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Parsha Terumah – Our Inner Strength

This is about Parsha Terumah. I found a common denominator (as I’m always searching for one that reflects personal growth opportunities) in Parsha Terumah, and it’s called The Lion In Me. In other words, My Inner Strengths. I found ways to reveal hidden, inner strengths inside of me and inside of everyone.

First of all, Parsha Terumah is my father’s yartzeit. And my father’s name was Yaakov Aryeh, which is Jacob the Lion, and I found my father in me, which is the lion in me. That’s sort of an esthetic, poetic part of the Parsha for me, but also a very real part of it, too.

Also, this is the beginning of the month of Adar, which brings Purim, and Purim is all about inner strength. We are usually not aware of our inner strength and Adar is a month of G-d hiding himself from us, so we find ourselves discovering and reviewing our inner strengths. That’s a big part of the mysterious month of Adar, which looks like the opposite but shows us that out of nowhere the good guy wins the battle in the end.  This is also part of the Lion In Me.

As of this week, we have finished the last of the Shovavim period, which is a period of rectification of the spilled seed of Adam, a theme found in all the parshas of that period.  We are rectifying and thereby reconnecting with our souls, and discovering inner strengths in that way.  We are going to start the harvest of the six-week period we’re finishing up right now, and next week as well.

In Parsha Terumah, G-d talks about the Holy Temple in a very interesting way. He says, “I am going to dwell in them,” not “in it.” That means us, his people. The Holy Temple is inside of us, and those strengths need to be discovered inside ourselves. Once we have this perspective, it opens up a whole new way of seeing life.

So, everything that’s brought in this parsha reveals the inner, Holy Temple parts of us. For example, Betzalel, the one who physically created the Temple, had the ability to see the entire universe. He could see the creative ones and zeros of the universe-creation system, just as someone might see the creation of a computer system. He could see the roots of it all in a micro-cosmic way. We have access to this perspective, too, if we choose to plug into it.

In the Temple we have the Cherubim, standing on the Holy Ark, which is the Torah part of ourselves. The Cherubim represent the prophesy, and the place between them, as they face each other, is the place where all prophesy and all wisdom came from. It’s a very inter-included, transcendent place of inner strength inside of ourselves. It’s the focal point for the interface, from which all aspects of our world interface with the higher world.

That’s an incredible strength to rediscover inside of ourselves.

And we have the menorah, the candelabra made of pure gold, holding the burning candle stick which serves as a seat for the soul. The wick holds up the soul. It helps us find our soul and lights it up for us so we can feel it.

And we have the middle bar which holds together the whole construction of the sanctuary, the Temple, which extends from one end to the other. This parallels our will, our ratzon, which extends from the highest aspect of ourselves all the way down to the lowest. When we discover and reveal that ratzon, then nothing stands in our way.

We have an all-encompassing healing going on, which happens in the court surrounding the Tabernacle and in the Tabernacle itself, in the hangings and all they represented. The courtyard represents the body, which encompasses and surrounds the inner organs, as well as the all-encompassing, surrounding entities. So, we have the ability to rediscover and reveal the body/soul connection, and the body’s physicality inside ourselves.

There are also many more levels of inner strength that we can access and explore within ourselves.



Coping Tools of The Patriarchs


I’m giving over a list of the coping tools…. Coping with difficulty, exile, confusion, darkness, mundaneness in life… These are tools that our Patriarchs and Matriarchs gave to us. I think it’s exactly the right time to do this now, before we finish off the first of the five books of Moses which is all about the Patriarchs, and get into the second book which is all about exile.

We need to learn coping tools from the Patriarchs to cope with the long, dark night of our own exile, which we have been experiencing for ‘way too long now.

