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Restore the Jewish Glory – Part 4

I’m calling this post The Healing of The Chosen Nation, and beginning with two quotes:

כִּי-קָרוֹב אֵלֶיךָ הַדָּבָר, מְאֹד: בְּפִיךָ וּבִלְבָבְךָ, לַעֲשֹׂתוֹ.

But the word is very close to you, in your mouth, and in your heart, so that you may do it.  Dvarim 30:14

I will take you from among the nations and gather you out of all the countries and bring you into your own land. I will sprinkle on you clean water… I will give you a new heart, and I will place in you a new spirit; and I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and will give you a heart of flesh… I will put my spirit within you… and you will be my people, and I will be your G-d.  Ezekiel 36:24-29

What comes up here is that G-d is going to heal us, because in order to be the chosen people we need healing.  Part of the healing we need is the healing of believing in ourselves.

We have a very strong destiny and task at hand. It may even be too strong… It’s cosmic and world-changing task we have to live up to, and we have no choice about it. We have to live up to it, one way or another.

We are on a threshold of history right now, so we need to look inside ourselves to see if we’re up to the task. Part of preparing for it, for being up to our assigned task, is to be healed by G-d and to be ready for it.

There are three types of healing I want to talk about, and the first one is Being Beloved, which means feeling how much Hashem loves us.  We have to feel that we are something special. We have to feel that we deserve to be something special. We have to feel like we know what our specialness is all about.

And even if we don’t know, we believe that it will be revealed to us, and that it’s real. We have spent so much of our history trying to be more American than Americans, and more British than the Brits, rather than being more Jewish. We don’t seem to understand how we can be completely Jewish.

We’re like a neglected child that never got the basic foundations needed to build up healthy self-esteem. So, that’s the first thing, feeling the love of who we are, inside and outside.

Experience yourself as being a proud member of the most special family\nation that has ever existed… experience yourself as being very beloved in the eyes of Hashem now, in your own eyes and ultimately in the eyes of the world… Feel  Hashem’s deep, deep love for you—so deep that we are referred-to as His daughter, his sister, his mother, so deep that He reveals Himself to you in all situations –even when we are stuck in the deepest lows… feel the presence of the guardian Angels that Hashem sends to watch over us—every step that we take. Be aware that the whole world was created solely for your sake… know that we are compared to a dove, that though they may fly away—they always come back to their mate—so too, that describes us with Hashem and Hashem with us… we are refereed-to as his Holy ones, his Chosen ones, his Priestly ones, his lights to the world, his righteous ones … in light of all of this love, realize that the when we are targets of hate, it comes from jealousy, and the love and high esteem with which we are regarded from Above will serve as the springboards of our recuperation and our incumbent reclaiming of the unique global standing which is our birthright.

The second type of healing is this – Healing Our Character.

There are several points to make on this:

We have a hard time believing in ourselves. We are not aware of our strengths, and we are brain-washed into believing vicious lies about being lustful money-grabbers.

We are divisive, and have a very difficult time uniting under one leader or one banner.

We are great actors and imitators of other peoples, in the many exiles into which we have been cast. We think we don’t have our own character in depth, so we reach out to grab the cultures and belief systems of other peoples, other cultures and faiths that have, ironically, received their traditions from our own.


Experience yourself as being a proud member of the most special family\nation that has ever existed.

Know that we are the nation that has done more than all others to give the world values and a conscience (derived from our Holy Torah). Know that you are part of a nation that bears both sides of a paradox and comes through shining. Know that you are part of a people of deep and rich character, and despite this character and greatness, the more that we have, the more that we make ourselves small, usually attributing it all to Hashem

Experience your unique trait of being a holy skeptic, knowing that there is always something bigger and better than what is being offered. Know that you have an inherent brilliance both intellectually and emotionally. Know that we are compared to olive oil and therefore don’t mix with other nations, but rather rise to the top. Know that though we are compared with the sands of the sea, and when we fall, we fall all the way, but at the same time we are compared to the stars in the sky, and we rise, we rise all the way to the top.

