Creative Communication- The Beginning Stages of the Ultimate Cyberspace Community
A writer or teacher coveys wisdom to his student and the student or reader absorbs a certain amount. His chances for being transformed are even smaller.
The purpose of the link or corner of our site is at least twofold (so far). Firstly, to maximize the chances of the student (or teacher) to be transformed by the wisdom given over on different parts of the site or new wisdom initiated right here. In short, to maximize transformative communication. And secondly, our goal is to maximize creativity, both for its own sake and to help facilitate the communication.
How do we envision maximizing both communication and creativity? So far, what we've come up with is the following:
  1. Music - theme songs brought on the site
  2. Art
  3. A newsletter with creative writing sections
  4. Diary - mine and yours
  5. Perhaps a want ads section for spiritual ideas, partners, tools, synergy, etc.
But most important- we envision this section serving as an open forum for any of you out there in cyberspace to respond to what you have learned with your own compositions, essays, etc. What we want is to develop a teacher-student, friend-to-friend relationship. And what we really, really want is to ultimately create a family- our very own family- maybe even each soul family member having his own site within a satellite of internet sites. Please, please be in touch.
Course Catalog:
Keter: The First Merkava Map
Learn how to navagate the map of the Merkava and find Hashem in your life. This class starts with Keter, the crown and teaches easy meditations to change your life.
Binah- Understand what you do.
This class covers the sefria of Binah, understanding. Come learn how to go deeper into the map of the Merkava and uncover fantastic new dimensions of your mind and soul. This material is not available anywhere else. This class includes meditations, prayer techniques and self help advice to make your life more productive and fun.

Questions? Contact founder and Director Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz by email.

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