Weekly MMM – My Legacy

This week’s MMM hearkens back to some of my earlier work. I call it My Legacy, and it’s about leaving a spiritual will of sorts, a collection of my most important life lessons. I’m going to present a few subtopics for you now, starting with my Rebbes, Masters and Teachers. This is about the essential points I got from them and that I want to leave to posterity.

  • First is the Kotsk Rebbe, and what I learned from him is truth; speaking truth, intending truth, feeling truth and acting with truth, and the power of doing those things.
  • Next is the Slonimer Rebbe, and his Sefer Netivot Shalom. What I learned and still learn from him is connection to G-d, devekut, and the foundations of Chasidut, including finding your calling in life.
  • Next is the Baal Shem Tov, and what I learned from him is connecting to G-d in all aspects of life, 24/7.
  • Next is Rab Yitzchak Bracha, and what I learned from him is how to be inside of Torah, 24/7. It’s the cure-all for everything, meaning never to leave Torah and to live inside that world to reap the benefits of living above nature.
  • Next is Rav Schmuel Darzi, and what I learned from him is how to be a spiritual warrior, in every sense of the word.
  • Next is a person who is still alive and well, and that’s Rav Yehuda Scheinfeld, and what I learned from him is how to be an individual in a world of followers. I learned to do my own thing in a holy kind of way.
  • The next is also a person who is still alive and well, and that’s Rabbi Aryeh Nivin, and what I learned from him is how to amass from all that I learn and gather and create a huge database of knowledge to draw from my entire life. Another central lesson I learned from him is to live a life of Paradise by “paradising” my life all the time.   And yet another lesson I learned from him is how to connect with my Ratzon, connect with my will, and to live life according to it. In conjunction with this lesson is the idea of Pnim d’Pnim, to live according to my essence.
  • Next is the Saba of Nevordik, and what I learned from him is how to make changes by being radical, or what I call, “radical change living.”
  • And the final one is also a person, a friend of mine who is alive and well, and what I learned from him involves looking into a Kabbalistic or Chassidic book and finding the practical, life application from what’s presented in an abstract way.

Those are my mentors, and that’s one category of my legacy. Here’s another list now, and this one is in the category of G-d connection. My legacies in this category will be:

  • Paradising my life.
  • Wanting what is, as opposed to what isn’t.
  • Saying Thank You.
  • Let go, let G-d.
  • Seeing life with the eyes of G-d, including past, present and future, all at the same time.
  • Being guided by G-d, through an analysis of the highlights of my life.
  • Seeing other humans as puppets or messengers of G-d in my life.
  • When I can’t do it, I need to give it over to G-d.
  • The experience of praying and studying at midnight, and the G-d connection there.
  • Trusting that G-d will always come through.
  • Choosing to have radical acceptance.

I should mention that MMM, my Mystical Musical Meditations, fit into all these subcategories, but especially in another area, what I call the Transcendent or Transcendings area of life.

  • I endeavor to live each week entirely inside of one theme, and to draw as much energy as possible from that theme.
  • I also endeavor to live consciousness, meaning seeing and experiencing life with a certain outlook, 24/7, any particular week.
  • I also endeavor to live outside the system of professionals, such as doctors, bankers, etc. The point is to first see what I can do on my own, with G-d of course, before going to other people and trusting them, which isn’t always such a good idea.
  • I also endeavor to live in an “above-nature” way. That’s one of my Transcending tools, too.
  • I also endeavor to say YES to life at all times, and also the flipside of that, which is saying NO to the NOs. To those who say NO, I say NO to their NOs.

MMM also fits into the following subcategories in the area of Healing. MMM is always about healing.

  • I am a person who endeavors to affect other people in the world, microcosmically and macrocosmically, even though I don’t have a direct connection with them. And even without a direct connection with them, I have an intention for the healing of people in other places, at other times.
  • I endeavor to be G-d’s messenger to heal the world, by bringing healing into life applications, meditations, teachings and tools.
  • I endeavor to be a healer who can convey the idea that we, the people who trust G-d, are invincible. And, as a result, we can create resolutions that are invincible.
  • I endeavor to be a healer by purging, a form of Transcendental Meditation, which helps us to get all the stuff out, one way or another, and then going to work.
  • I endeavor to follow in the footsteps of my namesake, Yitzchak, which means, “he will laugh,” and help people break the chains holding them back, no matter what their situation may be.

MMM also fits into the following subcategories of Torah and Education. MMM is a unique type of Torah teaching.

  • I endeavor to dive into a Torah concept and immerse myself in it, instead of merely touching it and having a left-brain, intellectual analysis of it.
  • I endeavor to share innovative, new ways of approaching learning.
  • I endeavor to be a Torah person, inside of it, immersed in it, to the point that Torah will dissolve any obstacle that may be in my way.
  • I endeavor to see Torah in life, 24/7, and knowing that Torah is in exile, redeeming it and bringing it back to its pristine home.
  • I endeavor to bring Torah into tools and into life applications.
  • I endeavor to know what I know, by constantly reviewing it and by teaching from that place of power.
  • I endeavor to first use my head, and then look at what the Torah commentaries say.
  • I endeavor to go deep into any Torah concept, first learning it and then plummeting to the depths of it.

MMM also fits into the following subcategories of Self-Actualizing.

  • I endeavor to be a cafeteria-type person who can learn from everybody in my life, everyone I connect with and everything I connect with. Life is full of millions of teachers to teach me.
  • I endeavor to be my own target audience, instead of looking for certain demographics. I play to myself and teach to myself before I’m prepared to affect others in the right way.
  • I endeavor to live in a place of Allness, not losing a drop and making a collection of everything I do, then using and analyzing that.
  • I endeavor to put myself on effortless, automatic functioning by having a To-Do list and then letting it go.
  • I endeavor to have a spider chart, which means using my associative mind for an idea, and then bringing in all possible associated ideas.
  • I endeavor to find, in a social setting, that the people outside of me are also inside of me.

Those are some of my legacies.

Restore The Jewish Glory – Part 1

I’m starting a new series now, on the untapped essence of the Jewish people. It won’t be comparing Jewish people to non-Jewish people, as that would be politically incorrect, to say the least.

Instead, this is an exploration, and I’ll be tapping into what our destiny is all about, using some sources I’ve put together in the past and expanding on them. My intention is to reveal some things I didn’t see or know before.

In that spirit, I’m calling this series, “Restore The Jewish Glory.” And this will be a little introduction to it:

First, a quote from Ezekiel 36:24-29, “I will take you from among the nations and gather you out of all the countries and bring you into your own land. I will sprinkle on you clean water. I will give you a new heart and I will place in you a new spirit. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and will give you a heart of flesh. I will put my spirit within you. You will be my people and I will be your G-d.”

Second, a quote from the writings of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook, “Our truth is strong enough, but it is so overpowering and we are still unable to explain it in a clear language. In our inwardness, we understand our ideas and in the course of time our speech will also emerge from its hard exile in which it is confined. Only a people that has finished what it has started can descend from the stage of history, when its vision has already been fully disclosed to the world. Out of the inner depths, the Jewish people will yet sound the same call that was issued by the rock, from which it was hewn.”

The whole motivation of this my new exploration here is this – our historical destiny as a people is at hand. We are a nation of priests, we are a chosen people, we are a light unto the nations, and we are living in a period of time where the great majority of our people don’t buy into these times. They don’t begin to see, understand or know its own greatness and glory. Most of us cannot see that there’s anything special or unique that distinguishes us from other people in world outlooks, not at all.

So, the question is how to approach a subject that is so broad, so sensitive and yet so crucial. How can we hope to do justice to, perhaps, the most important question that exists for our people, and maybe for the whole world? And the answer is, we cannot do justice. It’s clearly beyond our capacity. But G-d can do it through us.

In that spirit then, we march forward, drawing specific topics from the following categories, and maybe we can find our way on this journey and map out some kind of path. Maybe we can develop some types of meditations by taking these ideas, one by one, and exploring what they’re all about.