Experience being similar to the palm tree—a tree that is useful in all of its aspects—so too are we. Experience being like the lily of the field which blooms despite being burnt by the sun. Know that when all is said and done, the nations of the world will seek to imitate and emulate us and not vice versa.

And finally, the third type of healing is Being Intimately Connected To G-d.

Here’s the challenge we have with this healing – we are a broken people, broken by thousands of years of being tossed around, in exiles and sufferings, and we have a hard time seeing the full picture, the inter-connectedness of it all. A broken people has a hard time believing that G-d is the leader, the healer, the guide and THE ANSWER.

A broken nation, thinking it has nothing of its own, nothing valuable, clutches at straws. We embrace cults and worship idols, fake ideologies and power positions and obsessions and schemes. We tend to go after everything, except that which exists in our own backyard.


Experience yourself as being a proud member of the most special family\nation that has ever existed. Know that you are a monotheist—you gave this idea to the world, you have inborn faith—you are a believer, the child of believers… you are a Y-E-H-U-D-I, a person whose essence is G-dliness.

You are a part of a people who bridge Heaven to Earth in every detailed aspect of life. You are a person who is constantly seeking to unify everything and to see everything brought to perfection, rooted in our people’s drive towards an ideal, globally-unified messianic vision. You are an inheritor of Tefilla and Torah –a constant dialogue to and from Hashem.

You are a witness to the world of Hashem’s existence, your deepest will is at one with Hashem’s will. You are a soul that is a part of Hashem, and therefore beyond space and time and all other limitations. You are G-d’s mouthpiece to the world when you are connected to Hashem, you are indestructible and impervious to all harm. You are an inheritor of eternity and infinity, and the great liberation that these grant to you.  You are one with Hashem and one with the Torah, so step up and shake off the dust of the apparent exile that you are dwelling in, and that dwells inside of you. Lift up your hands to the Heavens and reclaim your glorious heritage!

Parsha Mishpatim – Transcending Mind Noise

This week is Parsha Mishpatim, and I discovered a common thread running through everything I gathered for it. It is a common thread regarding transcending mind noise, or in a positive expression, it’s mindfulness. It’s about transcending mind noise, and I’ll show how events in this Parsha fit into that category.

First of all, Parsha Mishpatim talks very directly about staying away from shekker, which means deceit or lies. Our Sages come up with all kinds of recipes and definitions of what that means in our lives, part of which are transcending the mind noise created by the actions and lies of others people toward us.

Another aspect this Parsha talks about is to not take bribes. Bribes create a mind noise which makes a person fail to see objectively any more, even a righteous person. We have to stay away from that mind noise, the Parsha tells us.

We have to stay away from the noise of doubt. When the people said, “We will do and we will hear,” they kicked doubt out of their mindset. That’s the most profound mind noise-ridding we have in the Parsha, because that got them back to the level of the Garden of Eden when they said, essentially, “Sight unseen, G-d, we’re jumping in and doing whatever you say!”

At that, the Israelites were blessed with zero mind noise, unlike all of us living in these not-yet-Garden of Eden times who are struggling constantly, in every situation. Staying away from doubt is probably the biggest mind noise trap of all.

But, there’s more… There’s the mind noise we spoke about in the previous Parasha which is a preemptive strike. It has to do with one person coming into another person’s house in order to steal from them. They are coming into that house with the assumption they may be killed, so they will probably be locked and loaded, and ready to shoot first.

We have to be able to pre-empt that thing when they come in, and to shoot first in that situation. And that’s a way of dealing with the evil inclination as well. When we deal with the Evil Inclination as our own inner struggle by pre-empting the battle, we win. When we don’t, we don’t. That’s a huge transcendence of the mind noise happening to us as well.

