meaning that G-d planted the whole universe, all of Creation inside a human. That’s what “Let’s make man in OUR image,” represents, the image of all of Creation.

Declare or create a projected reality—a very different scenario than your present blocked up one….realize that your declaration has the power to manifest—it’s your birthright, being that you are Created in the Image of Hashem, and therefore are given the G-dly power of creating…..with clear and powerful Emuna and intention—watch how Hashem  makes the reality manifest—in His own time and way—possibly with your inspired assistance [if you choose to assist] , but mainly on His own, with you out of the way…..out of His way…..

The idea here is that G-d created reality, and created us in his image. Of course this doesn’t mean a physical image, which is impossible, but it means a full profile, all that he allows us to see of himself.

So he allows us to create our own reality as well. When we choose to ask G-d to help us create our manifested, desired, projected reality of what we want, with belief we understand that G-d will make that happen. And we do this with strong belief, strong trust and a strong vision where we “see” it into reality.

When we have a pro-active passivity watching it all happen then there are no miracles we cannot co-create. In the way a person wants to go, as it’s said, that is the way G-d will direct him.

When we join G-d’s powers to our own, we create any miracle or desired reality we want in the whole universe, in G-d’s own perfect time.

4.  MICROCOSMIC HEALING [‘..Bishvilli Nivra Haolam/For me, the world was created..’]

Realize that all that you see inside of yourself AND outside of yourself is a reflection of YOU ……your thoughts and history and intentions and much more, figure in to these manifestations—based also on the fact that you are created as a microcosmic being –and all that is outside you, is also inside of you, also as a result of all of us being interconnected and  therefore responsible for each other’s wellbeing…..the more responsibility that you take for all that you encounter as being your own creation [especially that which you feel strongly about—positively or negatively], the more you will be able to heal the situation….take responsibility for what you encounter—as being somehow caused by you and then ‘clean’ or heal the situation by saying I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you repeatedly….keep doing this, until you feel peace of mind….afterwards, notice how your healing has shifted reality inside and outside of yourself [****note—part of what I bring here is based on an ancient Hawaiian healing strategy called Hooponopono—but the connections to mystical Judaism are unmistakeable…]

Our Sages teach that this verse says, basically, “YOU, for you the entire world was created… for you, for your own sake.” This is truly a revolutionary way of seeing the world, of seeing life and the whole universe. If you see it that way, you’ll realize that all you encounter was for your benefit.

Realize that all that you see inside of yourself AND outside of yourself is a reflection of YOU ……your thoughts and history and intentions and much more, figure in to these manifestations—based also on the fact that you are created as a microcosmic being –and all that is outside you, is also inside of you, also as a result of all of us being interconnected and  therefore responsible for each other’s wellbeing…..the more responsibility that you take for all that you encounter as being your own creation [especially that which you feel strongly about—positively or negatively], the more you will be able to heal the situation….take responsibility for what you encounter—as being somehow caused by you and then ‘clean’ or heal the situation by saying I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you repeatedly….keep doing this, until you feel peace of mind….afterwards, notice how your healing has shifted reality inside and outside of yourself [****note—part of what I bring here is based on an ancient Hawaiian healing strategy called Hooponopono—but the connections to mystical Judaism are unmistakeable…]

Life, meaning everything “out there,” is also inside of me, it’s “in here.”  I just need to 1) believe that, 2) be aware and receive that, and 3) ultimately to activate that.

These are all futuristic yearnings we can begin to strive for. This is a Messianic-type of consciousness, and yet is IS accessible to us. As with any other new thing, practice makes perfect. Be real with it and it will start being real with you.

It’s a huge shift to begin to believe, and that goes for all of us, that what we see outside ourselves is actually 1) co-created, 2) inside of us, and also 3) our own responsibility. We never dreamed that it’s within our power to change and heal. But when we do, we become very, very powerful people. We can change reality in (what seems to be) and unbelievable way.

There’s a lot more to say on this topic, and there’s an entire chapter about it in the book Kabbalah and Consciousness by Allen Afterman.

Kabbalistic Healing Tools Teaching Begins

ParadisePrinciple clouds

My overall goal right now is to gather all my many tools into a new collection. But I have over thirty booklets right now, meaning material I’ve already written. So it’s a massive undertaking.

