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The Experience of the Ladder of Souls – Part 2


There’s no way I could complete the topic of the soul last week, so now I’ll talk a bit more about what the soul is, but also what it feels like, experientially.

Let’s start with some definitive understanding:

  • One of our sources tells us that our soul is part of the Divine, above. That may be a quote from Job, I’ll have to check that out. But the idea is this – our soul is Divine, although this seems like a contradiction in terms because the Divine is infinite, and there’s no such thing as a “part” of the infinite. I don’t have an answer about how to deal with that discrepancy, but our souls are partly inside of us and partly outside of us, making us part Divine and part human.

Our soul is a part of the Divine, so that gives us a big hint as to what our soul is all about. Its natural home is in the Divine realm. Everything that we can do to connect with the Divine will connect with our soul.

  • The soul can be measured and expressed according to different criteria:
  1. According to soul-type teachings, the esoteric, Kabbalistic teachings. The more it grasps those, the higher the level of soul.
  2. The soul can be expressed and rectified by the way that we express holy words, such as prayers, studies and devotions. That expression is an expression of our soul.
  3. The soul can be identified and realized by taking note of the smoothness level of different aspects of our life, relationships, events we go through, our personal drives, words of Torah and mitzvoth that we express. To the extent that they are smooth, the soul being expressed is rectified.
  4. The soul can be measured by the clarity of way we can view the four letters of the Divine Name in our mind’s eye. That’s a meditation of the Arizal, and there’s an entire analysis that can be done by picturing the four letters of the Divine Name, the Yud and the Hei and the Vav and the Hei. According to the brightness, clarity, size, animation, aliveness, etc., that’s a reflection of the level of a person’s soul, determined by what they see.
  5. The soul can be identified and perfected according to the drives and the values we naturally have. That’s a mirror reflection of what our soul is.
  6. The soul can be measured and perfected by the level of concrete or abstract articulation. The more abstract and multi-meaning concepts we give expression to in our lives, usually the higher kind of soul we have.
  7. The soul can be measured by the degree of G-dliness that invades our lives, and if we’re driven all the time towards it our soul is at a higher level.
  8. The soul can be measured by the degree of self-actualization. The more we do what we’re here for in this world, the more we are soul-ing, to turn that word soul into a verb.
  9. The soul can be measured and realized to the extent that we can relate to others, or that we have others inside ourselves. The greatest example of that is Moses, who had everybody inside himself, and could relate to and counsel everybody, not only in his own time, but for all generations to come as well.
  10. The soul can be measured according to the level that we prepare our post-life in this life. If we’re truly concerned, if we’re truly “soul people,” we will be prepared for what’s coming afterwards. The soul can be measured and realized by the way and to the extent that we are primarily motivated in all our life choices, to return to the infinite, to return to G-d. Our soul is part of G-d, so to the extent we make our connection to G-d real and important in this life, that’s what we will experience.
  11. The soul can be realized also, to the extent that we feel, inside ourselves, a feeling for the highest levels, to the extent that we experience what is our “summons” in life. To the extent that we experience what it is that we are here to do to make it better for the rest of the world, and what we’re driven to do to manifest our own purpose in life, and to the extent we experience our complete immersion in the here and now, and to the extent we express our unique, individuated selves, and to the extent that we are living in a state of amazement of all that is Divine in the world, that is the level to which we can realize our souls.

Also, I believe that it’s when we’re able to feel deeply, to be a healthy, deep-feeling person, that’s when we become a powerful soul person.  We see and feel a strong desire to have nothing to do with what’s going on now, a strong yearning for something that’s not going on now, but for an ability to do the extraordinary instead. It’s a desire to do things which are completely out of our range, but yet we do them effortlessly.

These are soul expressions, soul experiences and some of the soul drives we need to know understand our own soul.

The Experience of the Ladder of Soul Levels


I’d like to focus on the ladder of the soul levels, and how they are experienced. We have five soul levels, Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chaya and Yechida. Of those five levels, two are entrenched in our bodies, one is partially entrenched in and partially out of our bodies, and the highest two levels are completely out of our bodies.

Their location points to their character as well. The deeper entrenched they are into our bodies, the more they have an affinity for our bodies, which is actually their purpose. The lowest level of Nefesh that’s entrenched in our bodies, for example, is that part of the soul which is most connected to the body. It’s the spirituality of the body, of the organs and the sensations, and so forth.

