The 18 Features of a Tzaddik

By Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz

Until this point, we have explored the Jewish angle of manifesting. Briefly, this involves a primal

shift in focus from the popular standard "Secret" orientation. Instead of focusing on what G-d

can do for you, we say the opposite. [This sort of recalls what President Kennedy used to say,

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country"]...

Our Jewish angle or secret of "The Secret" is all about aligning my will with the Divine Will - wanting

what He wants. To the extent that I do this, He will want to manifest what I want, even to the

point that others will come flocking to help me carry out my desired outcome, and [if I'm really

and truly aligned] miraculous manifestations will happen for me constantly and automatically

without me even needing to ask for it! The question and challenge to be posed is how do I

transform myself in to becoming so aligned.  Our lesson will begin to tackle that challenge

from at least one of a number of angles - becoming a 'Tzaddik' [a righteous person]...



I know that many of you [ maybe myself included] are probably saying at this point,

that Yitzchak just lost it. All he wants us to do to manifest our desires is to become a

'Tzaddik' [or 'Tzaddekes'] - and everyone knows that maybe the most elite spiritual people,

after a lifetime of the hardest work and discipline MAYBE can become a Tzaddik - a

person who by definition is aligned with the Divine Will and also who by definition is a

person who by definition manifests miracles at all times - as our sages say, 'The

Tzaddik declares [in any area of life] and Hashem causes it to manifest'. Well friends... I

have a surprise for you - Being a person who was born and raised in the good old USA,

I've come to recognize that one of the most important contributions that America gives to

humanity, is that you can take any challenge in life [the bigger, the better] - and as long

as you clearly package it in a clear step by step formula - that shows you the way to

make it happen, with the right will power, you can make it happen... In light of that, I am

going to throw at you a portrait of a Tzaddik and the components that make up this

unique being... the formula will with G-d's Help come eventually also - but at least you

can see the components...I am drawing my portrait from the classic Chassidic work on

the subject called, 'Noam Elimelech' by R. Elimelech of Lizhensk [Zushia's brother]. I think

it will best work for you if you relate to all the components as something that you can

incorporate into your life right now [even in a minimal type of a way]...


[some key characteristics]


A. [A person who's] plugged into the Mitzvah or challenge of the generation
       [some say that our
generation's challenge is to be able to distinguish the difference between a Jew and a non-Jew]


B. Becomes a living source of Blessing - the word for Blessing is Bracha which comes
      from the root Brachia or
Wellspring – i.e. ..connecting with this person, is like connecting
       with an overflowing wellspring of abundance
and blessing.


C. Include themselves and their prayers and desires in the first person plural - 'WE' – i.e. ..I as a

part of Israel or as a part of humanity.


D. Constantly working to awaken and perfect all their character traits in a holistic fashion

[thereby having the ability to influence all character traits in all people that they either meet or

don't know]


E. Constantly aware of all of their thoughts, actions, words, feelings etc. ... so that they can
micro-manage themselves... [ our Sages say that if you see a Tzaddik sin at night, you can be
sure that by the morning, they will have rectified the problem - surely being so aware of

themselves is a big contributing factor]


F. With great personal sacrifice, they bridge themselves to lower level people in order to help lift them up.


G. Even their mundane activities are intended to inject G-dliness, sweetness and good

influences where these same elements would otherwise be absent and hidden


H. "Ohr Zaruah Letzaddik" - ['Light is Sown for the Righteous'] - whatever abundance that they

receive from On -High, they pass it on to others, not holding on to it for themselves.


I. Accepts the burden of helping to rectify [do 'tikun'] the entire nation of Israel as well as the

entire world.


J. They never consider themselves to be a 'Tzaddik', but rather a person whose achievements

and blessings are a Divine gift.


K. They are in sync. with the energy changes that occur at various times of the day , the week and the

seasons... etc. ...


L. They live in a very detached and transcendent state of being - [ they are holding by a state of

equanimity - i.e. ..not affected one way or another by people's praises or putdowns]...


M. One of the gauges of a Tzaddik is that their words will always penetrate people's hearts, their
very presence will serve as a mirror reflecting back to the person their own strengths and
weaknesses - either way causing them to feel deep happiness.


N. Very powerfully affected at hearing people's troubles as well as people's miracle stories


O. Seek at all times to study the ways of the Creator in order to emulate Him in all that he does.


P. Maximally taps into the principle of "Hashem Tzilcha" - i.e. ...Hashem reflects back to you what

ever you put out there [similar to the 'law of attraction']


Q. Constantly seeks to liberate their thoughts words actions and feelings by elevating them

from the level of finite to the level of infinite and Eternal


R. They are privy to the proper utilization of the Ohr Ganuz - Hidden Light - the supernatural

expansive consciousness that enables them to see what is hidden and to inspire others to 'get on board' with them.

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