Without going into the sources, to save time right now, I’m just going to get straight into our forefathers’ coping tools:

  • First of all, go inside yourself before you give over to other people. Find out the essence of who YOU are.
  • Detach from all the definitions of who you were beforehand when you were setting out on a new mission in life.
  • Let go and Let G-d. He will take you there. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Watch how G-d is guiding your every step of the way.
  • Be a person who is looking out for his own posterity, who is taking the trouble now to help his posterity now and in the future as well.
  • If necessary, be a person who opposes everybody in the world. You stand on one side and everybody else stands on the other side, for the sake of doing the right thing.
  • Be a radical monotheist. Understand that there are no secondhand powers in life, that it’s just G-d. Try to life that reality as much as possible.
  • Live everyday as though everything coming to you now will never be lost, and it’s all extremely important, down to the last drop.
  • We have trials in life which are either testing or connection to G-d, or they are testing our natural inclinations to see how strongly we are grounded in it. So, hang in there.
  • There is a mirror effect in life, and to the extent we live extraordinary lives G-d will guide us in extraordinary ways.
  • Take counsel with G-d. When you’re in doubt, ask, “What does G-d have to say about this?”
  • We have connections with all of our children, but we need to recognize when one particular child is more connected, and we should not show favoritism, but we should pay attention to how we can take advantage of having this child perpetuate the ability to live in an above-nature way.
  • Be a person who is here to fix-up the world, and more specifically the fallout effects of Adam and Eve.
  • Understand the incredible wellsprings are at our fingertips at all times. We just need to dig to uncover them.
  • Holiness occurs when we go into the mundane and we find G-dliness, we reveal G-dliness where G-dliness is normally not found.
  • We need to get to the level of habitual living, to the point where our feet take us where we need to go in life, without even having to think about it.
  • We need to know how to cope with the particular exile we’re found in, and know it’s there for a reason, and study it and know how to respond to it.
  • When we have something that is extremely important we need to be able to share it, to help others who need it as well.
  • We need to separate ourselves out from the darker parts of ourselves, to reveal them, put them in their proper place and to be able to live a life without being enslaved to those darker parts.
  • To the extent that we are in connection, to that extent we are free from all negativity.
  • The future is right now, not only in the future, but it’s right now. When we live in future consciousness, we’re living in higher, expanded consciousness.
  • We need to know that sometimes we are higher and sometimes we are lower consciousness. We have to develop the tools and the wisdom to know how to live in both in a healthy way.
  • We may be a firey personality, but we have to hook-up with a child or a student or somebody else who can take our firey personality into a full-blown flame and blow away the opposition,
  • I need to know I’m a person with the ability to draw down endless abundance, depending upon whether I have a good eye, whether I’m unselfish, whether I see the abundance is coming from G-d, whether I trust it and don’t chase after lower things to get it. When I do those things I bring down abundance for myself and for other people.
  • I need to live with humility, with prayer and with gratitude for everything and everybody who has helped me.
  • I need to know that wherever I am, in whatever situation G-d is there with me, he’ll be there with me and he’ll bring me out of the situation, too.
  • We need to know how to transcend death. The forefathers teach us it’s possible, and it’s the lesson we need to learn in life.
  • We need to receive and give blessings that are so powerful and so appropriate to the people who receive them that the blessings will last a lifetime.
  • That which is the most important coping mechanism of very, very different types of people, and is the unified factor, is to know that G-d is with us all.
  • Even though we fall into the lowest of places from there we fall into the highest of places.

And that’s it from the Patriarchs.


The Experience of The Ladder of Souls – Experience of the Enlightened Ones – Rav Kook


Experiences of the Enlightened Ones  – based on the ‘Lights of Holiness’ by Rav R.A. Kook ztz’l

Rav Kook taught us in a very articulate and elegant manner–what the experience of enlightenment is all about…, in my own humble language is a taste….