The next highest level, the Ruach, is the part of the soul that’s more connected to who we can grow into. It’s part and parcel of who we are, but it’s a step up from an animalistic level to a humanistic level. Another experiential difference between Nefesh and Ruach is this – Nefesh is like having the experience of going into a library where everybody must be very quiet so that all can concentrate. Nefesh is a quiet type of spirituality, whereas Ruach is more of a bubbly type of spirituality.

Ruach could be described as a house of Torah study, the Beit Midrash. Compared to a quiet library the Beit Midrash is not quiet at all. Quite the contrary, in fact. It’s a place full of bubbly, new ideas being shared. That’s the Ruach. It’s a higher part of our personality which allows us to grow, and to reach out to new levels of consciousness, which we don’t necessarily know about beforehand.

And the Neshama, part inside of us and part outside of us, serves as a guiding light. It has a connection to us and it bridges us to that which is beyond us. The general picture of the soul inside us is like the tip of the iceberg, only it’s upside down. The rest of our soul is outside of us and reaches much higher. Only a very small part of us is inside the body, and that which is outside reaches all the way up to the heavens.

This third level of soul, the Neshama, is a bridge from the small part inside us to the vast reaches beyond the body. And our Sages tell us it’s pure, unsullied and impervious to blemish of any kind. It’s pure and it stays pure. As a bridge to that which is beyond us, it helps us grow.

These three levels, Nefesh, Ruach and Neshama are parts of the soul that guide us to become better people, vis a vis ourselves, even though it also involves our moral relationships with others. But it’s primarily about our own personal growth at these three lowest levels of our soul.

The next level is Chaya, and it is the level of soul in which we experience “working for the cause.” It’s the part of us that’s trying to make the world a better place, to forge a path of rectification and peace. It’s where wrongs are righted, and we feel a sense of belonging in a global way on this higher level.

And finally, Yechidah is the highest level, and it is connected to G-d. A Yechidah personality is solely concerned with connecting to G-d.

These are all very important distinctions of soul levels, so I’ll expound on them a bit more . They are in an absolutely ideal situation with a brand new soul coming into the world, which occurs only once within many generations. They receive their rectification in different stages of a person’s life.

At the beginning we receive a Nefesh, at the age of 13 we receive a Ruach, and at the age of 20 we receive a Neshama. But that’s only for an ideal, new person. Other than that rare situation, perhaps occurring once in several generations, pretty much all of us in this generation reflect different, subcategories of Nefesh, such as the Ruach of Nefesh, the Neshama of Nefesh, and so forth.

And so we graduate from one level to another, and that’s how we grow. The placement of these three levels of soul inside of us starts from the bottom up. The Nefesh level is the seat, and it’s located in the liver. The Ruach is in the heart and the Neshama is in the brain. Those organs are the seat of each level, but of course they spread out into the entire body.

The physical character of those three parts of the body are appropriate for these three levels of our soul.

The liver, which is primarily concerned with filtering blood, which is activity on the physical level, is the seat of Nefesh, the lowest level of soul.

The heart is concerned with pumping the blood, but it’s more spiritual, and it’s the seat of the Ruach.

And the brain, which is located higher in the body, is the seat of the Neshama, the highest level of soul located in the physical body.

Our individual soul is connected microcosmically to all souls, and to all live aspects of reality. So, we don’t live in a vacuum, alone in our own soul. Our souls are interconnected with other souls, with other people, and with time and space. Therefore, we have a microcosmic effect on the world, and the world has its effect on us. I am using the word “microcosmic” to mean that which is outside of us is also inside of us, and vice versa.

That means one person, if he is intent enough, and living on a quality level, can fix up the world. That’s the power of this microcosmic connection to the world.

Another aspect of souls involves the fact that a great majority of us is actually outside of us. In a manner of speaking, when we really plug into our souls we become something like a holy skeptic. We have a sense of knowing that there’s something better than what we’re being fed in this world, and that there is something much higher available.

It’s like what we always say about a mitzvah. When we perform a mitzvah we understand there’s no payoff in this world, because it’s such a spiritual thing and it’s so far beyond this world. The only payoff in this world is the ability to do another mitzvah. There is no payoff that can really satisfy the soul, because the soul is on a much higher level. On its own, it’s even higher than the parallel angelic levels.

We can plug into our soul in different ways and understand it as a guiding light. We can resonate with it, and begin to understand the difference between its guidance and the body’s guidance. Its guidance is described in some books as the Divine soul, the Divine Nefesh inside of us, as opposed to the animalistic soul inside of us. And when we are able to hear its voice, that’s when we’re able to go forward, and to go higher.