These platitudes that we are meant to step up into, for the sake of our own destiny and the sake of all mankind present some challenges. Here’s a list of the challenges, the things we must work with:

  • What does it mean to be a light to the nations?
  • What does it mean to have a heart of flesh?
  • What does it mean to be a chosen people?
  • What does it mean to be a kingdom of priests?
  • What does it mean to be a testifier of G-d for the whole world?
  • What does it mean to be a teacher to the whole world?
  • How does the land of Israel figure in to all of this?
  • How does Moshiach figure in to all this?
  • How does our people, the great majority of which are not observant, but very spirited (I would say)… How do they figure into all of this process?
  • What is the timing involved in all this, stepping up into our destiny?

Those are a few of the questions, and obviously there are more. But let’s deal with at least one of them now.

We are a light unto the nations. What does this whole idea mean? If we were to do a Light Unto The Nations Meditation, what would it look like?

I think it would sound like this – Allow yourself to step into the future. See yourself as a proud member of a people who understand both the glory and the responsibility of being a chosen nation, a nation of global light-conveyers.

Experience the love inside of yourself that you are very inspired to share with all of humanity.

Experience yourself filled-up with light, a light that stretches from one end of the world to the other, a light that’s overflowing, a light that’s experienced as wisdom and G-dliness and love and transcendence and healing. It’s a light you’re driven to share with everyone, a light that’s received by one and all, directly and consciously, but also indirectly and subconsciously.

This is what I think the meditation would be about, and it’s not just a meditation, but a type of foresight or vision of what this state would be like. Because being a light to the nations is being someone who, when the world is in the dark, lights up a torch, a light or a beam to light up the path.

How does a person, no less than a nation, do that for the rest of the world? What comes to my mind is that person would need a universal language. We would need to have the ability to talk to anyone about all these things, and as a teacher we must know a language the students will understand, a translation of our destiny, which is Torah, into a universal kind of language of some type. That’s the first thing.

In order to be a superior kind of light, we would need to teach so that a person can come away from our teachings with absolute clarity, to know where to go, what to do, what to say and how to say it, who to be with and why to do it. They would know the answers to what baffles us all, in our private lives and in our national destiny.

That’s the challenge, and being a light unto the nations is probably much more than that.


The Experience of The Ladder of Souls – Experience of the Enlightened Ones – Rav Kook


Experiences of the Enlightened Ones  – based on the ‘Lights of Holiness’ by Rav R.A. Kook ztz’l

Rav Kook taught us in a very articulate and elegant manner–what the experience of enlightenment is all about…, in my own humble language is a taste….

Experience the following Soul-stirrings and drives that are felt by those who are well on the their way towards achieving levels of perfection and expanded consciousness and enlightenment;

a…the inner Soul drive to know yourself and to react properly to your inner summons

b…the inner Soul drive to become so clear and enlightened, that you know that a similar awakening of the masses is sure to follow

c…the inner drive to purify and intensify all of your intentions , until you see that most all of your intentions manifest in reality

d…the inner awakening and knowledge that the true experience of enlightenment is not something that you anticipate to experience in the future, but rather something that you constantly are immersed in now

e…the inner awareness that your unique essential self or Soul spark must be completely free to express itself with maximum originality and authenticity

f…the inner drive to liberate your unique ability to create without any interference

g…the inner wisdom to distinguish when to detach yourself from others , in order to strive for deeper enlightenment—–and when to get involved with others–those who need you, though they be on a much lower spiritual level than you are

h…the inner drive to be in a constant state of amazement and celebration of all of the Divine wonder that emanates at all times

i…the inner consciousness of knowing that all there is, is in a state of continual becoming

j…the inner concern for the well-being of the whole Universe and everyone in it and everyone that you personally encounter

This this second part is given to commemorate Rav Kook’s 81st yartzeit. He was an enlightened man, and what I’d like to get across is the brilliance and inner understanding of his enlightenment, and what it’s all about.

So, in my own words I’m paraphrasing what Rabbi Kook got across, the experience of a real Soul Man and what a Soul Person is all about. It’s about the enlightenment of being connected to the soul as a Soul Person.

  1. The Soul Person has a link to G-d, with all his will, mind and emotion.
  2. The Soul Person has a knowing that all his interdependence, all his significance, all his limitlessness comes from his link with G-d.
  3. The Soul Person is a channel for light and life, for everyone.
  4. The Soul Person is in a state of Always-ness. In other words, he’s always in an expanded state of mind, always coming from his soul, always creating. There’s no such thing as, “waiting to get some inspiration,” because it’s always happening, 24/7.
  5. The Soul Person’s spark must be absolutely free. His personality must be free and original and expressed and pure and authentic in order for him to receive it and express it.
  6. The Soul Person must create works of imagination and thought, which are free from any kind of limitation or confinement.
  7. The Soul Person’s creativity is not his alone, but only a transfer, channeled through him.
  8. The Soul Person is always experiencing the richness of existence.
  9. The Soul Person is always desiring or aspiring with love, for the good of the entire universe.
  10. The Soul Person sees the world as constantly “becoming.”
  11. The Soul Person knows that the greater the person is, the more he or she must be alone to discover himself or herself.
  12. The Soul Person longs to be good and compassionate to everybody.
  13. The Soul Person does not hate anybody or anything, because everything manifests G-d’s grandeur.
  14. The Soul Person knows that the place of peace is in G-d, and in G-d only.

The Experience of The Ladder of Souls – Part 9


Continuing in the Soul Series, this post is on the topic of Holy Sparks. It’s about seeing how our soul develops itself and speaks to us, and how we speak to our soul as well, through the idea of the Holy Sparks.

Anytime there’s a fall-out in the cosmos, such as the original fall-out of the broken vessels, or the fall-out of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, or the fall-out of any exile of the Jews throughout history, there are Holy Sparks hidden inside reality. And it’s our soul’s job to be drawn toward those sparks in order to liberate, elevate and clarify them, and to raise them up wherever they need to go. So we need to raise the sparks in that way.

So, I’d like to share a list of ways our soul can restore us to ourselves, and to the lost parts of our soul.

First we have to be able to resonate with what’s going on in our lives. Then we have to be able to bring back into ourselves that which is calling to us in life, through the language of resonation, an energy wavelength we need to plug into and feel personally, “This is me. I need to work with this now.”

And we need to do this in all different times of our lives, because every day we have new sparks, more lost parts of our soul that are calling to us, to bring them back home. This is the essence of what our day is all about, really. Every weekday we have more sparks, and we bring them all, from all the weekdays into Shabbat, creating the power of Shabbat and its connection with each weekday as well.

We have sparks in every prayer, and every time we pray we raise up these hidden, lost parts of ourselves. Every meal we eat provides lost sparks of our souls, and if we eat in a holy and properly-intentioned way we raise up those sparks in the food itself.

We raise up sparks in our reincarnations. We ARE those sparks of our previous incarnations, and we raise up sparks by being here and now in our current life. Just by being present, here and now, we are automatically going to connect with sparks in our lives.

We raise up sparks by being in a state of receptivity, and receiving whatever G-d sends to us. Realizing it’s from G-d is what will raise up those sparks. We raise us sparks by understanding that nothing is coincidental, and everything is divine guidance, including the people the people in our lives who are there to supply us with something we lack, but something they have.

We raise up sparks in our relationships, including male/female and other relationships. The depth of our connection with others is the depth of the sparks we can raise up.

We raise up sparks by coming into the land of Israel. We are the sparks returning home, just as we will be caught up one day to return to our divine home. We are the exiles, wherever we are, and we’re there in order to raise up the trapped sparks, wherever they may be. The sparks of Torah, of potential converts, of divine information and energy – these are all put into our lives to be raised up as well.

We’re here as a legacy, to raise up the sparks that fell from Adam & Eve’s fall in Paradise. We’re here to raise up sparks, and when they’re all raised up it will be the Messianic Age. When we are beckoning to another person to fill us up with their life force, which we don’t have, that’s an interaction of sparks, too. Even in suffering, even in the holocaust, even in the lowest of places, Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira taught us that in that suffering and in those worst situations there are Holy Sparks to be raised up inside the pain itself.

When we have clarity of an unclarified situation and we are learning, we raise up lost sparks in those situations. We raise up sparks by seeing that all the highlights of our lives are basically sacred text; they are the texts of G-d’s book that he’s writing, with each of us as the central character of our own story. We need to interpret that text and understand it, because that’s how we come to home the holy, pristine, divinely providential place where we’re meant to be.