In Parsha Mishpatim it talks about the righteous convert. So, another type of mind noise transcendence is compassion. It is to look at a person, as the Torah tells us to do, and to have compassion on that person, who may be a stranger, or a convert. Many people fall into the trap of cruelty as opposed to compassion.

We have the mind noise of people in our lives whom we hate. The Torah tells us, “You’ve got the mind noise of hate in your mind?  Help the hated one. If you see a person who is bent down with some kind of burden, drop what you’re doing and go help him. That will help you get rid of you get rid of your mind noise as you help him. It gets rid of the horrible mind noise called hating.

Another mind noise is taking pleasure in G-d. There are passages that say G-d is going to help us get rid of our sickness, and so forth, because we will get to a place where we are taking pleasure in what’s happening in the world and what’s happening in our lives. That’s a mind noise inside ourselves. And we need to take pleasure in G-d and the role he’s playing in our lives instead. That’s a pleasure that is sort of the opposite of worldly pleasures.

Moses going up the mountain for 40 days is one of the scriptures here. It represents freedom from mind noise in the form of detachment. He was detached enough to not eat or drink or probably even sleep for 40 days up on the mountain. He was a human being, but he had such a high level of detachment that all the mind noise of, “I need this, I need that…” was removed from who he was.

Perhaps I’ll find other examples of mind noise cancellation, maybe in this Parsha and maybe in my life. But it opens up a very big topic, the idea of the mindfulness of getting rid of mind noise.





Know that the persona Arikh Anpin is a persona that stretches all the way, the entire length of the parsuf that corresponds to the core motivation inside of our personas. It motivates us to do everything we do, and when it’s activated, nothing stands in its way and everything aligns with it to make its will happen.

Focus on identifying the deepest, core motivation of your life.  And to the extent you catch it, to that extent you are going to melt away all the subsidiary motivations you have, and you will be on fire; there will be nothing that can stand in your way. 



Know that, as in the upper world, so too in our world, the ultimate Father and Mother, in their ultimate, altruistic state, are completely unified in their purpose, to do what they need to do for the benefit of their children. To the extent you do that, your children will benefit for all time.

So, experience your inner, altruistic, completely dedicated approach to parenting, and apply that with inspiration and joy, every time you connect with your children. That way, you can be sure your children will do the same with their children.



The parents, to the extent they inter-include and bond with each other, sharing the best of who they are, with each other, to that extent these parents will give birth to the greatest representation of who they are, in their children.

Experience doing that with your parenting partner, and with all forms of birthing in your life.



Know that our lives are in a constant flux of restricted and expanded consciousness. Experience the different states of expansion and restriction that you fall into and out of, and identify them. To the extent that you identify them, you’ll know when to jump in and make major decisions in a state of expansion, and when to pull back and just keep yourself quiet, in a state of restriction.

Know that the process of mothering in the higher and lower worlds involves a constant connection with your fetus, your newborn and your children throughout their entire lives. Experience this connection from the moment you realize you will be giving birth, and cultivate this connection. Then, everything you do for yourself, do that for your child – your literal child and the child of your creative output in the world.



Know that you are constantly in engaging with lost parts of your soul. Experience the level of resonation, how strongly you resonate with all the input that comes to you, in your life. And to the extent that you are drawn to and resonating with whatever and whoever comes into your life, to that extent you will be guided from above to redeem that lost part of your soul.



Know that the other side, the Sitra Akrah, the other side of reality is constantly waiting to suck out any goodness you display or experience in your life. Therefore, experience yourself being protective of the value treasure you hold inside your soul, and be very selective how you share it and with whom you share it.



Know that the Zeir Anpin is the parallel source in the upper worlds of Divine Providence in our lives. Experience revealing the Divine Providence in your life that is normally attributed to happenstance or coincidence, and reveal that it is absolutely purposeful and personalized and customized to bring you to where you need to be in life.



 Know that the dance of life is knowing when to connect when the connection will bring empowerment, and knowing when to disconnect when that disconnection will bring disempowerment. Experience saying Yes as often as possible, when it is to your empowered advantage, and saying No the No’s that disempower you.