There are times we can hear our soul in unusual ways, and we can feel a kind of deep, emotional yearning, which seems to have no connection to whatever we’re doing at the moment. That’s our soul talking to us. We need to find a way to process it, to say some holy verses, to say a prayer or talk to G-d. Just don’t ignore your soul talking to you or through you.

Different kinds of souls come into this world for different purposes. Not everybody can perform the same way in different situations. A midnight person is one who has a midnight soul, to get up at midnight and do the midnight thing. Over the years, I’ve seen many, many people try to do it, but they have failed because they don’t have a midnight soul.

And the same thing is true of Kabbalah. A lot of people try real Kabbalah and simply fall asleep during classes, sometimes for years on end. It’s because they don’t have a Kabbalah type of soul.

Another thing is to be able to hear your soul, and understand what it needs to complete itself in this world. What does it need to learn, which people does it need to connect with, and which situations does it need to perfect? As we’ve said before, we’re here on unfinished business. The soul guides us in order to teach us what that unfinished business is all about.

I think we can say that there are situations where the soul is renewed and even replaced at higher levels, in rare situations. There’s a verse teaching us that when a person has come to the end of his days, and what he’s come into this world to complete is finished, he can use certain verses to use in order to deposit one level of soul and acquire a higher one.

Every night when we go to sleep we renew, or “polish up” our soul. Just as we renew our physical strength by sleeping, in the same way our soul gets polished up, refreshed and renewed during sleep.

MASTERS OF KABBALISTIC HEALING (Direct Divine Infusion Healing) – Part 2

Continuation of Kabbalistic Healing Techniques

Continuation of Direct Divine Infusion Healing  (Part 1)

)   HELPLESS CRYING DVAIKUT (Clinging to Hashem)

While emoting as much a possible, both internally and externally (crying, screaming, jumping up and down, moaning, etc, go over in your mind, or orally, all of the events of one or more than one dilemma, crisis or any other type of difficulty that you are facing. Discuss all the efforts that you have invested to try to solve your problem.  When you get to the point where you see that you have done all that you can do, and that it is beyond your ability to solve the problem, you’ve arrived at the helpless point.

Now is the time to reach your emotional crescendo and with a primal scream to Hashem, call out “I CANT DO IT – PLEASE DO IT FOR ME HASHEM”.

This exercise can be done very effectively and powerfully with an entire group.

Each person chooses their own private darkened corner of the room and begins to emote.

Then they all come together after a designated time to help each other process.

Part 2 –



Here the basic principle is to offset or heal the weaker side or half of a pair with a meshing or fusion of the stronger corresponding half.  Therefore focus on the weaker side of the pair (example:  the left brain as opposed to the right brain, or fallen desires as opposed to rectified ones, or a fear as opposed to a corresponding strength, or a traumatic time in your life as opposed to a very self assured time).

Begin to draw down energetically the strength and power from the stronger one of the pair and enmesh the two together until the weaker side begins to feel stronger and reinforced.

If the situation involves two personalities, have the stronger of the two reassure their weaker partner.

In a group situation have all the members of the group draw upon their stronger side to heal the designated person’s weaker side.


A dysfunctional part of yourself will definitely inhibit a free flow.

Liberating the dysfunction, or “turkey”, reopens the channel for full physic flow.

The healing principle and the name “turkey”, comes from Rebbe Nachman’s story entitled “the Turkey Prince”.

A prince, thinking he was a turkey, sat cockling and pecking his food while he was totally naked underneath the table.

A wise sage eventually healed the turkey with the following steps:

a. Radical non-judgmental acceptance of the turkey just as he is (so much so, that the sage convinced this prince that he the sage, was a turkey just like him).

b. Take very slow, but deliberate “baby steps” towards bringing the “turkey” to a complete recovery.

On the ground, when turkey healing, one has to make a very great effort to lovingly embrace the person and their dysfunction (turkey) just as they are.

This is the key to the healing process.

To the extent that the person feels your unconditional acceptance, they will begin to heal.



This healing method is based on the idea that the body knows what the soul needs in order to heal.

Sometimes the body overcompensates, and becomes very protective;  for example, a person with chronic fatigue will only be able to function minimally so that the person doesn’t get abused, hurt or otherwise harmed.

We would tell the body that we will strike a deal with you and if you release the person from their chronic fatigue, we will create a strategy whereby the person will be safe from harm.  Therefore, do the following:

Choose any bodily ache, pain or illness.

Contemplate what this pain or illness is intent on protecting in your life.

Next, contemplate an alternative way to protect yourself other than the illness.

Speak to the bodily pain and convince it that you are taking over from here and you won’t need its services any more, but that you really appreciate its services that its done to help.