The following meditations represent a lifetime collection of  ‘Pnimiyut’ (spiritual  life applications), which are translations of the otherwise very technical Creation Principles comprising the important Kabbalistic Classic—the Eitz Chaim—the Tree of Life.

These translations are in the form of meditations in order to best internalize and be impacted by them. This is the first of several posts with Creation Principle meditations.



Know that you have access to G-d in a  transcendent and in an immanent fashion. Experience G-d’s transcendence, His Infinite Presence being beyond your fathoming, beyond any limitations at all, while at the same time, experience G-d’s immanence, His intimate presence inside of you, nurturing you, loving you, guiding you, knowing you better than anyone in your life.

Know that in order for you to grow into becoming the best person that you can become, you need two seemingly contradictory approaches to life. First, draw down into yourself a certainty and a clarity that all is now perfect as is along with a knowing that nothing is perfect and you have the responsibility to improve and perfect everything that comes your way.



Know that your life is a blend of information you’re aware of, knowledge that’s accessible to you and also knowledge that’s beyond you. The way you grow spiritually is to draw down into yourself that which is beyond you.

This is called, “the outer lights,” or sometimes it’s called, “the surrounding light.”

Focus on what you know, in your life. Focus on it in conversation, in learning, in facing challenges. In any aspect of life, identify that which is known to you and that which is not known to you.

And make it a point to try and grow in your spirituality by stepping up into the world of the outer lights, the great world of the unknown. And ask G-d to send you the information, and wisdom and the knowing that it will take to fathom and to become familiar with that which is beyond you in life.

You’ll find that the very question itself, and the very request itself, when done earnestly, will bring the response, the answers, and the ability to fathom that which is beyond you.



Know that there is a future consciousness, a world of reward, where there will be reflected to us the reward of all we have done well in our lives. In that reward world, we will see how all of the wonderful things we accomplished, and the choices we have made result in their power. We will see their power ad infinitum, forever.

Step into that world right now. Experience how there is a result, there is a birthing of all the good things you think, feel, think and do. Step into the other side of your choices and your actions. Set that as a primary focus in all that you do, and you’ll find it all becomes primordially potent and effective.



Know that ladder leading from one world into the other world is a ladder that cannot be climbed head on, or directly. It must be climbed as the angels approached infinity in the prophetic visions we learn.

We must connect to that which is higher to us, by taking a step forward, touching it, then taking a step back and not touching it. Then we repeat it… stepping forward and touching it, then stepping back and not touching it.

Experience reaching out for that which is beyond you this way. But when you reach out for that which is beyond you, touch and grasp and engage and encounter and embrace that unknown area for just a short moment. Then stop and come back to where your base line is located.

Consider how it felt to extend yourself, and when you feel ready, go back and touch it again.

You’ll notice the more often you go forward and touch, and then stop and go back again, the more you’ll be ready to step into the new reality.



Know that the world, before it was in a state of Tikkun, or Rectification, was in a state of Tohu, or Chaos. The main reason for that is because the light, the influence of life, was so incredibly powerful that the vessels could not properly contain them. Know that in a future time we will re-engage these primordial lights in such a powerful way that we will be able to harness the most powerful energy, which today would be considered animalistic or criminal.

At that time in the future we will have the ability and the capability to contain them and to hold them.

Step into that future time, and experience a more powerful light force than you have ever experienced before. And visualize your ability to contain that, and to harness that and to hold that, and to step into a whole new levels of inner, positive, beneficial power.



One of the keys to rectification of all that is broken is to build a proper foundation. It’s to have a vessel that can contain whatever light or life force is being directed at it.  One to of the ways to accomplish this is by using teamwork. Two heads are better than one, and three are better than two.

So, step into a community. And search out the strengths of each individual member of the community, and unite the community by sharing that particular strength that nobody else has, and pool those strengths into some kind of single-minded directive or goal that can only be accomplished by a group, instead of one person alone.



Know that in the world as we know it now, in its march towards perfection and rectification, one person can be an influencer, a healer, a rectifier, and another person will be the influenced, the healed and the rectified.

Step into a reality where you completely accept, with full peace of mind, that relative to any particular person in your life, you are the one to be influenced by that person. While you will be, relative to a different person, the influencer.

When you accept and embrace this dynamic, then life becomes very rich and full and effective.



Know that the core of reality is the understanding that we don’t understand. It’s the knowing that we don’t know. It’s the mystery.

Accept the fact that the deepest levels of your processing of life, and of your knowledge, is a mystery. And have the humility to accept that, as much as you know, there’s much more that you don’t know. That very humility will draw down an incredible amount of knowledge to you, which you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.



Know that we all have certain traits which dominate our personalities. One person might have the character trait of transcendence. Another person might be an enabler or empowerer.

But know that on a deeper level we are holistic beings. We are personas, containing all of the Sefirot. Engage and empower and enliven all of the traits of your personality, until they are all shining as powerfully as possible.



Know that the highest of the Sefirot is the bridge between that which is above and beyond, and that which is within time and space.

When you step up to be a person with the ability to remove yourself from your own, natural limitations, you step up into the place which is beyond.

The way you do that is to leap straight into it.

Kabbalistic Healing – Part 2 – Unblocking Healing Strategies

Paradise Principle Kabbalistic HealingContinuing from last week’s teaching, and last week did the first four, so this week I begin with #5.

5. Seeing With The Eyes of G-d Healing [“…..Lecha Hashem hagedula vhagevura/yours Hashem is the greatness and the might….”]

See the challenge that you or others are going through as being one that is only problematic when you see it from the narrow perspective of the present, but just Hashem represents past, present and future all at the same time [He Was , Is and Will be]—so too when seeing with the eyes of G-d….whatever problem you or others face, there’s a past history to it that makes it understandable and even elicits empathy and compassion….and when you add to that the ultimate future rectification, healing and perfection that you or they are destined for—and you bring that into the here and now, then whatever problem exists now melts away…

This type of healing is based on the timelessness of the Divine. Timeless means that there is no beginning or end, no past, present or future, or that all of these exist at one time. The very name, the proper 4-letter Hebrew name of G-d is expanded to mean the past, present and future, “whatever He will be, He will be,” past, present and future, in other words.
This perspective, which we’re seeing in a G-dly way, and which is one of the most potent ways for us to connect with G-d. It is basically our key to drawing down what is called “The Hidden Light” or the Ohr Ganuz, which is expanded seeing, meaning our words, and our vision from one end to another, such as one end of our life to the other, from one end of Torah to the other and from one end of history to the other, etc.

That hidden light is the past, present and future as well, and seeing with the eyes of G-d in this way is what all of humanity will eventually step into. And the most potent aspect of the healing comes when we’re able to project and to radiate into the mind of the person we’re seeing in this way, that they are headed towards perfection, towards empowerment.
They are on a road of constant improvement, even with its twists and turns, but for a person to know that no matter how many left turns and bumps in the road there may be, the journey is cumulative. They are building their life in this way.

This is the most healing message a person can hear, connecting them with their future but also with their past as well. Their past has all been a preparation for where they are now.
When you frame a person’s life in that way you give them incredible courage and encouragement to keep on doing what they’re doing and not to feel afraid because G-d is leading them in the way they need to go.

That’s Garden of Eden perception and encouragement as well.

6. HELPLESS LIBERATION HEALING [“….Hoshiainu V’nivasheia/save us and we will be saved….”]

Express to Hashem all of the efforts that you have made to overcome a certain problem….keep going until you find that you’ve done everything you could and the problem is still there….at this point , experience your helplessness and in a very emotional way, scream out to Hashem, ‘I can’t do it anymore, Hashem—please do it for me’….follow up your session by processing how you feel now [usually realizing and giving over to Hashem your helplessness is a very healing and liberating feeling] and how this exercise affects your life Providentially [I’ve found that prayers are answered doing this, more than any other practice] as well is the effect it has on you long term [I’ve found that even the most insensitive and cold people become soft-hearted and loving doing this consistently over a period of time]…

For over a year and a half I had three on-going groups, probably at least ten years ago, of “helpless liberation healers,” sometimes called, “helpless emotional screamers,” among other names, and we all used this tool.