Know that we have all 5 levels of soul, no matter which soul level we are rooted in, and we have the ability to access all these levels. Experience the Nefesh level of the connection of spirituality with physicality. Experience the Ruach level of the bubbly sensations of associations that come to you in your creative life. Experience the Neshamah level of feeling you are being guided from On High. Experience the Chaya level of feeling you are the right hand person of G-d in bringing this world to its Tikkun. And finally, experience the Yechida level of knowing that you are one infused and enmeshed with the Creator of the entire universe. There is nothing else but the Creator.



Know that your very soul inside you is the very tip of an upside-down iceberg that stretches to the highest heavens. And know that, to the extent you bring that which is beyond you inside yourself, to that extent you’ve grown spiritually. Experience the drive to know what you don’t yet know, to feel what you don’t yet feel, to speak what you have not yet been able to speak, and so on with all areas of human consciousness.



Know that for every manifestation and personality that exists in our world, there is an upper world parallel for all of them. With that knowledge in mind, experience when you sleep, the upper sleep and when you talk, the upper talk. When you meet with a person of importance meet that person’s parallel upstairs and your own highest, most realized self in the upper worlds.




Know that as counter-intuitive as it may seem, it is incredibly powerful, perhaps the highest power available, in the act of receiving. It’s the power of receptivity. Experience being an open vessel, open to receive from everybody and everything, all they have to give, thereby drawing down to yourself Everythingness.

Kabbalistic Healing Tools Teaching Begins

ParadisePrinciple clouds

My overall goal right now is to gather all my many tools into a new collection. But I have over thirty booklets right now, meaning material I’ve already written. So it’s a massive undertaking.

I have tools and meditations and teachings all over the place. So, with my desire to be more organized, I’m going to focus on one topic and provide ideas on it here.

The first topic I’ve chosen is Kabbalistic Healing. And first I’d like to explain what that term means.

But even before that explanation, let’s look at what I mean when I say, “Tools,” and then more specifically, “Kabbalistic Healing Tools.” A tool is a means, a vessel for conveying an idea, a principle or insight that can have significant influence.

A tool is a method for taking wisdom and internalizing or conveying that wisdom in a beneficial and a practical way.
This idea really interests me because the whole idea of wisdom is not to leave it alone its pristine roots, but to take wisdom and not only articulate it but to internalize it.

So, that’s what I mean when I say, “Tool.”

In order to understand the idea of Kabbalistic Healing Tools we first need to understand the Kabbalistic Perspective. We have to ask and then understand, “How does a Kabbalist see the world?”

Kabbalah means two different things in Hebrew: “to receive” (from Kabel) and “correspondence” (from Machbil).

A Kabbalist sees the world by being in a state of receptivity, by being able to receive that which others do not receive. A Kabbalist has hyper-reception, super-reception of all that is subtle and normally not felt with the conscious mind.

That’s one way the Kabbalist sees and perceives the world. And that’s where we start. We can transform this perception into a group of healing tools. We can use them to heal the way we receive reality, people, conversations and Divine Providence.

And that’s one aspect of Kabbalistic Healing based on receiving.

Then there is the other aspect of Kabbalistic Healing based on correspondence, or the ability to multi-task by seeing and hearing many different things on many different levels at the same time.

A Kabbalistic has the ability to focus on one aspect of what’s going on, and also to understand that simultaneously there is an upper world and an outer world, there is a past and a future, there are souls living in this world and souls no longer living in this world. There are angels, there are forces, there are times, there are sparks, and there are many, many different types of influences offered in every moment of life.

This is the reality seen through the eyes of a Kabbalist.

In order to transform that layered perception into healing we need to train ourselves with practical tools, so that we have various ways of internalizing this idea.

We want to be able to multi-task our own reception and reception so that we can see and hear more than one thing at the same time. That way we can grasp more of reality.