The body won’t always be so willing to listen, so you must be consistent and persuasive.




Rav Oosher (Zatzal) over the years had countless people seeking his healing help.

Most of them were very miserable and depressed.  They felt that they were victims of people’s manipulations and bad luck.  Rav Oosher taught them to reframe their perspective and view life as a puppet show.

All of the bad fortune and abusive people in their lives are merely G-d’s puppets meant to direct them towards their rectification and enlightenment.  The results of this reframed perspective were breathtakingly astounding.

Here’s what to do:

Identify a situation in your life where you feel that you are the victim of bad people and bad fortune.

Bring into your mind an awareness that every aspect of these people and this bad fortune is merely a display custom sent from on High in order to direct you towards the next level of your growth.  Therefore don’t take personally what this person or circumstance is doing against you – they are only puppets.

This technique is a consciousness – be patient.

It takes a long time to reap the maximum benefit from it.  Nevertheless, without a doubt, its got the power to transform your life.


The idea here is that there is a direct correlation between the events of our lives and our Sefirotic health.

If one Sefira is out of wack, then that area of life will also be out of wack;  for example:

If a person has chronic pain in their left leg, that points to some disfunctionality in the HOD area of their life.  HOD corresponds to the left leg.  HOD is the Sefirotic character trait that corresponds to our capacity to enable others to do their best.  If this enabling process is too strong or too weak, or is being abused by others, then there is a good chance that this person will suffer in a part of the body that corresponds to HOD, such as the left leg.

Here’s what to do:

Focus on a part of your body which is giving you trouble.

Identify the body part’s Sefirotic correspondence.  (I understand that many people don’t have this knowledge.  In case you are interested, please consult me regarding the Sefirot correspondence to your effected body part.)

Now identify the corresponding Sefirotic aspect of your life.

Adjust this Sefirotic aspect of your life to be aligned and in balance with all the other Sefirotic aspects of your life.


The principle here is as follows:

A very large part of who we are, who we associate with, the challenges which we go through, our stations in life, etc etc, are a direct result of a trans-life perfection process. What we didn’t get right in previous lifetimes is what we will be challenged with in this life.

The way to identify reincarnation based aspects of our life, is to take inventory of the unique people and situations that we find ourselves in.  Then view these people and situations as being the direct result of what we have come into this life to rectify.

The healing process happens when we take action in the proper way in response to these challenges which are thrown at us.

Here’s what to do:

Identify a unique challenge that you find yourself in life.

View this challenge as being the result of a similar challenge that we didn’t quite get right in a previous life time.

Ask Hashem to enlighten you as to what you are meant to do in order to get it right this time.  (This dialogue with Hashem can also be enacted in a written manner.

Write to Hashem your question, and write what you think He will answer back to you.)

Carry on in this way with all the different people and challenges in your life.


Dear friends,

greetings from the island of Maui..All is well B”H…

here is a teaching for you, that i have drawn upon at length

a number of times on this trip…




TIME IN THE POST LIFE Time in the post-life is experienced on the one hand, in a whole different way than we experience time presently inside of our bodies…..On the other hand, the major focus of the post-life is on the time that we spent here in this life…..

TIME IS TIKUN Kabbalah teaches that time is Tikun….The word time in Hebrew is Z’man, whose numerical value is 97—the same numerical value of the combination of the 2 Divine Names [MAH and BEN], that represent the rectifying and that which needs rectifying aspects of reality respectively….Time is not measured in terms of getting from one point on a temporal line to the next , rather of getting from a lesser state of perfection or Tikun to a greater state….

TIME IS AN OPEN SYSTEM [ beyond birth and death] The Time=Tikun outlook radically changes the way we relate to time…..Birth and death are transitional states bridging what comes before the beginning or birth point to what comes after it ,as well as what comes before and after death….It’s an open system, not a closed system of entropy where everything comes to an end and dies eventually—-Rather, everything moves toward perfection and to a state that is beyond time….

TIME IS A COLLECTION OF OPPORTUNITIES COPED WITH SUCCESSFULLY [SPARKS] The measure of Time in life, is the number of Sparks we collect—ie…the opportunities that we succeeded at— in order to complete that which is lacking in ourselves….The Post-Life is a replay ad-infinitum of these opportunities that we took advantage of….