Experience the following Soul-stirrings and drives that are felt by those who are well on the their way towards achieving levels of perfection and expanded consciousness and enlightenment;

a…the inner Soul drive to know yourself and to react properly to your inner summons

b…the inner Soul drive to become so clear and enlightened, that you know that a similar awakening of the masses is sure to follow

c…the inner drive to purify and intensify all of your intentions , until you see that most all of your intentions manifest in reality

d…the inner awakening and knowledge that the true experience of enlightenment is not something that you anticipate to experience in the future, but rather something that you constantly are immersed in now

e…the inner awareness that your unique essential self or Soul spark must be completely free to express itself with maximum originality and authenticity

f…the inner drive to liberate your unique ability to create without any interference

g…the inner wisdom to distinguish when to detach yourself from others , in order to strive for deeper enlightenment—–and when to get involved with others–those who need you, though they be on a much lower spiritual level than you are

h…the inner drive to be in a constant state of amazement and celebration of all of the Divine wonder that emanates at all times

i…the inner consciousness of knowing that all there is, is in a state of continual becoming

j…the inner concern for the well-being of the whole Universe and everyone in it and everyone that you personally encounter

This this second part is given to commemorate Rav Kook’s 81st yartzeit. He was an enlightened man, and what I’d like to get across is the brilliance and inner understanding of his enlightenment, and what it’s all about.

So, in my own words I’m paraphrasing what Rabbi Kook got across, the experience of a real Soul Man and what a Soul Person is all about. It’s about the enlightenment of being connected to the soul as a Soul Person.

  1. The Soul Person has a link to G-d, with all his will, mind and emotion.
  2. The Soul Person has a knowing that all his interdependence, all his significance, all his limitlessness comes from his link with G-d.
  3. The Soul Person is a channel for light and life, for everyone.
  4. The Soul Person is in a state of Always-ness. In other words, he’s always in an expanded state of mind, always coming from his soul, always creating. There’s no such thing as, “waiting to get some inspiration,” because it’s always happening, 24/7.
  5. The Soul Person’s spark must be absolutely free. His personality must be free and original and expressed and pure and authentic in order for him to receive it and express it.
  6. The Soul Person must create works of imagination and thought, which are free from any kind of limitation or confinement.
  7. The Soul Person’s creativity is not his alone, but only a transfer, channeled through him.
  8. The Soul Person is always experiencing the richness of existence.
  9. The Soul Person is always desiring or aspiring with love, for the good of the entire universe.
  10. The Soul Person sees the world as constantly “becoming.”
  11. The Soul Person knows that the greater the person is, the more he or she must be alone to discover himself or herself.
  12. The Soul Person longs to be good and compassionate to everybody.
  13. The Soul Person does not hate anybody or anything, because everything manifests G-d’s grandeur.
  14. The Soul Person knows that the place of peace is in G-d, and in G-d only.

The Experience of The Ladder of Souls – Part 10


What I want to share is about the soul and mindfulness. It’s my theme for the week for MMM, but it’s also what the soul is all about. Our souls come into our bodies to improve, expand and soul-ize our bodies, but also to restore them to be souls, to be more spiritual, to get back to the level of Adam’s body prior to the fall in the Garden of Eden. Adam’s body was more like our souls today.

The soul is inside our body, and it’s functioning maximally when we are the most mindful, and it has a natural drive to get back to that, meaning to “escape,” like a flame leaping up on a candle wick.  Our soul is trying to get back that place, to be restored, and mindfulness is what helps it get back to that place.

So, here’s a list of tools we can use to increase the mindfulness of life and enable our soul to live in its proper environment.

Instead of the normal consciousness of _______, let’s go to a mindful consciousness of the following:

  1. Instead of the normal consciousness of moving our bodies through the day, with all the different mundane movements involved, let’s make all these movements – sitting down, standing up, walking, etc. – soulful and mindful opportunities. Let’s be soulful and mindful by resonating on the deepest level with what that message means for us.
  2. Instead of the normal consciousness of a sort of “ho-hum” life, let’s Paradise our lives, being soulful and mindful of maximal personal expression and also maximal divine expression.
  3. Instead of the normal consciousness with regard to which aspects of our awareness we engage the world with, let’s be soulful and mindful by engaging the world with our Allness.
  4. Instead of the normal consciousness of accumulating and accessing wisdom, let’s open up our Da’as, our knowing, and thereby know things in a soulful, mindful way.
  5. Instead of processing the thoughts in our minds, in a semi-unconscious way, let’s do it in a mindful/soulful way by watching our thoughts or actually taking notes of them. Do it in an objective, watch-the-movie way.
  6. Instead of the normal consciousness of jumping around from one thing to another in our lives, let’s have a soulful, mindful engagement of any present thing we’re doing, to the exclusion of anything else. Have complete, hyper-focus on whatever it is we’re doing at the moment.
  7. Instead of the normal consciousness of taking in the world through the 5 senses as usual, let’s engage the soul and the mind in a much, much more enhanced way of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching.
  8. Instead of the normal consciousness of engaging the world in a happenstance, coincidental way, let’s see how G-d is talking to us and leading us exactly where we need to go, at all times, in a soulful, mindful way.
  9. Instead of the normal consciousness of engaging wisdom on a surface level, let’s engage wisdom according to the depth of what we can understand and receive about what that wisdom means for us. Consider its associations, meaning what we know about it and what we can reveal and discover about it.
  10. Instead of the normal consciousness of understanding life through our own eyes, let’s understand and process life through the eyes of G-d, in a soulful and mindful way of seeing the past, present and future implications, movement and unfolding of every situation.
  11. Instead of the normal consciousness of connecting to topics we are exploring in a by-the-way manner, let’s completely immerse ourselves for an entire day, week or month in nothing but that particular topic, in a completely soulful and mindful way.
  12. Instead of the normal consciousness of understanding the world is just populated by us and by other people, let’s open up our minds and souls and become aware of the root souls, the angels, the sparks and other souls that are with us, all around us.
  13. Instead of the normal consciousness of connecting to the world in terms of what we want by just wanting it, let’s completely embrace the wanting from our lower soul to our higher soul, and want it so much that it actually manifests in our lives.

The Experience of The Ladder of Souls – Part 9


Continuing in the Soul Series, this post is on the topic of Holy Sparks. It’s about seeing how our soul develops itself and speaks to us, and how we speak to our soul as well, through the idea of the Holy Sparks.

Anytime there’s a fall-out in the cosmos, such as the original fall-out of the broken vessels, or the fall-out of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, or the fall-out of any exile of the Jews throughout history, there are Holy Sparks hidden inside reality. And it’s our soul’s job to be drawn toward those sparks in order to liberate, elevate and clarify them, and to raise them up wherever they need to go. So we need to raise the sparks in that way.

So, I’d like to share a list of ways our soul can restore us to ourselves, and to the lost parts of our soul.

First we have to be able to resonate with what’s going on in our lives. Then we have to be able to bring back into ourselves that which is calling to us in life, through the language of resonation, an energy wavelength we need to plug into and feel personally, “This is me. I need to work with this now.”

And we need to do this in all different times of our lives, because every day we have new sparks, more lost parts of our soul that are calling to us, to bring them back home. This is the essence of what our day is all about, really. Every weekday we have more sparks, and we bring them all, from all the weekdays into Shabbat, creating the power of Shabbat and its connection with each weekday as well.

We have sparks in every prayer, and every time we pray we raise up these hidden, lost parts of ourselves. Every meal we eat provides lost sparks of our souls, and if we eat in a holy and properly-intentioned way we raise up those sparks in the food itself.

We raise up sparks in our reincarnations. We ARE those sparks of our previous incarnations, and we raise up sparks by being here and now in our current life. Just by being present, here and now, we are automatically going to connect with sparks in our lives.

We raise up sparks by being in a state of receptivity, and receiving whatever G-d sends to us. Realizing it’s from G-d is what will raise up those sparks. We raise us sparks by understanding that nothing is coincidental, and everything is divine guidance, including the people the people in our lives who are there to supply us with something we lack, but something they have.

We raise up sparks in our relationships, including male/female and other relationships. The depth of our connection with others is the depth of the sparks we can raise up.