Another way Kabbalists see the world is based on their connection to G-d. They “infinitize” everything they experience, so to speak. They know that the Creator is infinite, and that this world is a way to bridge the infinite with the finite. Almost every teaching in Kabbalah makes that connection, makes that bridge, which is true in all of Judaism as well.

So, to be able to take those aspects of our lives that are blocked, for example, and infinitize them, expand them and bring G-d’s influence into them is yet another way a Kabbalist perceives the world. It is one way a Kabbalist heals the world.

Our Healing Tools need to provide that type of influence as well, taking that which is finite and infinitizing it.

Another aspect of the Kabbalistic perception of healing is this – A Kabbalist is someone who is bringing abundance down into the world. He understands that there is a tighter, a “higher” world of interpersonal dynamics.

Just as we have dynamics between different family members going on in this world, in parallel dimensions and worlds there are family dynamics working as well.

A Kabbalist has access to not only what’s going on in this world, but in other worlds as well, in the entirety of existence. A Kabbalist knows that everything “out there” is also “in here.”

Therefore, a Kabbalist will seek to bring down these higher-world influences in order to heal the blocked aspects of our lives where we are stuck down here. So that is another aspect of the way a Kabbalist sees and perceives – bringing down the Shefa, the abundance into this world, to truly heal that which is stuck.

Undoubtedly there are many, many other dimensions and perceptions and healing modalities available to a Kabbalist, but these are the ones coming to me right now.

Kabbalists realize that what they learn about the way G-d is functioning in the world is something meant to be emulated in our own world. When we see how G-d works a process with Divine Providence or Divine governing of the world with His will, Kabbalists see and recognize the ways of G-d. They know we are to emulate His ways in our own world. This brings us closer to G-d.

Everything that Kabbalists learn in their perception of the worlds is a key to how we live our own lives, in our own world. It’s not only a key, but a Master Template. That Template includes everything they learn in Kabbalah, whether it’s the Seferot, the Rectification of the World, the whole understanding of lights and vessels and male and female and family dynamics…. Everything in Kabbalah holds a key to healing in our world as well.

This is my introduction to Kabbalistic Healing.

Seeing the good point

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with Jerusalem Rabbis on the Simcha Channel – Tu Beshvat

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Receiving Divine Guidance [The Puppet Show] The Simcha Channel

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Jewish Transcendence Meditations [6] Beyond

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MASTERS OF KABBALISTIC HEALING (Direct Divine Infusion Healing) – Part 2

Continuation of Kabbalistic Healing Techniques

Continuation of Direct Divine Infusion Healing  (Part 1)

)   HELPLESS CRYING DVAIKUT (Clinging to Hashem)

While emoting as much a possible, both internally and externally (crying, screaming, jumping up and down, moaning, etc, go over in your mind, or orally, all of the events of one or more than one dilemma, crisis or any other type of difficulty that you are facing. Discuss all the efforts that you have invested to try to solve your problem.  When you get to the point where you see that you have done all that you can do, and that it is beyond your ability to solve the problem, you’ve arrived at the helpless point.

Now is the time to reach your emotional crescendo and with a primal scream to Hashem, call out “I CANT DO IT – PLEASE DO IT FOR ME HASHEM”.

This exercise can be done very effectively and powerfully with an entire group.

Each person chooses their own private darkened corner of the room and begins to emote.

Then they all come together after a designated time to help each other process.

Part 2 –



Here the basic principle is to offset or heal the weaker side or half of a pair with a meshing or fusion of the stronger corresponding half.  Therefore focus on the weaker side of the pair (example:  the left brain as opposed to the right brain, or fallen desires as opposed to rectified ones, or a fear as opposed to a corresponding strength, or a traumatic time in your life as opposed to a very self assured time).

Begin to draw down energetically the strength and power from the stronger one of the pair and enmesh the two together until the weaker side begins to feel stronger and reinforced.