TIME LIMITATIONS LIBERATED We liberate and transcend time limitations [and thereby nullify it altogether] by elevating and transforming the realm of the temporal to becoming Infinite and Eternal…..We rectify 50

the Primordial Sin of Adam–which plunged humanity into an almost irreversible death cycle, by living a consciousness reality where every experience is infintized as much as possible…We also do this rectification by identifying and tapping in to the Divine Eternity factor involved in every action, feeling, word and thought that we elicit…In these and other ways, death and finitude fall away—No more time, no more death–We return to the Garden of Eden….

TIME LESSONS INTERNALIZED Let us do some meditations of the main points that we’ve discussed so far, and thereby try to experience and internalize these points, and B”H , begin to transform the way that we relate to time—from being something that is time-bound and lacking to being something that is beyond time and perfect….


1.     Time in the Post Life

In your mind’s eye, allow yourself to travel forward in time–beyond your present life–to your post-life….Experience how differently everything feels when you in your essential state of being are no longer in your body….specifically focus on how you are no longer bound to time….Simply by exercising your will power, you are able to travel instantly from the earliest experiences to your latest ones…Your whole life is an ‘open book’—-simply focus on any specific part of your life–and you are there…Now take a few moments to ‘tour’ different times in your life—-see what you can see—pay attention to how you resonate with each place that you visit and how far along is each place in terms of it’s level of perfection….

2.TIME IS TIKUN Recall a specific episode or process in your life–a process that began in a very un-rectified way—a cluttered, chaotic, painful unclear way….Notice how slowly but surely [or perhaps in your case–quickly and suddenly], the rough edges became smoothed out—the clutter and chaos were replaced by order—the pain was replaced by pleasure and the unclarity by clarity….Be aware that this progression towards rectification is something that happens in many processes in your life–with the passage of time involved in each process….Now project into your future, a life process that is either in the beginning stages or soon to begin….Foresee that whether or not the process begins with difficulties, with Hashem’s constant guidance–and your adherence to this guidance—all is smoothed out with the passage of time—and you see how all will turn out in the best possible way, exactly as it should….

3. TIME IS AN OPEN SYSTEM [beyond birth and death] Go back in time to your birth…You don’t need [and most likely won’t be able] to remember anything at all of what really happened….Just allow yourself to imagine what it was like…..Feel how it feels to be a newborn….Feel the newness and the amazingness of it all…Feel as much as you are able….Now watch your life progress from the infant stage–over time–all the way to the present….Now go back to the time when your Soul was in the World of Souls—you hear in great detail how all of the major events of your life are lessons —-in order to teach you what you need to learn in order to move forward as much as you can towards your perfection process…Take a few minutes for this as well……Now move to the time just beyond your death—the time of your ‘life-review’–where all that you have done is sized up for its level of perfection—-take note of what is rectified and what is still lacking and in need of further rectification—perhaps to be played out in a subsequent lifetime, perhaps in some other post-life rectification reality….Here too, take a few minutes to experience as much as you can in order to truly feel that the time span that makes up our life, expands beyond birth and beyond death….

4. TIME IS A COLLECTION OF OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES SUCCESFULLY COPED WITH [SPARKS] Contemplate deeply the countless opportunities that you are presented with at all times—opportunities to complete yourself–complete that which is lacking….Start now and work your way backwards, and notice every single Soul–completing opportunity or Holy Spark that comes your way….Notice how well you reacted….How well does your chosen plan or feeling or thought or communication help to complete yourself….Now notice how these Sparks, large and small, when successfully taken care of–are the true measure of the passing of time —the true landmarks that we will be remembered by when we pass on from this world…Project from this moment onwards, that all opportunities that come your way from within or from without are customized and personalized especially for you, in order for you to become completed….Now take a few minutes to pray that Hashem will help you meet all these challenges as best as is possible….

5. LIBERATING TIME LIMITATIONS Open up your ability to transcend and liberate time limitations as best as you can…Here are a few ways to do it; A. Extend time—————When you say a word or see a sight or feel a feeling etc.., focus totally all of your attention and go much slower than you would normally go…..Take 7 seconds for each experience instead of 1 or 2….Try a few extensions now…. B. Eternalizing Holy acts————Experience saying a Holy word, doing a Holy act or Mitzvah, thinking a Hoy thought of connecting with Hashem or intending a Holy intention of being benevolent to others…..Now focus on experiencing these Holy acts with the knowledge that each act has eternal reverberations….Every single Holy act will be repeated and relived in deeper and deeper profundity for the rest of time….Take a few minutes to experience how different and powerful the doing of these acts becomes…. C. Presence-ing—————–Experience the present moment that you find yourself in…Experience all that you feel and think and see…etc…Realize that this moment never has existed before in the unique way you are experiencing it and it will never be repeated–it is absolutely and utterly unique….Be here now—totally….Don’t miss a drop—past tensions do not exist, nor do future worries….take some time to experience this…..