We elaborated in an emotional way, to G-d, that we are helpless. And the emotion is there because it’s the emotion that kicks it up to a whole different level. When you’re talking emotion you’re talking from your heart, and when you’re talking from your heart you’re talking about what you’re really here for, what you really feel.

You can bypass the rationalizations and justifications, the repressions and inner protective mechanisms that block us from truly feeling what’s going on inside us. So that’s why it needs to be emotional.

And when we got to that place of helplessness we knew there was no more therapeutic healing, releasing, heart-rendering-melting place. The feeling of “I’m helpless and I’m giving it to G-d who is going to help me…” getting to that place of helplessness is the source of this healing.

First of all, healing is flow. And allowing your helplessness to consciously come to the surface of your awareness is re-instating flow that’s been repressed, because of your helplessness.

Admitting your helplessness, submitting yourself and saying, “I can’t do it, G-d, please do it for me,” is the way to be released. The message you’re sending to G-d by saying and really meaning this in an emotional way is the essence of what prayer is all about, the essence of what G-d is all about.

Why do we pray? We pray to find out where we are, to say, “G-d, please do this for me,” but when we get to this essential prayer place of asking for help, like we would ask a friend, that is bringing G-d into our lives in perhaps the most potent way possible.

When we do that we find our prayers being answered, we find our trust level goes ‘way up, we see miracles happening in our lives, we see our hearts opening up, and we are more sensitive and responsive to others who are in need of help, as well as ourselves. And like everything else in spirituality, we see that it perpetrates more of the same.

7. LOWER SOUL INTEGRATION HEALING [“…..Bkhol levavecha/with all of your hearts…..”]

Connect with that part of yourself that you normally tend to repress —the ‘shadow’ part—the part that tends to sabotage your efforts, the more that you try to repress it—the part of you that is usually looking to be ‘done’ with responsibilities and to have fun [and a host of other questionable traits—not including those of the yaitzer hara\ the evil inclination driving you to go against Hashem—that’s not part of this approach] …..rather than continuing to repress it, integrate it…do this in any one of several ways—make a deal with it—win win—you give it it’s free reign as long as it does you no damage, or you replace it’s fallen traits from being destructive, to being helpful and empowering…..notice how the more that you positively integrate this lower part of yourself, the more energized and peaceful do you feel……

We all have many non-flattering parts of ourselves, and we repress them. These parts of ourselves that are repressed can come back to haunt us and sabotage us, at times and in places where they are not flattering. They rear their ugly heads and make us think and feel and say and do things that are NOT what we want to do.

As long as we hide and repress these parts, that’s exactly what will happen to us. The healing here is to liberate the non-flattering parts of ourselves by first identifying them, by admitting that there’s an ugly, dark, shadowy part of me that wants to be lazy, that wants to have fun at the wrong times, that wants to be a kid, that wants to do things that are not necessarily against G-d’s will for us, but definitely things we need to take care of.

That’s what we’re here for in this life, to take care of unfinished business. These parts are the expression of unfinished business from previous incarnations and whatever other sources, but we need to take care of them.

The best way to deal with an unflattering partner, which these parts are, is to talk it out, to make a deal, and make a win-win. It’s a negotiation, such as, “I will give you your expression of laziness if you will allow me my sense of accomplishment.” “I will give you your expression of interest in having fun if you will allow me my sense of being responsible.” Make it clear. Bring it out.

When we do that we not only liberate our lower parts but our entire self. When we do this we serve G-d, as our Sages say, “with all of our hearts.” We use our higher parts and our lower parts, and we are a complete person in that sense.

8. PERFECT AS IS HEALING [“…Ain ra yoreid min haShamayim/Evil doesn’t come from G-d”]

Repeat the phrase, ‘Perfect as is’ every 15 to 20 seconds repeatedly…..Allow your mind to wrap itself around all the imperfections and difficulties in your life….Sweeten all of these thoughts by accepting that they are personally sent to you from ABOVE by Hashem [and therefore have no intrinsic negativity] at this particular time , place and manner—because Hashem feels that it’s the best possible thing for you… that Hashem has guided you and helped you overcome similar challenges in the past—so too now…..
This is the ultimate tool for transcendent living, for equanimity, for having a life which is going to allow you to embrace everything that happens to you and to have peace of mind.

Perfect as is means, when you say it every 15 seconds or so, feels as though everything in my own life, no matter how unflattering, is exactly what Hashem is sending to me. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

Even if I made a bad decision, with all the circuitry that’s been lit up here and all the decision-making processes and factors, and what happens in our day-to-day processing of living, we are saying, “this is exactly what is designated for me from Above.”
I accept that it’s perfect as is, it’s what I need to go through right now. Then I embrace life, I jump out of bed in the morning and have compassion upon every other person in the world who is flawed, like myself.

I am able to embrace the flaws and my little, tiny baby-step accomplishments. This is the key to transcendence. It’s the key to being able to say that whatever comes along it’s my life, as is. Of course I’m improving and G-d is helping me improve, but I am going to face the music of everything that is going on in my life as G-d – sent. When you see everything as G-d – sent then you are sweetening it ad infinitum.

Kabbalistic Healing – Part 1 – Unblocking Healing Strategies

Paradise Principle Kabbalistic Healing

Kabbalistic Healing – Part 1 – Unblocking Healing Strategies

I’m going to read from a previous teaching I’ve sent out, and expound on it here, seeking something deeper and more profound than I provided earlier, to get to that essence point in the healing process.

Kabbalistic based recipes for transcendence   [F. A. B. ]

The following healing strategies are drawn from a personal collection—a collection of healing or transcendence approaches gathered over the years…the list is partial [and will always remain that way as long as I continue to explore and collect]….These healing strategies are drawn from Torah based-Kabbalistic sources—most of which draw upon Divine assistance or empowerment.

1. IMPACT TRANSFORMATION HEALING [’..Libi Challal Bkirbi/My heart is void inside of me..’]

Experience the negative emotional impact of your present ‘story’ or ‘life coping recipe’ so vividly, that you have no choice but to throw it away……allow a new healthy recipe to be born —ie…automatically be drawn down from ABOVE to fill the void that’s left in the place of the old recipe’s way of doing things [without you doing virtually any planning at all]….

The secular source of this comes from a landmark forum seminar I personally attended about 10 – 15 years ago.  It involved people seeking to change their consciousness by bringing to mind their “story,” and describing it with such harsh, negative words that they simply decided to let it go entirely.  They just dropped it.

And what was left behind was a void, a space where a whole new recipe for living could come in to fill that void.

This is a very powerful way of healing, of transformation. It’s a Kabblistic way of healing because it duplicates what G-d did when he created the world with the Kabbalistic Tzim-Tzum process.

Originally, there was nothing in the world except G-d. There was G-dliness everywhere and G-d wanted there to be a Creation to join G-d in the world (for whatever reason, which will always remain a mystery to us), and so he first made a void. But nature abhors a void and it must be filled. That’s the power of creating a void. It’s something that, by its nature, demands to be filled.

So, too, whenever we want to tap into any expansion or creation in our lives, to move into something new, we need to start by getting into a void. It may require going into rock-bottom mode, someplace intolerable where there’s no place else to go. That situation creates a void which can bring in a whole, new life.

Naturally, we don’t want to create a desperate situation, but when we’re already in one, we need to know that we’re on the edge of something new coming into the world, into OUR world.  That’s the pattern of life, that descent down to the bottom level is going to produce new life.

That’s the source in the Creation process, creating whole new life, and it’s the source in our emotional life as well. Whether you’re going to bring this about for yourself, as we’re describing here, or whether you’re in a situation where it’s happening TO you or THROUGH you or FOR you…. Never despair.

The void itself is going to give birth to something totally new. This is actually the whole point of the universe. We learn in the Creation story that, “… there was evening, there was morning,” on Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. There was first “evening,” first the void, first the darkness and intolerability, which is what launches the day.

In this transformation healing we are simply tapping into the most primal pattern and energy of life, using the darkness, the void, the intolerability in order to create a whole, new self-transformation.