If the situation involves two personalities, have the stronger of the two reassure their weaker partner.

In a group situation have all the members of the group draw upon their stronger side to heal the designated person’s weaker side.


A dysfunctional part of yourself will definitely inhibit a free flow.

Liberating the dysfunction, or “turkey”, reopens the channel for full physic flow.

The healing principle and the name “turkey”, comes from Rebbe Nachman’s story entitled “the Turkey Prince”.

A prince, thinking he was a turkey, sat cockling and pecking his food while he was totally naked underneath the table.

A wise sage eventually healed the turkey with the following steps:

a. Radical non-judgmental acceptance of the turkey just as he is (so much so, that the sage convinced this prince that he the sage, was a turkey just like him).

b. Take very slow, but deliberate “baby steps” towards bringing the “turkey” to a complete recovery.

On the ground, when turkey healing, one has to make a very great effort to lovingly embrace the person and their dysfunction (turkey) just as they are.

This is the key to the healing process.

To the extent that the person feels your unconditional acceptance, they will begin to heal.



This healing method is based on the idea that the body knows what the soul needs in order to heal.

Sometimes the body overcompensates, and becomes very protective;  for example, a person with chronic fatigue will only be able to function minimally so that the person doesn’t get abused, hurt or otherwise harmed.

We would tell the body that we will strike a deal with you and if you release the person from their chronic fatigue, we will create a strategy whereby the person will be safe from harm.  Therefore, do the following:

Choose any bodily ache, pain or illness.

Contemplate what this pain or illness is intent on protecting in your life.

Next, contemplate an alternative way to protect yourself other than the illness.

Speak to the bodily pain and convince it that you are taking over from here and you won’t need its services any more, but that you really appreciate its services that its done to help.

The body won’t always be so willing to listen, so you must be consistent and persuasive.




Rav Oosher (Zatzal) over the years had countless people seeking his healing help.

Most of them were very miserable and depressed.  They felt that they were victims of people’s manipulations and bad luck.  Rav Oosher taught them to reframe their perspective and view life as a puppet show.

All of the bad fortune and abusive people in their lives are merely G-d’s puppets meant to direct them towards their rectification and enlightenment.  The results of this reframed perspective were breathtakingly astounding.

Here’s what to do:

Identify a situation in your life where you feel that you are the victim of bad people and bad fortune.

Bring into your mind an awareness that every aspect of these people and this bad fortune is merely a display custom sent from on High in order to direct you towards the next level of your growth.  Therefore don’t take personally what this person or circumstance is doing against you – they are only puppets.

This technique is a consciousness – be patient.

It takes a long time to reap the maximum benefit from it.  Nevertheless, without a doubt, its got the power to transform your life.


The idea here is that there is a direct correlation between the events of our lives and our Sefirotic health.

If one Sefira is out of wack, then that area of life will also be out of wack;  for example:

If a person has chronic pain in their left leg, that points to some disfunctionality in the HOD area of their life.  HOD corresponds to the left leg.  HOD is the Sefirotic character trait that corresponds to our capacity to enable others to do their best.  If this enabling process is too strong or too weak, or is being abused by others, then there is a good chance that this person will suffer in a part of the body that corresponds to HOD, such as the left leg.

Here’s what to do:

Focus on a part of your body which is giving you trouble.

Identify the body part’s Sefirotic correspondence.  (I understand that many people don’t have this knowledge.  In case you are interested, please consult me regarding the Sefirot correspondence to your effected body part.)

Now identify the corresponding Sefirotic aspect of your life.

Adjust this Sefirotic aspect of your life to be aligned and in balance with all the other Sefirotic aspects of your life.


The principle here is as follows:

A very large part of who we are, who we associate with, the challenges which we go through, our stations in life, etc etc, are a direct result of a trans-life perfection process. What we didn’t get right in previous lifetimes is what we will be challenged with in this life.