We raise up sparks by coming into the land of Israel. We are the sparks returning home, just as we will be caught up one day to return to our divine home. We are the exiles, wherever we are, and we’re there in order to raise up the trapped sparks, wherever they may be. The sparks of Torah, of potential converts, of divine information and energy – these are all put into our lives to be raised up as well.

We’re here as a legacy, to raise up the sparks that fell from Adam & Eve’s fall in Paradise. We’re here to raise up sparks, and when they’re all raised up it will be the Messianic Age. When we are beckoning to another person to fill us up with their life force, which we don’t have, that’s an interaction of sparks, too. Even in suffering, even in the holocaust, even in the lowest of places, Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira taught us that in that suffering and in those worst situations there are Holy Sparks to be raised up inside the pain itself.

When we have clarity of an unclarified situation and we are learning, we raise up lost sparks in those situations. We raise up sparks by seeing that all the highlights of our lives are basically sacred text; they are the texts of G-d’s book that he’s writing, with each of us as the central character of our own story. We need to interpret that text and understand it, because that’s how we come to home the holy, pristine, divinely providential place where we’re meant to be.

The Experience of The Ladder of Souls – Part 6


I’m going to talk again about the soul, because it’s an endless topic. But this time I’m going to focus on a different angle, the interpersonal angle. Meaning, how can I bring out the soul in other people, and what kind of tools can I give for people to bring out their own souls and also help others? This is the interpersonal vantage point of Soul-ing.

I’ll start by talking about people who are blocked-up in some way. First, I’ll start with a tool I learned from the Baal Shem Tov called, Bzuyah, which comes from a verse in Proverbs. It says, “The wisdom of this poor, disadvantaged person is put down, it’s devalued.”

But the Baal Shem Tov turns it around as he often does with this type of verse, and translates it, “The wisdom of the disadvantaged and put-down person is Bzuyah,” which means, “in this you find G-d.” This means you have to pay attention to the person who is really hurting because they understand when they see G-d in their personal, unique situation, the one they are in right now, that’s their unique gift to the world, to find G-d even in their disadvantaged situation.

This is one way to convey to a disadvantage person that they have a special “take,” or a direct access to G-d that nobody else has. Another way to open up a soul perspective to another person with difficult circumstances comes from the teachings of Rabbi Nachman. It involves developing a hyper focus on only the good inside that person, and pretty soon all the negativity will disappear, leaving only good.

Another soul tool for a blocked-up person is to understand that many, many people – this is almost like a creation principle – have to hit rock bottom in order to find there’s nowhere to go but upwards. Many people have made huge turnarounds in their lives because of that, and by connecting to a soul of such a person and pointing out that G-d loves them you can offer help at a time when they don’t think G-d loves them, whether or not they are aware of it.

To the extent they know that G-d DOES love them, because they are a soul and that G-d loves them, then they can completely turn their lives around. That’s one level of interpersonal souling.

Another level is to connect a person to their calling in life, to their mission in life. You can do that by having a person listen to their own inner voice, their own soul voice. They’ve been there and done that in almost every situation in their lives. You need to go down deep into your soul and listen to your own wise counsel. That’s one way to open up their soul.

Another way is to look at the events of their life and to figure out, based on those events, what it is that G-d is directing them to do.

Another way is to reduce your whole being to a short phrase, or one word if possible. It should describe who you uniquely are in this lifetime. The more you cling on to that core part of yourself, the more you’re connecting to your soul and the more you’ll break through walls at all times.

And the next category in interpersonal Soul-ing is, as opposed to a win-win connection with another person, realize you may very well have a root soul family relationship with that person. And even if you’re not, you can act as if you are in that type of relationship. Instead of thinking win-win with any significant person in your life, your soul relationship can be a bliss-bliss situation instead. His or her success is good for you, and vice versa. That’s a bliss-bliss relationship.

Another interpersonal relationship is to step out of yourself and step into them, into the other person’s perspective. See them from their vantage point, not from your own. That’s really a soulful way of relating to another person because you’re going into their soul and the way they see things.