2. WAITING FOR THE RIGHT TIME HEALING [’…. Ana Atid Lalededt/I will give birth….’]

Experience the negative emotional impact of your present ‘story’ or ‘life coping recipe’ so vividly, that you have no choice but to throw it away……allow a new healthy recipe to be born —ie…automatically be drawn down from ABOVE to fill the void that’s left in the place of the old recipe’s way of doing things [without you doing virtually any planning at all]….

This is an exposition on the holy, Divine word, “Ehyeh,” meaning in Hebrew, “I will be.” It’s a Divine name, one of the proper names of G-d. It represents a look into the future. It’s the name G-d told Moses to tell the Jewish people, the Israelites… Ehyeh would be the one to take them out of Egypt. When they asked, “Who sent you, Moses?” He replied, “Tell them Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh sent you,” which means the future orientation, “I will be what I will be sent you,” indicating that future orientation sent Moses to lead the Israelites out of captivity. “I will give birth,” is giving birth to the future.

Realize that when you are in a constricted mindstate that you are able to wait it out and simply do nothing at all…..rather than jumping in and arguing or making a decision or acting in any other way upon your present instinct—which is based on a corrupt mind state, and will inevitably lead to negative results—–just wait until your mind state will be expanded —and then act….

This is a very, very important healing tool here. We need to know when to shut up, basically. That’s what we’re talking about here. This is a natural rhythm of human consciousness. We get into constricted mind states, corrupted mind states, and worried mind states of one kind or another. When we are in that constricted head space what we need to be doing is this – not doing anything.

Not doing anything at these times will not only prevent us from sticking our foot in our mouth, from making horrible mistakes, from saying something we’re going to regret, from hurting ourselves and other people… but it’s also teaching us the incredible value of patience.

Patience is within the highest Kabbalistic Sefira, which is Belief, which is Emuna. Belief and patience are the same thing. Having Emuna, having Belief is something that you just embrace. You don’t MAKE it happen. It’s not something that you control. You just let go and let G-d, that’s what patience is.

It’s going to be ok. It’s going to work out. Hang in there. Things are going to work out. To have patience you need faith: faith in yourself, faith in life, faith in G-d, faith in the situation… You need trust in all these things.

By doing this you’re not only saving yourself a huge amount of trouble, but you’re also developing the all-important trait of waiting, of patience, of faith.

3. CO-CREATING HEALING [‘…Naase Adam Btzalmeinu/Let us make a human in our image…’]

Declare or create a projected reality—a very different scenario than your present blocked up one….realize that your declaration has the power to manifest—it’s your birthright, being that you are Created in the Image of Hashem, and therefore are given the G-dly power of creating…..with clear and powerful Emuna and intention—watch how Hashem  makes the reality manifest—in His own time and way—possibly with your inspired assistance [if you choose to assist] , but mainly on His own, with you out of the way…..out of His way…..

This is from Bereshit, the first book of Torah. The verse is unique because we would expect it to say, “Let ME (G-d) make a human in MY (G-d’s) image,” but it doesn’t say that. It says, “Let US,” which is G-d and whoever else we are talking about making a human in “OUR” image.

What’s really interesting about this verse, and I’m going to choose it because as I’m speaking today it’s the yartzeit of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, an incredible redeemer of so many lost Jewish souls, before his death at an early age. Rabbi Kaplan described this verse as meaning that G-d planted the whole universe, all of Creation inside a human. That’s what “Let’s make man in OUR image,” represents, the image of all of Creation.

Declare or create a projected reality—a very different scenario than your present blocked up one….realize that your declaration has the power to manifest—it’s your birthright, being that you are Created in the Image of Hashem, and therefore are given the G-dly power of creating…..with clear and powerful Emuna and intention—watch how Hashem  makes the reality manifest—in His own time and way—possibly with your inspired assistance [if you choose to assist] , but mainly on His own, with you out of the way…..out of His way…..

The idea here is that G-d created reality, and created us in his image. Of course this doesn’t mean a physical image, which is impossible, but it means a full profile, all that he allows us to see of himself.

So he allows us to create our own reality as well. When we choose to ask G-d to help us create our manifested, desired, projected reality of what we want, with belief we understand that G-d will make that happen. And we do this with strong belief, strong trust and a strong vision where we “see” it into reality.

When we have a pro-active passivity watching it all happen then there are no miracles we cannot co-create. In the way a person wants to go, as it’s said, that is the way G-d will direct him.

When we join G-d’s powers to our own, we create any miracle or desired reality we want in the whole universe, in G-d’s own perfect time.

4.  MICROCOSMIC HEALING [‘..Bishvilli Nivra Haolam/For me, the world was created..’]

Realize that all that you see inside of yourself AND outside of yourself is a reflection of YOU ……your thoughts and history and intentions and much more, figure in to these manifestations—based also on the fact that you are created as a microcosmic being –and all that is outside you, is also inside of you, also as a result of all of us being interconnected and  therefore responsible for each other’s wellbeing…..the more responsibility that you take for all that you encounter as being your own creation [especially that which you feel strongly about—positively or negatively], the more you will be able to heal the situation….take responsibility for what you encounter—as being somehow caused by you and then ‘clean’ or heal the situation by saying I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you repeatedly….keep doing this, until you feel peace of mind….afterwards, notice how your healing has shifted reality inside and outside of yourself [****note—part of what I bring here is based on an ancient Hawaiian healing strategy called Hooponopono—but the connections to mystical Judaism are unmistakeable…]

Our Sages teach that this verse says, basically, “YOU, for you the entire world was created… for you, for your own sake.” This is truly a revolutionary way of seeing the world, of seeing life and the whole universe. If you see it that way, you’ll realize that all you encounter was for your benefit.

Realize that all that you see inside of yourself AND outside of yourself is a reflection of YOU ……your thoughts and history and intentions and much more, figure in to these manifestations—based also on the fact that you are created as a microcosmic being –and all that is outside you, is also inside of you, also as a result of all of us being interconnected and  therefore responsible for each other’s wellbeing…..the more responsibility that you take for all that you encounter as being your own creation [especially that which you feel strongly about—positively or negatively], the more you will be able to heal the situation….take responsibility for what you encounter—as being somehow caused by you and then ‘clean’ or heal the situation by saying I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you repeatedly….keep doing this, until you feel peace of mind….afterwards, notice how your healing has shifted reality inside and outside of yourself [****note—part of what I bring here is based on an ancient Hawaiian healing strategy called Hooponopono—but the connections to mystical Judaism are unmistakeable…]

Life, meaning everything “out there,” is also inside of me, it’s “in here.”  I just need to 1) believe that, 2) be aware and receive that, and 3) ultimately to activate that.

These are all futuristic yearnings we can begin to strive for. This is a Messianic-type of consciousness, and yet is IS accessible to us. As with any other new thing, practice makes perfect. Be real with it and it will start being real with you.

It’s a huge shift to begin to believe, and that goes for all of us, that what we see outside ourselves is actually 1) co-created, 2) inside of us, and also 3) our own responsibility. We never dreamed that it’s within our power to change and heal. But when we do, we become very, very powerful people. We can change reality in (what seems to be) and unbelievable way.

There’s a lot more to say on this topic, and there’s an entire chapter about it in the book Kabbalah and Consciousness by Allen Afterman.


We now enter into a time period referred to as ‘Zman Cheruteinu’ / ‘ The Time of Our Freedom’…..

What is this freedom all about?

I bring you a few of  my personal explorations from years gone by, centered around the theme, ‘Freedom’….I beg your indulgence…it’s sort of a hodge podge collection…..Following a  summary of a teaching on the topic  by the Slonim Rebbe from his work, ‘Netivot Shalom’ and another Freedom Recipe selection from an old booklet of mine called Parsha Tools, I bring something different —–  a selection  called ‘Regarding Freedom’, which  is a shooting from the hip, spontaneous , politically incorrect stream of thought expression of what I understand is  the uniquely Jewish attitude to what  freedom is—namely a  type of  freedom based on slavery…..