The way to identify reincarnation based aspects of our life, is to take inventory of the unique people and situations that we find ourselves in.  Then view these people and situations as being the direct result of what we have come into this life to rectify.

The healing process happens when we take action in the proper way in response to these challenges which are thrown at us.

Here’s what to do:

Identify a unique challenge that you find yourself in life.

View this challenge as being the result of a similar challenge that we didn’t quite get right in a previous life time.

Ask Hashem to enlighten you as to what you are meant to do in order to get it right this time.  (This dialogue with Hashem can also be enacted in a written manner.

Write to Hashem your question, and write what you think He will answer back to you.)

Carry on in this way with all the different people and challenges in your life.


Dear friends,

greetings from ‘THE CITY’….as part of our Masters Project [the Healing Track], I send you this teaching;

KABBALISTIC HEALING    (Facilitating the Flow)

Shalom and blessings



What do the Jewish Sources, both the mystical and revealed ones, teach us about the essence of healing?  We can probable sum it up in four words;  FACILITATING THE DIVINE FLOW.

To rephrase this, its all about facilitating “the all of me flow”.

When this full expression is blocked up, and the Divine influence is not integrated directly, or through an internal source, or an external source, then the lack of the healing flow rears its ugly face in any number of ways; whether in body or soul, or any other construct or process.

With this understanding, we will present a Kabbalistic healing system based on a three part formula: (a) direct Divine integration; (b) Internal alignment; (c) External alignment.


The first states, “….Ani Hashem Rofeicha”; “I am G-d your Healer” (Shmot, Parsha Beshalach, Chapter 15, verse 26).

Our Sages in the Talmud discuss whether or not we can rely solely on Hashem healing us without any human intervention.  Though the conclusion of the discussion is that since we are not on the transcendent level to be able to rely solely on G-d healing, we therefore have PERMISSION to be healed by doctors and healers.

It is not that we truly believe that the doctors or the medical technology is doing the healing; G-d is doing the healing.

The Baal Shem Tov teaches that to the extent that we can identify and connect with G-d’s presence inside of the pain, illness, darkness, etc.,——-the pain, illness and darkness will go away.


The second part of the formula which enables flow, is taught to us by the Arizal.  He teaches that the silent prayer benediction that our Sages coin for healing corresponds to the Sefira of Tifferet (all of the different blessings of the silent prayer correspond to one of the Sefiras or Divine based character traits).

The connection between the Sefira Tifferet and healing can be expressed as an internal balance or harmony.

Just as the Tifferet, which corresponds to the trunk of the body, is the apex that bridges and connects that which is above the trunk with that which is below, as well as bridging the right extremities of the body such as the arms and legs with left extremities, this bridging effect is the key to healing body and soul and all other entities.

When we refocus on our definition of healing as being “flow facilitation”, what then our Tifferet internal alignment prevents one side of the body being more overloaded than the other side.

For example, with regard to a healthy holistic flow of character traits, if a person is leaning too much to the right side, they will be very benevolent in giving, but they will be lacking in the ability to contain that benevolence.

Everyone will benefit whether they are deserving or not, and whether it is harmful or not for the giver.  More left side traits are in order at this point.  The Tifferet balancing/harmonizing effect will cause a resumption of full functionality and full capacity flow.


Here too, the Arizal teaches us how to facilitate maximal healing flow and maximal self expression and actualization.  The action here though is coming mainly from outside of ourselves as opposed to an internal  Sefirotic alignment or Tifferet based harmonizing that we discussed above.

Here we are opening up our receptive powers and sensitivities to integrate the Divine messages of holistic flow being externally sent to us constantly from our environment.

This whole amazing dynamic is otherwise known as the gathering of the Holy Sparks.  Those same Sparks are the missing parts of our souls; they are sent to us through the arousals and stimuli that we resonate with when we are doing a process called “BIRUR” or selection.

