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Founder of the Paradise Principle Institute, Rabbi Schwartz’s area of expertise is the study of Kabbalah. He has been learning for approximately 15 years with Jerusalem’s leading Kabbalists. For the last 10 years Rabbi Schwartz has been researching and developing new techniques to help many young people grow with his skills as a counselor. He attained a BSC at New Mexico State University.
In addition, Rabbi Schwartz helped co-write with locally famous author, Rabbi Yisrael Lugassi, Gilgulei Yisrael, a book about reincarnation drawn from the original classic work of the Arizal called Shaar Hagilgulim. Rabbi Schwartz is currently making himself available for private teaching, counseling, and touring the U.S. on speaking engagements to promote the Paradise Principle Institute.
Together, Rabbi Schwartz and his very devoted wife are raising a large family as pioneers in the young community of Beitar Elit in the Judean Hills, close to Jerusalem.

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