 From the sefer ‘NETIVOT SHALOM’
‘Zman Cherutenu’ / ‘Time of our freedom’

1.The name "the time of our freedom" given to Pesach by the men of the great
assembly when they coined (nusach) the holiday prayers points out the
essence of the holiday.

2. It is clear that the concept of the time of our freedom is not coming to
teach us what happened once upon a time in history alone but rather it is
also teaching us what is happening to us at this time of year now. Similarly
the terms "the time of our happiness" (Succos) and "the time of our
receiving of the torah" (Shavuos) point to what is also happening at that
time of year.

3. Both then and now there exists both physical and spiritual bondage which
we are released from to eternal freedom.
It is taught that 30 days before Pesach Hashem releases the souls that fell
into the sitra achra and redeems them into the realm of the Kedusha.

4. As long as a man is not free he is not able to receive the torah
therefore the first of the year's series of holidays is the freedom holyday
of Pesach which only afterward is followed by Shavuos the time of our
receiving of Torah.

1.Questions;      What is so outstanding about what is written in the
Haggada that if Hashem didn't take us out of Egypt we and our children would
still be subjugated to Paro in Egypt, anyway we are subjugated to other
nations such as Edom to this very day ?
What's the meaning of the statement that if Hashem wouldn't have taken us
out of Egypt we would still be subjugated etc... Surely we see that H'
promised to Avraham Avinu that He would take us out?
Why is the word meshuabad i.e. subjugated stressed so much?

2. The meaning of the concept meshuabad (subjugated) is that the Jewish
people were totally subjugated with no independence even in their thinking
process. Therefore Egypt was called the house of Slavery the place where
people turned into slaves. This is illustrated by the midrash giving the
following analogy just as a fetus in its mother's stomach has no
independence or influence so too the Jewish people in Egypt.
This is the difference between  the other exiles and the Egyptian exile; in
all other exiles the subjugating power were stronger than us and would
oppress us. In the Egyptian exile the Egyptians so totally subjugated us
that we weren't even able to know what to think and how to think.

3. For most of the 210 years exile the Jews were so totally subjugated that
we couldn't even scream in painful protest. The beginning of the redemption
process was ushered in by our ability to wordlessly scream.

4. The Jews were sunk in 49 gates of Tumah. This is not because the
Egyptians forced us to do as they do or to violate our religion but rather
this state of affairs bespeaks the very reality of being subjugated totally
to the lowliest society on earth.

5. "Hashem saw the pressure that the Egyptians were pressurizing them" means
that they had no control over their thought process nor over their speech
rather all their essence was subjugated.

6. Moshe Rabbenu's soul was a composite soul of the entire Jewish people he
reflected their state. Just as they were unable to express themselves with
proper speech so too was he afflicted in his speech. When the Jewish people
went out of Egypt and their mouths were opened up to speak properly so too
Moshe Rabbenu from then on was able to speak properly. Therefore one of the
main ideas of the Passover redemption is expressed in the Hebrew word
‘Pesach’ the mouth speaks.

1.The Jewish people were all subjugated in the Egyptian exile on many
levels. Even the tribe of Levy who weren't slaves physically nevertheless
were subjugated emotionally.

2. The question is why does our sages stress that if Hashem Himself and not
an angel didn't take us out of Egypt we would still be enslaved until this
very day.
Based on the fact that we were so subjugated that even our nefesh, ruach and
neshama were enslaved therefore anything short of total Divine redemption
would leave us enslave on fine subtle soul levels until this very day.

3. The tefilin of the hand is the antithesis of our lusting heart being
subjugated to the Egyptians. Instead of subjugating our hearts to Egypt we
subjugate it to Hashem. So too the head tefilin redirects the subjugation of
our thoughts from Egyptian thinking to G-dly thinking. This is the meaning
of Hashem himself and not an angel or a messenger taking us out of Egypt
i.e. we are now able to redirect our subjugation to Him. This is also the
meaning of the idea of being redeemed with  "a strong hand" i.e. the power
to cut off our subjugation to them and to redirect it to Hashem.

1. The holiday of our freedom applies to every individual in every
generation. Generally speaking what distinguishes a Jew is that his essence
is subjugated to Hashem even though his evil inclination trips him up
sometimes. However sometimes a person can become totally subjugated in
certain areas and he will stumble continuously. Examples of this are as
a. In the area of character traits
b. Foreign non-Jewish thought outlooks
c. Environmental subjugation
d. Domestic subjugation
All of these are types of subjugation to Paro in Egypt.

2. King David prayed to be freed from this kind of subjugation (psalm 142).
The segula of Pesach is for the individual to be freed from these various

1. Hashem engineered the geula by blinding the forces of evil with a very
intense light that shone in all of its intensity at once. The reason Hashem
did this was to prevent the Egyptian forces of evil from having any grasp
especially being that the Jews were sunk in 49 gates of tuma. Therefore a
gradually increasing divine light or influx would not have been enough. The
same phenomenon occurs every Shabbos.

2. This is also the means for a hard working individual who cannot overcome
his personal subjugations with small gradual steps and resolutions instead
he should strike out and make giant steps and giant resolutions.

3.This also explains why Pesach is a preparation for the Shavuos holiday of
receiving the Torah. Until a person jumps beyond himself and frees himself
from his personal enslavement with giant resolutions he will not be in
control of himself enough to receive the ultimate resolution of Torah.
Therefore Pesach leaves an impression of liberating himself with major
resolutions enabling him to receive the Torah 50 days later.

1.The reason why all holidays and shabbatot recall the coming out of Egypt
is because the purpose of all the holidays is to free oneself from the
yetser hara which is called mitsraim.

2. The period of time from Pesach until Shavuos is one long single holiday.
Everyday is a new unit of freedom until finally on Shavuos there is total
freedom. Our sages say the only truly free person is one who is involved in
Torah learning for he is the one who nullify himself i.e. all that
gets-in-the-way of his total freedom. The Zohar brings the one who eats the
bread of health (matza) on Pesach and receives the health of Torah on
Shavuos is exempt from being judged on Rosh Hashanah.

3. Sometimes it happens that a Jew can achieve high spiritual levels and yet
be subjugated to the tuma levels that characterize Egypt. The way to release
oneself from that situation is hinted at in the midrashs mentioning of the
blood of Pesach and the blood of brith mila. These blood purifications
represent respectively Emuna and Kedusha. These two elements internalized by
a Jew who is working on himself concertedly can free him.

4. The days of sfiras haOmer are compared to a long Chol Hamoed of Pesach in
that one achieves freedom totally. This happens through one's uprooting of
his tuma and of his purifying and sanctifying himself.



1. ‘…And please give us, Hashem…this Holiday of Matzohs…the time of our freedom’ [ Holiday Siddur]. Every Holiday in the Jewish calendar has a central theme. The last of the prophets who made up the ‘Men of the Great Assembly’, put together a good part of the ritual service we have in our daily and Holiday prayers. We’re informed by the words of the main-theme prayer that the essence of Pesach is that it’s ‘the time of our freedom’ [just as Shavuot is ‘the time of the giving of our Torah’ and Sukkot is the ‘time of our happiness’]. If I properly use this auspicious time, I can inoculate myself with my annual dose of freedom. Freedom’s in the air…it’s there for the taking. But how do I access it? Well, perhaps a direct way, is to make a list of all areas, major and minor, of my life in which I feel myself to be a slave. Next, I’d project into the future–Pesach, one year from now–and see myself as a gloriously free person, liberated from all of my personal slavery. I’d project how I achieved such a lofty goal and then I’d come back to the present and start to go for it! Not a bad plan, if you don’t mind me saying so…but I’d like to add a very important dimension; Our Passover Haggada brings a quote from our sages, that says that every person should see themself as if they personally left Egypt. We can understand from this that the key to understanding how to break out of our personal Egyptian slavery, is to learn how our ancestors did it–get the formula, and apply it in our lives.