Dear friends,

Greetings from the good old USA….I don’t want to miss sending you something of substance this week  [in the context of our new ‘Masters Project’], so please accept this revised version of ‘Shabbat Meditations’, which fits in to the following Masters Project category;


I hope that these Shabbat Meditations help to open doors of true Shabbat Consciousness;


What follows is a number of Shabbat meditations and a short summary of the Torah principles which they are based on.

All of these meditations are drawn from a series of Shabbat essays taught by the previous Slonimer Rebbe (Zatzal) in the second volume of his work Netivot Shalom.  The common thread running  through all of his essays (and I have only chosen a select few) is consciousness … the unique sublime Garden of Eden consciousness that we all can get a taste of in this world with a concerted effort…… and thereby sensitize ourselves to a life of true paradise in this world and in the next one.

I hope that by practicing these meditations we can open up more and more of this sensitivity.


(An introductory meditation or mind state which is the root of all the other meditations and mind states).  The Kabbalah teaches that starting on Friday afternoon and culminating towards the end of Shabbat, there occurs “Aliyat Olamot” – “Ascent of the Worlds”.  The imagery presented to us is that of one world rising or elevating against a backdrop of its present placement up to a realm which is above any type of negativity whatsoever.  Practically speaking, this can be experienced as an ever deepening state of awareness of one’s soul and the removal, layer after layer of all that which separates it from the Master of the Universe.

********Focus on your present state of being, physically, emotionally, spiritually etc.  See yourself now entering into a sort of cosmic elevator which climbs incrementally from one floor of a tall building to the next higher one to the next etc etc until it reaches the top.

Every time that elevator climbs up a few floors, focus again on the various aspects of your state of being, and allow yourself to experience a pure and holy state of being, stripped of all pretence and falseness and negativity ….focus on how this  consciousness saturates you through and through and allows you to experience your inner Divine self.

Allow more and more of this pure holy positive Divine energy to saturate you more and more as the elevator climbs.


When one is privileged to experience a higher state of being, they feel as if all that they do and accomplish, is not really them at all, but rather Hashem doing it through them.  This is not only true of their present state of being, but is also true with regard to what they can recall of their past accomplishments.

********Focus on a list of the highlights of your previous weeks – either based on a written one, or a stream of thought recollection that you do in your mind right now.

First see every detail and feeling of your week’s highlights or main accomplishments as being that of your own doing.

Then reframe every aspect of every accomplishment as being infused, enabled and empowered by The Master of the Universe.


Shabbat is a mindset that is patterned after a future era when there will be nothing lacking, not in people nor in anything else.  All will be experienced as being whole and perfect just as it is, and there will be no need to rectify anything or anyone else including ourselves.

*******Focus on seeing everyone in your life in their perfected state;  First scan the people you know (start  with one or two and expand your list), and foresee or project what they will be like when they eventually reach their state of perfection.

Then project how differently you will relate to them when you are seeing them in this state.

Next see even their areas of lack as being stepping stones towards their perfection.

Finally, in real life, relate to these people as if you already see them in their perfected state.

Do the same entire process for yourself.


Rebbe Shlomo of Karlin Ob’m taught what was overheard, being declared in the heavenly realms, an extremely important lesson;  ‘‘Even if a person is very careful to observe all of the positive and negative commandments of Shabbat in all of their fine detail (and to properly observe these Mitzvot in all of their fine detail is of utmost importance, of utmost severity and requires a huge investment of energy), but nevertheless do not make a concerted effort in this life to feel or to experience at all the sweetness and pleasure of the Shabbat, so too, when they get upstairs in their post life eternal environment, they will not experience this pleasure and will rather be like an unfeeling bench!’’  This is because the atmosphere of the spiritual strata is filled with only pleasure and happiness, and if one doesn’t condition oneself to this atmosphere now, how will they be sensitized to it in the future?!

********Focus on taking pleasure on:

THE PAST:            All the accomplishments that Hashem allowed you to accomplish last week.

THE PRESENT:    All the physical delights of the day – eating, sleeping breathing and other bodily pleasures as well as spiritual pleasures.

THE FUTURE:      Ask that Hashem should surprise and delight you for the remainder of the day.


When we are plugged in to the true energy of Shabbat, i.e., being so much in Devakut in a fused clinging state with Hashem that we know that anything we do or want that is against Hashem’s will is not really our will, but something external to ourselves, then Shabbat provides us with a similar effect as that of Yom Kippur – a cleansing, purifying atoning, rebirth effect.

