Infinitizing My Life

By Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz


1. After exploring the secret of the secret for these past four weeks, and

discovering that the more a person is aligned with G-d, with himself and

with the world around them, the more connected they are with their true will

and their ability to manifest their will;  it seems that the next natural

direction to explore in greater depth is this very same alignment of which we

speak. A truly aligned person is one who may be described as being more

Divinely fused, alive, self expressed and transcendent than others. This is one

who experiences Paradise here and now. The essential distinguishing feature of

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden [Paradise] prior to their sin or fall from

higher consciousness, was that they were lacking nothing, or to put it

positively, they were human beings who were functioning at their maximum

capacity. The legacy of humanity is to return to this messianic paradise state of

being. The purpose of our exploring - Paradise series is to help hasten this

legacy and to paradise our lives now!! The truth of the matter is that we already

have begun this paradise process these past four weeks [in our dealings with

the Secret] by leaping into a realm where the Divine and the human fuse

together in a harmonious dance designed to draw upon each other's finest

powers and miraculously co-create and manifest one's desired will on the

ground. The next step, as we mentioned, is to maximize our alignment

capacity. Thus for the next three weeks or so, we will explore B"H the sources,

the reasons, the definitions and the applications involved in maximizing our

capacity!! Beyond this first area of infinitizing, we will try to focus on opening

up a few specific areas, such as tapping into our inner voice, and opening up

the healing flow of all aspects of our psyche or personality!



2. Allen Afterman, in a very powerful book called 'Kabbalah and Consciousness

[pg. 71] writes, "The innate desire of the soul is to reunify with the infinite. This

is the root of every wanting; no other object, idea or love can satisfy it's desire.

It's not only what the soul wants, but what all of existence wants."

This primal drive to infinitize is rooted in the Kabbalistic account of Creation -

which began with infinity and proceeded into the next step, which was a hiding

of this infinity [referred to as the 'Vacant Space' which serves as the 'place' of

all finite created beings]....and this state of affairs is in a state of constant

tension, driven to re-infinitize in order to return to the original state of infinity.

This 'Tzimtzum' Creation account is not a 'once upon a time' historical process,

but rather an active dynamic planted into the heart of creation and all created

beings. Here are a few illustrations;


A). PARADISE or THE GARDEN OF EDEN - as well as Messianic consciousness,

can be thought of as a primal state of affairs where that which was finite or

lacking is now infinitized and complete.

B). OHR HAGANUZ or THE HIDDEN LIGHT - a spiritual light reserved for

those special few, until it will become available for one and all in time to come,

is described as a state of being whereby one's scope is infinitized, unified and

where everything comes together with no finite limitations in the dimensions of

time, space and soul

C). REINCARNATION -  This entire dynamic which depicts the trans-life and

trans-generational perfection process of souls, is actually is actually the story

of how humanity metamorphose into becoming infinitized with the ability

ultimately to exist eternally in body and soul

D). FREEDOM or LIBERATION -  The process of infinitizing our actions through

uplifting mundane actions to be displays of Divine Will, as well as infinitizing

our thoughts , consciousness, will, speech...etc. ... through Torah, Mitzvot and

other forms of Divine service - is all an expression of liberation... one that

truly frees us from all of our personal exiles and "Egypts" ...etc. ...



3. Based on what we just learned, that the innermost motivation that we have

is to infinitize, and based on the belief that what drives me inside in the

deepest and most powerful way [ in this case infinitizing ], is a personalized

Divine Call for me to complete that which is lacking in my life and that which

only I can do to contribute to Tikun Olam - it becomes perfectly clear why I

should seek to infinitize all aspects of my life. We can say that to the extent

that I do infinitize and maximize my capacities, I elicit the following profound

benefits [and many more] in the most profound way;

A greater connection to people, wisdom, Divine Providence... Being more alive,

effective, G-d like, paradised, liberated, above natured, aligned with the Divine

Creation process as well as Tikun Olam....



4. Insert following areas of life into the following phrase;

'How can I best expand or infinitize my present level of ___________ ?

Here are some areas to fill in the blank:

Drawing down salvation, impacting the universe, my power of articulation,

creativity, opening up the heart, feeling deeply, intellect and wisdom, grooving

on life, salvaging all my past resources, integrating my inner child, Divinizing

my daily activities such as speech, eating, sleeping....channeling my inner voice,

connecting to my personal share in Torah, fusing with Hashem, ecstacizing my

relationships, fully open up my healing flow and that of others as well....

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