2. Let’s present a very brief survey of the elements that make up the Egyptian Redemption;

a. ‘SHIABUD’ [TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE ENSLAVEMENT OF BODY AND SOUL]— Our Sages brought an analogy comparing this initial phase in Egypt to that of a fetus of a calf in it’s mother’s womb. Like the fetus, our ancestors were so enveloped in the Egyptian experience that it didn’t even occur to them to groan and cry out to Hashem for the first 209 years out of their 210 year exile! But alas they did finally become conscious that they were enslaved in a terrible exile.

b. GROANS AND SCREAMS —Their awareness of their predicament brought out from a deep gut level, wordless groans and screams. Hashem heard them and actively initiated the redemption process.

c. THE OVERPOWERING DIVINE LIGHT—When the time came to leave Egypt, G-d caused to shine an incredibly powerful providential light into the atmosphere of Egypt and inside of these slaves’ consciousness. On the strength of that light, an entire nation LEAPED out of Egypt. They did so suddenly, not even waiting for their dough to rise and transform their Matzohs into Bread for the long journey. This stage is compared in a certain Chassidic work by R. Yitzchak Issack of Homil, to a young student who is dazzled and swept off his feet by the brilliance of his new righteous and amazing teacher. He has awe and behaves with total self-nullification towards his new spiritual master. The student however doesn’t yet have the ability to understand or internalize the teachings. He just says to himself,’ Wow’, and remains respectfully silent. Nevertheless, an impression is etched deep in his soul.

d. LOSING THE ‘LIGHT’ AND RECOVERING IT INCREMENTALLY—This slave nation, the children of Israel, managed, with this incredible G-d given light power and purity, to temporarily transcend their spiritual sickness of being steeped in all 49 gates of Teuma [impurity], long enough to escape out of Egypt. But as fast as they gained their instant light power, they lost it. But the impression it left deep in their souls would serve as a guiding light at the end of the tunnel constantly drawing them to recover it. In order for them to truly recover and internalize this power of soul-based and Faith-based expanded G-d consciousness, they needed to get it back slowly, deliberately and 1 step at a time. The root-causes of their exile…ie… their spiritual perfection process, now had to be examined and rectified. This Tikun process is what we do annually for the 50 days between Pesach and Shavuot. This is the counting and internalizing of the Holy Sefirot of the ‘Omer’ period. This stage is compared to our young student who matures to the point of not being just satisfied with sitting in his master’s presence in quiet awe. Rather, he seeks to understand the source of the wisdom that his teacher possesses. He engages his teacher in constant discussion, and is bold enough even to argue with him until he can figure it all out for himself!!

e. ‘SINAI’, LIVING IN THE LIGHT— The culminating historical element in the Egyptian redemption process happens with the nation’s receiving of the Torah at Sinai. The pure-G-dly-soulful-expanded-consciousness level is now fully and eternally acquired. This stage is compared to our student’s reaching a level, where he’s no longer in need of his teacher’s wisdom. He gets it on his own straight from Hashem. He sees the wisdom in every aspect of reality. He is no longer the student. He is now the master!


3. Now we’re ready for our Parsha Tool…for our freedom formula:

a. Be aware of your personal Egypts–large and small. Let your mind recall all your revealed and repressed enslavements…mark them down. You’ll probably be amazed how much there is repressed inside of yourself….

b. Now begin to process them—First groan about them and then wordlessly scream with wild and emotional abandon..[if you’re in an embarrassing environment, then either take your chances and go for it, wait till your alone or do it right there, but in a silent way]…Try to get to the point of helplessness, where you truly  open your heart to Hashem and beseech Him for help….

c. How do we access the overpowering instantly liberating Divine Light which is beyond our present capacities? We gave the answer at the beginning of this essay—-project a whole ‘new you’ one year from now on Pesach 5767 [2007]. You’ll be a person who enjoyed the most free and liberated year of your life. Make note of exactly how you achieved this glorious goal. Don’t forget the aspect of soul, faith, G-dliness and expanded consciousness…otherwise you never will truly escape from your inner slavery….

d. Now just go with the projected plan that you set up for yourself one step at a time….

3. Regarding freedom

at the risk of being a bit impetuous and politically incorrect , i nevertheless send to you, a group comprising a few of  my favorite friends and students and teachers [ i welcome all feedback]
–a few of my latest exploratory discoveries and thoughts [mostly accessed last night in the Mikve];

1. though i consider myself to be  all about freedom in the conventional sense of the word [like lower soul stuff and be here now and paradise-ing and living the life i love…etc..etc.., upon looking deeper at the type of freedom that is being taught to us by the pesach mindset–i have come up with a very different paradigm—namely ‘SLAVERY FREEDOM’

2. We were being trained as a nation of slaves of man, prior to our inception or birth as a people, to be a nation of slaves or servants of Hashem for the rest of our history–ie…learning about ‘SLAVERY FREEDOM’

3. why were we as a nation stuck for 210 years in egypt to begin with?—i think it was to grab this new kind of freedom called ‘SLAVERY FREEDOM’

4. Steven Stills [of Crosby Stills nash and young fame ] wrote—‘find the cost of freedom buried in the ground…’—whether steven knew it or not–i think that he was coming on to this thing called ‘SLAVERY FREEDOM’

5. Kabbalah teaches that freedom is represented by the sefirah of Bina…Bina also represents the Sefira of Happiness and Neshama’s source and Music and Torah
and the essential experience of Bina  is to be the vessilizer or encapsulater or packager of Chochma— of free flowing shefa —ie…the Sefira that restricts  or
ENSLAVES itself in order to allow unbridled Freedom to be expressed —and thereby elicit Torah and happiness and neshama and music …….ie…’SLAVERY FREEDOM’

6. ‘normal’ type of freedom usually , in my experience, usually comes with a price—ie—just to say ‘I’M FREE’—usually what happens soon afterwards , is that i get slam-dunked by some type of burden or darkness or calling—calling me out to somewhat enslave myself in order to be free as a result—the irony of ‘SLAVERY FREEDOM’

7. alot of the time, what i find is that what people seem
to seek out in terms of freedom is bordering on addictive behaviour—ie…’give me my fix of love or alcohol or drugs or unburdenedness–and i’ll be free—but without that
i can’t’—instead of surrendering or transcending or subjecting a certain part of themselves [ourselves] –through self imposed slavery of sorts—in order to avoid the
addiction—another example of ‘SLAVERY FREEDOM’

8. though some people [i’m thinking specifically of very frum/orthodox/observant
people] are certainly engulfed in all kinds of seeming self imposed service and burdens in order to access ‘SLAVERY FREEDOM’ —nevertheless, i believe that as long as what they do, they do in a shallow, external, habitual way–then they remain enslaved and not free—-UNLESS—they seek to somewhat truly enslave themselves [from their present perspective]–in order top get to their freedom —ie…true ‘SLAVERY FREEDOM’

9. the Torah teaches  –that the one who is truly free, is the one who is engaged and deeply occupied with Torah learning….Torah is all about boundaries—spiritual and actual—in order to achieve fusion with Hashem and His Will —ie…’SLAVERY FREEDOM’

10. In my own experience, if I take the time and effort [ie..minimal enslavement] at the start of a new day to plan out my whole day with anh inspired ‘to do’ list, than
my day is one of paradise and freedom–a different type of ‘SLAVERY FREEDOM’

11. The Saba of Nevordik would be at his best and happiest when he was faced with the most difficult of challenges to overcome and thereby grow—‘SLAVERY FREEDOM’

12. the Slonim Rebbe –author of ‘Netivot Shalom’ teaches [in the name of his great grandfather–i think], that the key to be in a constant state of  supreme Pleasure in life, is to be detached from pleasure —totally ….ie…enslave yourself to acieving the detachment and thereby achieve ‘SLAVERY FREEDOM’

13. The Tosh Rebbe [Shlit’a] teaches throughout his 2 volume work, entitled avodat Avoda—that the key to  true spirituality  is to restrict or enslave what you surround yourself  with—-your desires and  senses and your thoughts and feelings and actions—avoiding the material, physical…etc….and thereby open up the true uncluttered, unlimited spiritual access—another example of ‘SLAVERY FREEDOM’

14. alot of other Chassidic and non-Chassidic [including Chabad teachings] teach that the way to break free is to break away from ME , —ie….do what it takes [go thru the slavery that it takes  to minimize ME and then let in Hashem…..another form of

