Dear friends,

greetings from the island of Maui..All is well B”H…

here is a teaching for you, that i have drawn upon at length

a number of times on this trip…




TIME IN THE POST LIFE Time in the post-life is experienced on the one hand, in a whole different way than we experience time presently inside of our bodies…..On the other hand, the major focus of the post-life is on the time that we spent here in this life…..

TIME IS TIKUN Kabbalah teaches that time is Tikun….The word time in Hebrew is Z’man, whose numerical value is 97—the same numerical value of the combination of the 2 Divine Names [MAH and BEN], that represent the rectifying and that which needs rectifying aspects of reality respectively….Time is not measured in terms of getting from one point on a temporal line to the next , rather of getting from a lesser state of perfection or Tikun to a greater state….

TIME IS AN OPEN SYSTEM [ beyond birth and death] The Time=Tikun outlook radically changes the way we relate to time…..Birth and death are transitional states bridging what comes before the beginning or birth point to what comes after it ,as well as what comes before and after death….It’s an open system, not a closed system of entropy where everything comes to an end and dies eventually—-Rather, everything moves toward perfection and to a state that is beyond time….

TIME IS A COLLECTION OF OPPORTUNITIES COPED WITH SUCCESSFULLY [SPARKS] The measure of Time in life, is the number of Sparks we collect—ie…the opportunities that we succeeded at— in order to complete that which is lacking in ourselves….The Post-Life is a replay ad-infinitum of these opportunities that we took advantage of….

TIME LIMITATIONS LIBERATED We liberate and transcend time limitations [and thereby nullify it altogether] by elevating and transforming the realm of the temporal to becoming Infinite and Eternal…..We rectify 50

the Primordial Sin of Adam–which plunged humanity into an almost irreversible death cycle, by living a consciousness reality where every experience is infintized as much as possible…We also do this rectification by identifying and tapping in to the Divine Eternity factor involved in every action, feeling, word and thought that we elicit…In these and other ways, death and finitude fall away—No more time, no more death–We return to the Garden of Eden….

TIME LESSONS INTERNALIZED Let us do some meditations of the main points that we’ve discussed so far, and thereby try to experience and internalize these points, and B”H , begin to transform the way that we relate to time—from being something that is time-bound and lacking to being something that is beyond time and perfect….


1.     Time in the Post Life

In your mind’s eye, allow yourself to travel forward in time–beyond your present life–to your post-life….Experience how differently everything feels when you in your essential state of being are no longer in your body….specifically focus on how you are no longer bound to time….Simply by exercising your will power, you are able to travel instantly from the earliest experiences to your latest ones…Your whole life is an ‘open book’—-simply focus on any specific part of your life–and you are there…Now take a few moments to ‘tour’ different times in your life—-see what you can see—pay attention to how you resonate with each place that you visit and how far along is each place in terms of it’s level of perfection….

2.TIME IS TIKUN Recall a specific episode or process in your life–a process that began in a very un-rectified way—a cluttered, chaotic, painful unclear way….Notice how slowly but surely [or perhaps in your case–quickly and suddenly], the rough edges became smoothed out—the clutter and chaos were replaced by order—the pain was replaced by pleasure and the unclarity by clarity….Be aware that this progression towards rectification is something that happens in many processes in your life–with the passage of time involved in each process….Now project into your future, a life process that is either in the beginning stages or soon to begin….Foresee that whether or not the process begins with difficulties, with Hashem’s constant guidance–and your adherence to this guidance—all is smoothed out with the passage of time—and you see how all will turn out in the best possible way, exactly as it should….

3. TIME IS AN OPEN SYSTEM [beyond birth and death] Go back in time to your birth…You don’t need [and most likely won’t be able] to remember anything at all of what really happened….Just allow yourself to imagine what it was like…..Feel how it feels to be a newborn….Feel the newness and the amazingness of it all…Feel as much as you are able….Now watch your life progress from the infant stage–over time–all the way to the present….Now go back to the time when your Soul was in the World of Souls—you hear in great detail how all of the major events of your life are lessons —-in order to teach you what you need to learn in order to move forward as much as you can towards your perfection process…Take a few minutes for this as well……Now move to the time just beyond your death—the time of your ‘life-review’–where all that you have done is sized up for its level of perfection—-take note of what is rectified and what is still lacking and in need of further rectification—perhaps to be played out in a subsequent lifetime, perhaps in some other post-life rectification reality….Here too, take a few minutes to experience as much as you can in order to truly feel that the time span that makes up our life, expands beyond birth and beyond death….

4. TIME IS A COLLECTION OF OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES SUCCESFULLY COPED WITH [SPARKS] Contemplate deeply the countless opportunities that you are presented with at all times—opportunities to complete yourself–complete that which is lacking….Start now and work your way backwards, and notice every single Soul–completing opportunity or Holy Spark that comes your way….Notice how well you reacted….How well does your chosen plan or feeling or thought or communication help to complete yourself….Now notice how these Sparks, large and small, when successfully taken care of–are the true measure of the passing of time —the true landmarks that we will be remembered by when we pass on from this world…Project from this moment onwards, that all opportunities that come your way from within or from without are customized and personalized especially for you, in order for you to become completed….Now take a few minutes to pray that Hashem will help you meet all these challenges as best as is possible….

5. LIBERATING TIME LIMITATIONS Open up your ability to transcend and liberate time limitations as best as you can…Here are a few ways to do it; A. Extend time—————When you say a word or see a sight or feel a feeling etc.., focus totally all of your attention and go much slower than you would normally go…..Take 7 seconds for each experience instead of 1 or 2….Try a few extensions now…. B. Eternalizing Holy acts————Experience saying a Holy word, doing a Holy act or Mitzvah, thinking a Hoy thought of connecting with Hashem or intending a Holy intention of being benevolent to others…..Now focus on experiencing these Holy acts with the knowledge that each act has eternal reverberations….Every single Holy act will be repeated and relived in deeper and deeper profundity for the rest of time….Take a few minutes to experience how different and powerful the doing of these acts becomes…. C. Presence-ing—————–Experience the present moment that you find yourself in…Experience all that you feel and think and see…etc…Realize that this moment never has existed before in the unique way you are experiencing it and it will never be repeated–it is absolutely and utterly unique….Be here now—totally….Don’t miss a drop—past tensions do not exist, nor do future worries….take some time to experience this…..