When we decide or choose to go with one direction, strategy, decision or choice, and to reject or filter out the undesirable other side or option, that primal choice which we make at all times, whether in a learning process or in life decisions, great or small, when fused with the input with what G-d would have us to decide; that choice is actually a little piece of our soul re-bonding itself to us.

The option that we rejected is the waste matter that would otherwise stop up our flow and prevent ourselves from achieving our maximal capacities.

The more that we are aware, believe and are real with this whole process, the more “SPARKS” we are sent from on high; quantitatively and qualitatively with the utmost speed and impact does the whole process flow.

In tandem with this soul selection process, is a body-sparks-selection process.

The body integrates that which builds it up and filters out (ultimately through urination and defecation) the unwanted matter.  The more impactful the spiritual filtering process, the more impactful will be the physical process as any full time ‘Sparkser’ can testify to.  The more that the selection process is brought all the way down to a doing level with zero or minimal doubts or fuzziness, the more complete will be our bodies digestion process.

The Arizal associates this whole Sparks-selection dynamic with healing.   The same silent prayer (The Amida) benediction that we previously mentioned, i.e. “….Blessed are you Hashem who heals the sick people of Israel”.

Here the teaching is hinted at, not Sefirotically, but through the numerical value of the beginning letters of the benedictions words, producing the word “RAPHACH”; an esoteric term or code word denoting “Sparks-selection”.



1. B.S.M.S.


My contention is that just as instantly effective and universally accepted the Aspirin pill is for the body, so too can this B.S.M.S. Pill potentially do the job for our psyches.  The underlying principle in all four components of the Pill (B.S.M.S.) is to let go and let Hashem take care of it.  The translated verse states in Psalms, Chapter 55, Verse 23; “Toss up to Hashem your burden, and He will take care of you………”.  Here are the components;

B         —-Bitachon — trusting in Hashem that he will come through you just as he has done your entire life.

S —-Sedona — Whatever emotional and physical pain you feel, identify it as being caused by your frustrated need to either control the situation or to receive approval from the situation. Then simply toss up to Hashem that need for control or/and approval, and let it go by turning it over to Him totally, and allow Him to take care of your needs for control and approval. (This exercise done for five minutes a day has remarkable transformative effects if done consistently for a few months to give you peace of mind and many other benefits).

M —-Mikveh — Say to yourself that this painful problem that you are dwelling on presently, is the best possible thing in the world for you and the reason is; ………………….

S —-Supernatural Solution —- Work your way up to maximally want a solution to your painful or sometimes nearly impossible situation, and also maximally believe that Hashem can give you the answer/solution right now. Then close your eyes and wait for that amazing solution to pop into your mind.

*********  B.S.M.S. super express version:

B:  He will come through for me as always

S:  I release to him my need for control and/or approval

M: It’s the best thing for me because ……………..

S:  His solution (that I maximally want and believe in) is……….


Once you have identified where the darkness or the block to a healthy psychic flow is located in your life and in your body (sometimes this involves going into earlier life traumas or even previous life traumas), then simply begin to turn yourself and your intention into being a conduit for Infinite loving and nurturing healing Divine Light energy.  Then direct a constant stream of light/energy to the effected part.  Keep zapping as long as you can or as long as the person still feels the need for more.  An entire group sending Divine Light to one person or to each other is especially effective.


Collect all of the negativities in your life that come into your mind into a big wax ball in your mind’s eye.  Just keep adding more and more little pieces of darkness, pain, confusion, hurt etc. to the wax ball.  Then conjure up in your mind all of the various expressions of Divine Love, Healing and Benevolence that you can think of (you can use the B.S.M.S. strategies above).  Focus on the principle taught to us by the Baal Shem Tov that teaches that to the extent that you reveal Hashem inside the pain, the pain disappears.  With this thought in mind, start zapping these various Divine expressions of Love, etc. as if they are laser beams of light, into the darkness filled wax ball.  Keep directing your laser beams until all the darkness turns into pure light!

stay tuned for more soon B’H,

Shabbat Shalom,


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