15. A good friend gave me a wonderful recipe for achieving peace between myself and my wife [and for anyone else as well]years ago at a particularly hard time—he told me to convey to her that i was willing to do anything and everything for  her [ie..totally enslaving myself to her burden] —-and really mean it…. a very powerful
example of   ‘SLAVERY FREEDOM’

16. The Omer period is a period that is characterized by an access of 49 or 50 units of freedom [the going out of Egypt is mentioned 50 times in the Torah , and we went out of Egypt ‘CHAMUSHIM’ -ie…in a 50 unit] —the natural bridge from Pesach’s freedom access to Shavuot’s Torah access [on Shavuot we become free Torah learners]—-we do this with hard work on ourselves [slavery]—another example of

17.   The Omer period is a period characterized by a rectification and refinement of our Midos or character traits—ie– to be humble to be nothings[slaves] to be totally open and respectful of others and of Hashem——and thereby free up those nasty traits that get in my way….’SLAVERY FREEDOM’

18. The Omer period is a period that is also characterized by a rectification and refinement based on the counting of the Sefirot —ie…an injection of total self expression–and  i work on enslaving myself to rid myself of all thatb gets in my way of accessing this total self expression–ie…’SLAVERY FREEDOM’

19. i believe that this idea of  utilizing slavery in order to get freedom is real–but is subjected to a person’s being READY  for it—and if you need non-slavery freedom access–then that’s what you are ready for—therefore one needs to gauge your readiness to jump into ‘SLAVERY FREEDOM’

20.  i also believe that some types of slavery-freedom-ing —may appear to be the exact opposite—such as the strategy of equinamity [it’s all then same to me] in order to achieve freedom or bitachon [i need no effort –cuz i trust that Hashem will make it happen]—but if you look deep, you’ll see that to achieve these transcendent states ,
you need a powerful degree of self boundarizing and ‘SLAVERY FREEDOM’


A. choose 1 area of life /act/ feeling/thought…etc…
B. identify the slavery aspect of this factor—ie…in what way are you truly enslaved
c. draw down from ABOVE, the type of personal subjugation or slavery that you need in order to free yourself up
d. do it
e. project yourself/co-create yourself as a free person
f. do this same exercise with as many personal enslavements as possible

g. pray for it

May we be blessed to be truly free in the deepest , most essential sense of the word,


Jewish Transcendence Meditations [2] Paradising

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MASTERS OF KABBALISTIC HEALING (Direct Divine Infusion Healing) – Part 2

Continuation of Kabbalistic Healing Techniques

Continuation of Direct Divine Infusion Healing  (Part 1)

)   HELPLESS CRYING DVAIKUT (Clinging to Hashem)

While emoting as much a possible, both internally and externally (crying, screaming, jumping up and down, moaning, etc, go over in your mind, or orally, all of the events of one or more than one dilemma, crisis or any other type of difficulty that you are facing. Discuss all the efforts that you have invested to try to solve your problem.  When you get to the point where you see that you have done all that you can do, and that it is beyond your ability to solve the problem, you’ve arrived at the helpless point.

Now is the time to reach your emotional crescendo and with a primal scream to Hashem, call out “I CANT DO IT – PLEASE DO IT FOR ME HASHEM”.

This exercise can be done very effectively and powerfully with an entire group.

Each person chooses their own private darkened corner of the room and begins to emote.

Then they all come together after a designated time to help each other process.

Part 2 –



Here the basic principle is to offset or heal the weaker side or half of a pair with a meshing or fusion of the stronger corresponding half.  Therefore focus on the weaker side of the pair (example:  the left brain as opposed to the right brain, or fallen desires as opposed to rectified ones, or a fear as opposed to a corresponding strength, or a traumatic time in your life as opposed to a very self assured time).

Begin to draw down energetically the strength and power from the stronger one of the pair and enmesh the two together until the weaker side begins to feel stronger and reinforced.

If the situation involves two personalities, have the stronger of the two reassure their weaker partner.

In a group situation have all the members of the group draw upon their stronger side to heal the designated person’s weaker side.


A dysfunctional part of yourself will definitely inhibit a free flow.

Liberating the dysfunction, or “turkey”, reopens the channel for full physic flow.

The healing principle and the name “turkey”, comes from Rebbe Nachman’s story entitled “the Turkey Prince”.

A prince, thinking he was a turkey, sat cockling and pecking his food while he was totally naked underneath the table.

A wise sage eventually healed the turkey with the following steps:

a. Radical non-judgmental acceptance of the turkey just as he is (so much so, that the sage convinced this prince that he the sage, was a turkey just like him).

b. Take very slow, but deliberate “baby steps” towards bringing the “turkey” to a complete recovery.

On the ground, when turkey healing, one has to make a very great effort to lovingly embrace the person and their dysfunction (turkey) just as they are.

This is the key to the healing process.

To the extent that the person feels your unconditional acceptance, they will begin to heal.



This healing method is based on the idea that the body knows what the soul needs in order to heal.

Sometimes the body overcompensates, and becomes very protective;  for example, a person with chronic fatigue will only be able to function minimally so that the person doesn’t get abused, hurt or otherwise harmed.

We would tell the body that we will strike a deal with you and if you release the person from their chronic fatigue, we will create a strategy whereby the person will be safe from harm.  Therefore, do the following:

Choose any bodily ache, pain or illness.

Contemplate what this pain or illness is intent on protecting in your life.

Next, contemplate an alternative way to protect yourself other than the illness.

Speak to the bodily pain and convince it that you are taking over from here and you won’t need its services any more, but that you really appreciate its services that its done to help.

The body won’t always be so willing to listen, so you must be consistent and persuasive.




Rav Oosher (Zatzal) over the years had countless people seeking his healing help.

Most of them were very miserable and depressed.  They felt that they were victims of people’s manipulations and bad luck.  Rav Oosher taught them to reframe their perspective and view life as a puppet show.

All of the bad fortune and abusive people in their lives are merely G-d’s puppets meant to direct them towards their rectification and enlightenment.  The results of this reframed perspective were breathtakingly astounding.

Here’s what to do:

Identify a situation in your life where you feel that you are the victim of bad people and bad fortune.

Bring into your mind an awareness that every aspect of these people and this bad fortune is merely a display custom sent from on High in order to direct you towards the next level of your growth.  Therefore don’t take personally what this person or circumstance is doing against you – they are only puppets.

This technique is a consciousness – be patient.

It takes a long time to reap the maximum benefit from it.  Nevertheless, without a doubt, its got the power to transform your life.


The idea here is that there is a direct correlation between the events of our lives and our Sefirotic health.

If one Sefira is out of wack, then that area of life will also be out of wack;  for example:

If a person has chronic pain in their left leg, that points to some disfunctionality in the HOD area of their life.  HOD corresponds to the left leg.  HOD is the Sefirotic character trait that corresponds to our capacity to enable others to do their best.  If this enabling process is too strong or too weak, or is being abused by others, then there is a good chance that this person will suffer in a part of the body that corresponds to HOD, such as the left leg.

Here’s what to do:

Focus on a part of your body which is giving you trouble.

Identify the body part’s Sefirotic correspondence.  (I understand that many people don’t have this knowledge.  In case you are interested, please consult me regarding the Sefirot correspondence to your effected body part.)

Now identify the corresponding Sefirotic aspect of your life.

Adjust this Sefirotic aspect of your life to be aligned and in balance with all the other Sefirotic aspects of your life.


The principle here is as follows:

A very large part of who we are, who we associate with, the challenges which we go through, our stations in life, etc etc, are a direct result of a trans-life perfection process. What we didn’t get right in previous lifetimes is what we will be challenged with in this life.

The way to identify reincarnation based aspects of our life, is to take inventory of the unique people and situations that we find ourselves in.  Then view these people and situations as being the direct result of what we have come into this life to rectify.

The healing process happens when we take action in the proper way in response to these challenges which are thrown at us.

Here’s what to do:

Identify a unique challenge that you find yourself in life.

View this challenge as being the result of a similar challenge that we didn’t quite get right in a previous life time.

Ask Hashem to enlighten you as to what you are meant to do in order to get it right this time.  (This dialogue with Hashem can also be enacted in a written manner.

Write to Hashem your question, and write what you think He will answer back to you.)

Carry on in this way with all the different people and challenges in your life.

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