Another way is to understand that the whole reason you and that person are together right now is because you have something of that person inside of yourself. So, when you check down inside of yourself to determine what that person is saying, and you really understand it and relate it to your own life, to the YOU inside of that person, you see it in an entirely different way.

That’s the interpersonal category, and the last one here is seeing that person literally as a soul that transcends and goes far beyond their body. To relate to that person, and to help that person relate to others, to all people as souls… to the extent that you do that, you’re relationships with them will become infinitized, ‘way beyond what you are holding onto right now. The possibilities are endless because the soul is an incredible being. You’re looking at someone not as a body, but as a soul, whose power expands, and whose history and future and transcendence and above-nature-ness transcends our limited way of thinking. It’s a whole different way of looking at a person and seeing them as that kind of a soul.

And when you look at them that way you’re seeing them as someone who’s ultimately going to be perfected. When you see them in their perfected state or on the way to be perfected right now you can know they are on the path of that perfection. They have a whole history, previous lifetimes bringing them to the circumstances in their life right now. And therefore, you can have a huge amount of compassion for that person who is going through what they are going through because of their own, personal rectification process. You can understand them instead of judging them in a bad way.

And you can also see they are ultimately a person who’s every word and thought and feeling and movement and action and decision and way of relating to others is eternal, it’s infinite, and it goes on forever. So, take their words seriously and take who they are seriously. See only the goodness because the soul in its pure form is the essence of what purity is all about. The soul, we say, what G-d gave us, so we need to see it in its purity.

Hopefully, these perspectives on how you see yourself and others, as well as how other people do the same, in a soul kind of a way will lift up the whole way we relate to other people with compassion and dignity and respect.

The Experience of the Ladder of Souls – Part 5


Here’s another collection of soul openings, to go as deep as we can because this series shares a quality with all successful spiritual ventures – when you begin to touch it, you touch the infinity of it. And this is what we’ve begun to do. These are ever-deepening soul openings for us to tap into now:

  • You can open up a gate to your soul by finding out your core transformation point, the essence, the essential point of who you are. Finding it, you can choose to engage the world from that point, and you can be a lover, a transcender, an opener, a Be-er, a See-er, or whatever you may be in the expression of your purpose.

You can open up a gate to your soul by opening up the hidden light, and seeing the beginning, the middle and the end of                any situation. You can open up the gates to that soul point by being in a state of meditation at all times, by being in hyper-              focus and having a loving, embracing focus and connection to all that you encounter.


  • You can open up your soul by realizing you are only connecting to a very small percentage of it, and making a choice to open it all up in any way you choose to do it, any way that comes to you.


  • You can open up your soul by realizing you are a microcosmic being. This reality is not just literal or linear, but it’s multi-dimensional. There are things going on laterally, in terms of time, space and souls, things which are open to you. And that is probably one of the most profound openings of your soul.


  • You can open up your soul by choosing to connect to those things which have infinity value, and by seeing the world with that infinity value. It’s seeing the infinity of anything you choose to touch. This goes on forever, and its power is eternal and infinite.


  • You can open up your soul by seeing through the eyes of a Kabbalist, someone who is completely receptive and constructive, able to see the divinity of any topic and the parallelism of all things, and seeing them all at the same time.


  • You can open up your soul by being fused with G-d in all aspects of the human experience – desire, pleasure, thinking, seeing, feeling, sensing, being, overcoming, completing, and all else that makes up the human experience. You can choose to be fused with G-d in all aspects.


  • You can open up your soul by realizing the difference, the contrast between what your body says to you and what your soul says to you. Try to understand the difference and try to unify that difference.


  • You can open up your soul by extrapolating the material feelings, the lower desires and drives you have, and elevating those to their sources in the body.


  • You can open up your soul by taking an idea and digging into it as deep as you possibly can, to see what you think of the idea, what you know on the deepest level about the idea, how you can expand the idea and bring associations to it.


  • You can open up your soul by living in the post-life now, by eternalizing ideas and feelings and seeing how they are growing ad infinitum.