********Plug in to how Shabbat allows me to connect with my true Ratzon (primal will)…. and see that it is truly an extension of G-d’s Will, and all that I do, or have done in the past that is not on this pure Divine fused soul level, is not the real me, but something external to me.

Now focus on how this mindset infuses me with a spiritual purity and cleansing that ultimately enables me to feel like I am being reborn.


We receive a gift on Shabbat —a gift referred to as an Extra Soul [Neshama Yetyairah]……the Verse says that upon completion of the initial Creation process Hashem rested—the word describing this Divine Rest, is ‘VAYINAFASH’—-this represents a state of mind , where one’s Soul takes center stage—where one is primally motivated on Soul matters, such as one’s Eternal Divine purpose , life force, mission and pleasure…..the Kabbalists inform us that there are  actually real Souls from the Garden of Eden that come into us and fill us up with their presence for the duration of the Shabbat

*********At the beginning of Shabbat and through out the night and day, be present to the inner elevated feeling that  you experience-your ‘Neshama Yetairah’—-notice how the way that you relate to others to yourself , to G-d and to life in general is elevated….Cultivate this experience—notice how one Shabbat’s ‘Extra soul’ feeling is different than another Shabbat….notice how this Extra soul goes through a growth process on Shabbat itself, and how this experience relates very much to your previous week, and how, by being present with  this experience, you can actually draw it into your upcoming


Before departing Shabbat, we reach the culmination point—the highest ascent of consciousness….This state of being comes at the time when the sun is going down and the light of day grows dim and there is an internal knowledge that the power of the day will soon be taken away from us—and we will be called upon to jump into the cloudiness and darkness of the weekday world, where we must constantly cope with trials and tribulations to the best of our creative abilities…… our hearts open up with the deepest of yearnings —a yearning to be able to stay here alone in the Presence of the Lord, and at the same time, a yearning to be able to draw upon all of the insights and heart-openings that we experience right now—into the coming week

*********As the Holy Shabbat day draws to a close, allow yourself to feel a deep yearning welling up inside of you—a yearning to return to the Divine womb….a yearning to constantly be inside of Shabbat…. A yearning to cling to Hashem constantly with every thread of your being…. A yearning to be able to draw from all the highest times [such as this present moment], into the low times [such as the weekday-relative to Shabbat]—to draw down  all of the feelings and insights and love and awakeness.

Shabbat Shalom,


The Presence Series #6 – In a constant state of Kabbalah

In a constant state of kabbalah

[The Presence Series]

‘’…The mystical quest….penetrates to the depth of all thought, all feelings, all tendencies, all aspirations and all worlds from beginning to end….everything is important….there is no lost gesture….all is interdependent, organically related….the mystical vision is the soul of religion …of torah….it’s far reaching unity embraces all creatures…all expressions of life…all objectives and ideals….’’
[R. Avraham Tzvi Kook  ‘’the Lights of Holiness’’]

Let’s explore four dimensions that a true Kabbalist[                     the real one and the one inside of yourself]sees and experiences constantly;

The InfiniteDimension

The Creator is Infinite…….

The Creator’s whole design of the Creation was to hide His infinity from us , until we could discover how to reveal once again that all is infinity…..

One of the essential points of all Kabbalistic teachings, is to reinfintize the finite—thus;

a. the goal of the Tzimtzum [ the creation process of contracting Hashem’s infinite prescence to allow for a creation to exist] creation process is to ultimately reinfinitize it all

b. the goal of the light/vessil evolution process seeking the maximal synchronization between the lights and the vessils that contain them, is to produce a setup of vessils that can contain infinity

c. the goal of the Mitzvot [according to the Kabbalistic consciousness perspective] is to infinitize [and thus liberate] the ACTIONS of reality that we take/do

d. the goal of Mystical Consciousness is to infinitize [and thus, liberate ] THOUGHT

e. the goal of Ratzon [a Kabbalistic state of fusing our WilL with Hashem’s Will ] is to infinitize [and thus liberate] our WILL and our calling in life and our capacities to be the right arm extensions of G-d’s Tikun Olam process

f. the goal of the Divine bridge traits referred to as the Sefirot, are to infinitize all processes and all structures , [including those of our own persona]

g. the goal of the Tikun [rectification] of cosmic brokenness, is to transform reality into a conduit and conductor and environment for infinity

h. the goal of all upper and lower  world interpersonal relationships is to tap into each other’s infinite wellsprings and thereby unify with each other, and thereby reproduce infinite shefa[ abundance for all of the world to be nurtured from

i. ”the [goal and]  innate desire of the soul, is to reunify with the infinite…this is the root of every wanting; noother object, idea or love can satisfy it’s desire. It’s not only what the soul wants, but what all of existence wants.” [Alan Afterman in his work, ‘[Kabbalah and Consciousness]

j. Humanity’s goal of returning to the Garden of Eden’s Paradise state, as well as the Messianic state, is to arrive at a consciousness and a reality , where all that  which was lacking, will be complete—and all that which was finite will be infinite

