By Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz

In the last 2 weeks, we discussed ways to prepare yourself for prayer, by creating a proper 'Space'. This Preparatory 'space' environment mainly focused on how to separate yourself from distraction---the distraction that comes the incessant chatter of our body and spirit in their constricted state or consciousness-----a state  where we are help captive to our obsessiveness, addictiveness and our pettiness.    Through a series of prayers and meditations and practices, we break free.    We liberate ourselves to be able to function with expanded consciousness in all areas of life,  but  specifically  in Prayer. We are now ready to pray!      But the truth is friends, that by tapping in to this realm or head space, we actually tap into a little piece of infinity---of endlessness-------- and infinity perpetuates infinity ad infinitum-------------so, what I'm trying to say, is that we will not be leaving the endless realm of 'Head-spacing', rather, we will now move in to the head and heart space of THE PRAYER ITSELF------We have now grown wings in our preparations----Now it's time to know how to fly....
What does this prayer space consist of? Our Sages teach us that prayer is the 'service of the heart'. To the extent that our head or thinking is clear [that is to say, that when our outlook or perspective is clarified]---to that extent, our heart---which is our emotions, feelings, aspirations, opened up, and then we pray with all of our might and the prayer as a  result are correspondingly effective and impactful. What are the main components of this prayer 'head-space'?
First of all, it consists of knowing that the whole world is full of G-d's Prescence, and more than that,  it involves knowing that all of the wellbeing that we are constantly driven to attain, is exclusively dependenent on G-d's assistance.....When we know this clearly, we can  reframe seeing that the challenges of our lives, as well as well as all of the solutions, come exclusively from THE ONE ABOVE-----to the extent that we know this, to that extent we pray with 'Kavanah'---with higher consciousness and intention and hyper-focus----a focus that is expressed with our  full and unswerving attention-----all based on a knowing that that our help and our salvation in all situations comes only from Hashem!
3. 'I AM PRAYER' [ King David--PSALMS]
.....yeah sure, we are in the boxing rink of life every day, coping and strategizing and fighting it out----but at some point in the struggle, we all realize that we need HIS help....The more that we become awakened, praying beings---or--masters of prayer, the more we realize that we need G-d's help in everything in all stages of the struggle---then, as King David said---'I am Prayer', then at that point, we no longer are praying, rather,  WE ARE PRAYER--- and that's the 'Prayer Space' that we are seeking

So we need to create the proper atmosphere, the 'proper space', and before having an awareness of our helplessness , and before enlisting  our unswerving attention and 'kavana' into the prayers, we first need to be able to see the world as a place filled with the Prescence of G-d , we need to pull down the curtain thats bliding us from seeing that all of reality is nothing but Hashem, even within ourselves, and our own daily activities, only then, can we be real with our prayers and who it is we are praying to......So, with that goal in mind, i bring you now a listing of tools drawn from my previous [ and present] teachings and booklets that all have one thing in common---FUSING WITH G-D---the revealing of G-d, where He is not normally found..................... and then perhaps we will exerience being engulfed in an atmosphere very condusive to true prayer................I bring you just a line or 2, a short generalized instruction from each of these tools and meditations---the long version, for those who are interested in deeper explorations, can be found in the original source [which I'll bring at the beginning of each entry] ......One more note, here as in many other recent tools lists, you won't be able to get around to trying out most of the tools---in general,choose those that you resonate with most, and the rest are there for future reference, but here in regard to engulfing your consciousness with a G-dly atmosphere, I suggest that you just start reading each entry and meditate on each one very briefly until you feel that you are 'there'.......
                  G-D FUSION TOOLS
                    [from the booklets]    
1. chayei sarah-----see how everything connects you with Hashem
2. vayeitzei------see how your weekly highlights [of your life] are all Divinely guided
3. shmot--------release yourself from coping with that which is too difficult for you, by screaming out to Hashem for help
4. emor--------gather all negativity into a big wax ball of darkness [in your mind's eye], and then melt it away with G-d's light
5. shlach lecha-------live in an above nature fashion by co-creating with Hashem, the solution[s] for the impossible challenge , that you are facing
6. vaetchanan-------See the world from G-d's perspective, so to speak, by seeing the world in it's future G-d perfected state---and then, come back to it's [and your personal ] deficient state, open your heart to hear G-d telling you how to get back to the perfect state
7. reeh--------------receive Divine guidance 24\7, and let this guidance dictate to you the proper way to find Divine favour in all that you do
8. rosh hashonah---------partnerize your year's mission plan with G-d, in order to maximally allow you to assist Hashem to bring the world to a state of Tikun [perfection]
9. the yom kippur tshuvah plan---------reallign all that is in your own life and will that is not in line with Hashem's will, to be alligned
10. the 'jewish secret' co-creation tool---------co-create with Hashem's assumed approval, your projected desired reality, and then get out of Hashems way in His making it happen
11. infinitizing my life---------expand endlessly the scope of the activities of your life [to be in sync with Hashem's quality of infinitizing]
12. hearing your inner Divine voice-------he