  • You can open up your soul by grasping those things that come right before they materialize into thought, and then into words and into actions. Try to grasp that subconscious and super-conscious reality and trying to express it.


  • You can open up your soul by being silent, and in a non-attached way, sit back and watch the greatest show on earth.


  • You can open up your soul by going back to Paradise, the Garden of Eden before the sin of Adam, and understand that you are 100% “I” and 100% “Thou.”


  • You can open up your soul by joining your desire, your ratzon, your will with G-d’s will, and understanding that what you really want is what G-d wants.


  • You can open up your soul by being G-d’s right-hand person, the one who is going out there to fix the world, by allowing your yeud, allowing your calling and mission in life to come to the fore and lead the way, and thereby fix the world in ways only you can do.


The Experience of the Ladder of Souls – Part 4


To continue our exploration of the soul, here are more suggestions for experiencing expanded soul dimensions. You can choose them and use them to strengthen your own soul connection now:

  • Experience being inside of G-d 24/7
  • Experience the higher soul/lower soul contrast. Experience and embrace both sides.
  • Experience being detached from results
  • Experience soul-familying. When you connect with other people in your soul family you have an affinity for each other and a mutual enthusiasm to support each other.
  • Experience The Garden of Eden and also Mount Sinai in your own life
  • Experience pre-birth conditions inside your mother’s womb
  • Experience a previous gilgul, or incarnation
  • Experience seeing through the eyes of G-d
  • Experience the soul dimension of longing for something you want so much that you KNOW you will get it
  • Experience being detached to the point of equanimity, and accepting whatever results may occur
  • Experience the soul feeling of being G-d’s extended right hand
  • Experience being a magnetic field, where everything in your world is being attracted to you
  • Experience being born, in your life just as it is right here and now
  • Experience being a dissolver of any and all boundaries, and therefore a connector to all dimensions, in an endless way
  • Experience the melancholy yearning feeling of seeing and being in distant points of space and time
  • Experience absolute trust in the One Above
  • Experience the déjà vu of knowing, “I’ve been here before…” and “I’ve earned this before…”
  • Experience other people as all of these dimensions when you choose to see them as souls


The Experience of the Ladder of Souls – Part 3


What we’re going to talk about now, in the continuation of the Soul Series, is what I call, “Soul Speak.”
I want to frame this as a list of ways to allow your soul to speak to you, or how to connect with your soul by “speaking it out, “ and bringing it down to a much more practical level now, incorporating ideas we’ve already seen, and some new ones as well.
“Speak your soul into being ______.” Now we’ll fill in that blank with a list of different ideas.
• With the essence or the soul of any matter, the soul being the epicenter within everything else going on.
• By expressing what you’re encountering with the “eyes of G-d,” so to speak. That means seeing what was, what is and what will be in a person or a situation, and speak what will be into being.
• By tapping into the pre-birth impressions we all receive in our mothers’ womb, where we were able to see all our reality, all our wisdom, and all of the world, from one end to the other. Speak that into being.
• By asking your soul what to do in any particular situation. You’ll be amazed how seemingly obvious and yet powerful a solution this is.
• By asking G-d the answer to any question you can think of, and your soul will receive G-d’s answers.
• By connecting to your feelings that don’t match or synchronize with what’s going on in your life, and understanding that those feelings are coming from a higher place, a soul, causal place.
• By connecting to that which is out of your body, beyond you, and located within the 96% of our intelligence which we are not putting to use. As we draw what’s outside of us inside us, we are speaking our soul into action.
• By understanding not the externalities, but the internalities for any situation or any piece of wisdom we study at any time.
• By understanding that the body receives all its well-being, all its growth, protection and healing from the soul. And when we relate to our body as a soul-guided being, that’s the proper way.
• By connecting to events and people in our lives with a resonation, and an awareness of how smooth things are going, because the smoother things are going for you in any situation or encounter, the more your soul is informing you what’s correct, and the right way to go.
• By understanding what kind of unfinished business you need to take care of. That’s what we’re here for in this lifetime, this incarnation. We’re here to take care of unfinished business. Tap into that soul feeling you have inside yourself, and persevere with what you’re driven to do, no matter how hard it may be. By tapping into that you’re tapping into the calling or mission of your whole life.