I have tools and meditations and teachings all over the place. So, with my desire to be more organized, I’m going to focus on one topic and provide ideas on it here.

The first topic I’ve chosen is Kabbalistic Healing. And first I’d like to explain what that term means.

But even before that explanation, let’s look at what I mean when I say, “Tools,” and then more specifically, “Kabbalistic Healing Tools.” A tool is a means, a vessel for conveying an idea, a principle or insight that can have significant influence.

A tool is a method for taking wisdom and internalizing or conveying that wisdom in a beneficial and a practical way.
This idea really interests me because the whole idea of wisdom is not to leave it alone its pristine roots, but to take wisdom and not only articulate it but to internalize it.

So, that’s what I mean when I say, “Tool.”

In order to understand the idea of Kabbalistic Healing Tools we first need to understand the Kabbalistic Perspective. We have to ask and then understand, “How does a Kabbalist see the world?”

Kabbalah means two different things in Hebrew: “to receive” (from Kabel) and “correspondence” (from Machbil).

A Kabbalist sees the world by being in a state of receptivity, by being able to receive that which others do not receive. A Kabbalist has hyper-reception, super-reception of all that is subtle and normally not felt with the conscious mind.

That’s one way the Kabbalist sees and perceives the world. And that’s where we start. We can transform this perception into a group of healing tools. We can use them to heal the way we receive reality, people, conversations and Divine Providence.

And that’s one aspect of Kabbalistic Healing based on receiving.

Then there is the other aspect of Kabbalistic Healing based on correspondence, or the ability to multi-task by seeing and hearing many different things on many different levels at the same time.

A Kabbalistic has the ability to focus on one aspect of what’s going on, and also to understand that simultaneously there is an upper world and an outer world, there is a past and a future, there are souls living in this world and souls no longer living in this world. There are angels, there are forces, there are times, there are sparks, and there are many, many different types of influences offered in every moment of life.

This is the reality seen through the eyes of a Kabbalist.

In order to transform that layered perception into healing we need to train ourselves with practical tools, so that we have various ways of internalizing this idea.

We want to be able to multi-task our own reception and reception so that we can see and hear more than one thing at the same time. That way we can grasp more of reality.

Another way Kabbalists see the world is based on their connection to G-d. They “infinitize” everything they experience, so to speak. They know that the Creator is infinite, and that this world is a way to bridge the infinite with the finite. Almost every teaching in Kabbalah makes that connection, makes that bridge, which is true in all of Judaism as well.

So, to be able to take those aspects of our lives that are blocked, for example, and infinitize them, expand them and bring G-d’s influence into them is yet another way a Kabbalist perceives the world. It is one way a Kabbalist heals the world.

Our Healing Tools need to provide that type of influence as well, taking that which is finite and infinitizing it.

Another aspect of the Kabbalistic perception of healing is this – A Kabbalist is someone who is bringing abundance down into the world. He understands that there is a tighter, a “higher” world of interpersonal dynamics.

Just as we have dynamics between different family members going on in this world, in parallel dimensions and worlds there are family dynamics working as well.

A Kabbalist has access to not only what’s going on in this world, but in other worlds as well, in the entirety of existence. A Kabbalist knows that everything “out there” is also “in here.”

Therefore, a Kabbalist will seek to bring down these higher-world influences in order to heal the blocked aspects of our lives where we are stuck down here. So that is another aspect of the way a Kabbalist sees and perceives – bringing down the Shefa, the abundance into this world, to truly heal that which is stuck.

Undoubtedly there are many, many other dimensions and perceptions and healing modalities available to a Kabbalist, but these are the ones coming to me right now.

Kabbalists realize that what they learn about the way G-d is functioning in the world is something meant to be emulated in our own world. When we see how G-d works a process with Divine Providence or Divine governing of the world with His will, Kabbalists see and recognize the ways of G-d. They know we are to emulate His ways in our own world. This brings us closer to G-d.

Everything that Kabbalists learn in their perception of the worlds is a key to how we live our own lives, in our own world. It’s not only a key, but a Master Template. That Template includes everything they learn in Kabbalah, whether it’s the Seferot, the Rectification of the World, the whole understanding of lights and vessels and male and female and family dynamics…. Everything in Kabbalah holds a key to healing in our world as well.

This is my introduction to Kabbalistic Healing.

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