GILGUL: A Comprhensive expose on the soul and how to ultimately perfect it:
(Based in part on the book "Gilgulei Yisroel" [a book co-written by our author]- reincarnation- based on the Arizal's teachings in a style intelligible for even the beginner)
What is a soul? What is its perfection process? Why does this process play itself out as it does? Both in terms of the transgenerational macro picture and in terms of a single lifetime - on a national scale and an individual scale? How does this process express itself in our lives, in our consciousness? What is our part in the process and what is done for us through Divine Providence?
These and countless other related questions will be dealt with as comprehensively and authoritatively as possible in a series of classes. Stay tuned and join the challenge to perfect your own soul as well!!

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