Internalizing Kabbalah- Eliciting the Ultimate Divine Side of Me into Everyday Life:
Kabbalah teaches that man's being created in the image of G-d is understood as man being a microcosm. Microcosm is to be explained as man being made up of the anatomy and physiology of the entire creation including the upper Divine realms. Our challenge is to awaken all of this vastness inside ourselves in our day to day reality and thereby transform and perfect ourselves and all of creation.
Our challenge is to create a series of classes that will allow us to do just that. Our source material are the classic subjects of kabbalah such as:
  • Tzimtzum - Divine creation
  • Igoolim and Yosher - various primal Divine ways of running the world
  • The senses - sight, sound, etc.
  • The cosmic shvira - breakage and rectification (tikkun)
  • Partzufim - Divine cosmic personas
  • Sefirot - upper worlds and more
Our style is to discover each theme's essence or formula and elucidate how this connects to me and my world!!

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