The Experience of the Ladder of Souls – Part 2


There’s no way I could complete the topic of the soul last week, so now I’ll talk a bit more about what the soul is, but also what it feels like, experientially.

Let’s start with some definitive understanding:

  • One of our sources tells us that our soul is part of the Divine, above. That may be a quote from Job, I’ll have to check that out. But the idea is this – our soul is Divine, although this seems like a contradiction in terms because the Divine is infinite, and there’s no such thing as a “part” of the infinite. I don’t have an answer about how to deal with that discrepancy, but our souls are partly inside of us and partly outside of us, making us part Divine and part human.

Our soul is a part of the Divine, so that gives us a big hint as to what our soul is all about. Its natural home is in the Divine realm. Everything that we can do to connect with the Divine will connect with our soul.

  • The soul can be measured and expressed according to different criteria:
  1. According to soul-type teachings, the esoteric, Kabbalistic teachings. The more it grasps those, the higher the level of soul.
  2. The soul can be expressed and rectified by the way that we express holy words, such as prayers, studies and devotions. That expression is an expression of our soul.
  3. The soul can be identified and realized by taking note of the smoothness level of different aspects of our life, relationships, events we go through, our personal drives, words of Torah and mitzvoth that we express. To the extent that they are smooth, the soul being expressed is rectified.
  4. The soul can be measured by the clarity of way we can view the four letters of the Divine Name in our mind’s eye. That’s a meditation of the Arizal, and there’s an entire analysis that can be done by picturing the four letters of the Divine Name, the Yud and the Hei and the Vav and the Hei. According to the brightness, clarity, size, animation, aliveness, etc., that’s a reflection of the level of a person’s soul, determined by what they see.
  5. The soul can be identified and perfected according to the drives and the values we naturally have. That’s a mirror reflection of what our soul is.
  6. The soul can be measured and perfected by the level of concrete or abstract articulation. The more abstract and multi-meaning concepts we give expression to in our lives, usually the higher kind of soul we have.
  7. The soul can be measured by the degree of G-dliness that invades our lives, and if we’re driven all the time towards it our soul is at a higher level.
  8. The soul can be measured by the degree of self-actualization. The more we do what we’re here for in this world, the more we are soul-ing, to turn that word soul into a verb.
  9. The soul can be measured and realized to the extent that we can relate to others, or that we have others inside ourselves. The greatest example of that is Moses, who had everybody inside himself, and could relate to and counsel everybody, not only in his own time, but for all generations to come as well.
  10. The soul can be measured according to the level that we prepare our post-life in this life. If we’re truly concerned, if we’re truly “soul people,” we will be prepared for what’s coming afterwards. The soul can be measured and realized by the way and to the extent that we are primarily motivated in all our life choices, to return to the infinite, to return to G-d. Our soul is part of G-d, so to the extent we make our connection to G-d real and important in this life, that’s what we will experience.
  11. The soul can be realized also, to the extent that we feel, inside ourselves, a feeling for the highest levels, to the extent that we experience what is our “summons” in life. To the extent that we experience what it is that we are here to do to make it better for the rest of the world, and what we’re driven to do to manifest our own purpose in life, and to the extent we experience our complete immersion in the here and now, and to the extent we express our unique, individuated selves, and to the extent that we are living in a state of amazement of all that is Divine in the world, that is the level to which we can realize our souls.

Also, I believe that it’s when we’re able to feel deeply, to be a healthy, deep-feeling person, that’s when we become a powerful soul person.  We see and feel a strong desire to have nothing to do with what’s going on now, a strong yearning for something that’s not going on now, but for an ability to do the extraordinary instead. It’s a desire to do things which are completely out of our range, but yet we do them effortlessly.

These are soul expressions, soul experiences and some of the soul drives we need to know understand our own soul.

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