The Unseen Dimension

Kabbalah is referred to as Chochmat HaNistar [The wisdom of the Hidden or Unseen]

See the vastness of what there is to see[that are normally not seen]
See the vastness of the normally overlooked gifts that people give you
See the vastness of wisdom accessible to you that you normally overlook
See the vastness of coping tools that you constantly create
See the vastness of salvations that Hashem sends you all the time
See the vastness of guidance that G-d constantly sends to you
See the vastness of love that you have in your heart [usually unexpressed]
See the vastness of experiences and life lessons that you have experienced
See the vastness of esoteric energies, angels, soul stirrings calling to you
See the vastness of as yet untapped influences that you can send out

The Unified Dimension

Kabbalah is referred to as the Wisdom of Correspondences—all corresponds to all else so profoundly, that everything comes together in a profound state of unity

1.SEE HOW ALL IS INTER-INCLUDED See how everything is inter-included in everything else—what’s outside of you is also inside of you—what is needed to realize this, is to plug in and feel and resonate and recall—try to feel and resonate inside of yourself, with things that are outside of yourself —whether they be outside of yourself in space or in time—Experiment, keep on pushing the buttons of resonation, until you can truly identify that which is outside of yourself , inside of yourself—until you can feel what a person, a place, a historical happening ….etc…feels like…

2. SEE HOW ALL IS INTERDEPENDENT See how everything is dependent on everything else—- how actions are dependent on words, and how words are dependent on feelings, and how feelings are dependent on thoughts, and how thoughts are dependent on will, and how will is dependent on HIS Will… See how one person’s will, thoughts, feelings, actions and words are dependent on other people’s same faculties, and other’s on them and many people’s on one central person’s, and this one central person’s faculties is dependent on their teachers and their parents and their teacher’s teachers and parent’s parents faculties going back and back to the beginning… See how the animal and plant and mineral kingdoms are dependent upon each other….See how large parts of the world’s people are dependent upon a small part….See how large parts of history are dependent on one specific part….See how all these independent entities are all significant—are all necessary parts of the whole…

3. SEE HOW ALL IS SIGNIFICANT See how the interinclusion and the interdependency of all things, makes everything significant—because everything, in it’s own way and time and place, is absolutely necessary for the needs of everything else—-the body is significant for the soul, the physical is significant for the spiritual, the small is significant for the big, the dark for the light…etc…etc…All is important, all is  valuable, all is complimentary to all else…

4. SEE THE RAMIFICATION[S] OF THIS UNITY See what is learned from this mystical unity –this interincluded, interdependent unity —–See how this unity penetrates to the depths of all dimensions–all thought , all aspirations, all perfection—for when everything fits in, when everything harmonizes, when there is a special place reserved for all things—then there is peace, and there is oneness, and there is goodness, and there is clarity, and there is meaning and the soul of reality is revealed and in control –and then everyone will know and see with the supernal hidden light that all is One and that all is connected together and connected to the Divine source of all life …

The Receptive Dimension

Kabbalah is referred to as the Wisdom of Receiving – a received tradition dating back to Sinai, as  well as a way of engaging reality—through the power and openness of receptivity

1.Be open to receive the totality of LIFE  EXPERIENCES that come your way now and in the past
2.Be open to receive the  ability to choose the positive, goodly and G-dly CHOICES in life
3.Be open to receive the wisdom to know how  to select and redeem your lost soul SPARKS
4.Be open to receive the discernment  to focus on the ESSENCE of everything
5.Be open to receive the sensitivity to feel deeply what others are FEELING and respond properly and lovingly
6.Be open to receive the knowledge needed to hear and act upon your SOUL’S VOICE
7.Be open to receive the understanding that’s required to see how the SMOOTHNESS or lack of it in your life is directing you what to rectify and how
8.Be open to receive the foresight to guide others [and yourself] towards their LIFE CALLING
9.Be open to receive the compassion needed to reach out and help HEAL others
10.Be open to receive all the consciousness that is BEYOND your present level

Blessings ,


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