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Parsha Shemot – Bringing Back Interconnected Energy


This is a collection of some ideas about Parsha Shemot.

First, we begin a whole new energetic period of time called Shovavim, which is the weekly Parshas beginning with Shemot and ending with Mishpatim. This is a period of time when we, and of course the people in the Bible times, are coming to rectify something that began with Adam, who was separated from his wife in the Garden of Eden fall-out. Their separation caused scattered seed, which means scattered life energy, and the goal of this period of time is to bring the scattered energy back together.

That’s what we’re going to be doing for the next six weeks, and it parallels the stories about bringing back energy, about interconnected energy. So that’s one thing that begins in Shemot. Essentially, we’re going from the Patriarchal period into an Exile period, which is followed later by a Redemption period. The Israelites were pretty civilized, but tended to sink into slave mentality during the 210 year period of forced slavery.

One of the things that comes up during this period is that the Israelites were rapidly reproducing, and the more Pharaoh tried to oppress them, the more they reproduced. It’s an interesting phenomenon… You leave it to G-d to take care of you, and you can rely on that, no matter what the opposition tries to do to you. So, the Israelites reproduced in great numbers, which ultimately formed the nation of Israel.

G-d promised to Jacob that He would make of us a great nation, and that He will be with us and take us out of slavery also. So, the hand of G-d is operating, even in the midst of the darkness of Egypt, the lowest and most depraved of nations. G-d’s there with us and the miracles are happening, maybe on a more subtle level.

So, we reproduced a lot, and we did that in spite of Pharaoh’s efforts to the contrary, meaning he worked us and he baited us. He promised to come out into the fields with us, and pay us well and take care of us. Pharaoh was the first of the real politicians, saying one thing with his mouth while thinking and planning something else entirely. It was said of Pharaoh, “he had a soft mouth,” meaning he could be very convincing, and in fact he seduced most of the Israelites into doing his bidding, with the exception of the tribe of Levi. The Levis never became slaves, and they learned Torah instead, for the entire 210 years of the Eqyptian exile.

This is an incredible lesson because, spiritually speaking, the spiritual heirs of the tribe of Levi are the Torah students of all generations. So, when other people get seriously seduced into the traps of society (and there are so many of them) the person who sticks to his guns inside of Torah is impervious to that whole influence, as was the tribe of Levi in Eqypt.

Pharaoh induced the Israelites into slavery, and then approximately eighty years after the exile began Moses was born. They looked at him and knew there was goodness there, and there was a whole reincarnation thing going on with Moses as well. It was a reincarnation rectification of Adam. Moses was born good, something recognized through the daughter of Pharaoh, Batya, who adopted the baby Moses. She took him out of the Nile River and she raised him, and even though he was raised in the Egyptian environment, because of his inherent goodness (and Batya’s goodness) Moses kept the pure side of himself. He could see through the façade of the Egyptian royal family all along, and he eventually escaped the kingdom after an episode with an Egyptian taskmaster who was beating up an Israelite slave. Moses killed the Egyptian, so he knew he would be in trouble and that’s when he left and went to Midian, in the desert.

In Midian Moses met his future father-in-law, and he met up with G-d, and the burning bush, with Mount Sinai and with his task of saving the Jews from Pharaoh. All this occurred because Moses began to hear the wordless grunts and screams of the Israelite people. Moses said, “I heard their screams and told Pharaoh, ‘Let my people go.”

At first, Moses displayed a reticence to do that. He thought, “Who am I? Certainly not a man of words…” At this, G-d told him, essentially, “What do you mean you’re not a man of words? Who is asking you to save the Israelites?  I’m not a politician, I’m G-d.  I’m hooking up my mouth to a human being. I can put the words in your mouth.”

This is an incredible lesson, really, because G-d can do anything, to the extent that we let Him in. The basic question people ask is, “Where is G-d now?” and the answer is, “Wherever we let Him I,” which applies on many different levels. If we let G-d in to do miracles in our lives He WILL do miracles in our lives. But most people cannot believe that because they’re blinded by nature.

Moses was told, “You’re the leader. You’re the one who is going to bring them out, so you’ve got to believe in Me. You’re a stutterer.”  And he was. Moses was a stutterer because the Israelites were slaves, and people in that kind of slave mentality were not articulate people. And what happens with the people happens with Moses, their leader. He is a mirror of them and they are a mirror of him. They stuttered, he stuttered. They couldn’t talk, he couldn’t talk.

Moses said, “How am I going to talk? How am I going to be their leader?”  And G-d said, “You don’t understand. I will speak through you, for you. We’ll start off by letting Aaron do the talking for you. Your big brother, 3 years older than you is a better speaker.

So, Moses asked G-d, “What do I tell the people about who sent me? I could tell them several different names of G-d. Which one do I tell them that they will truly believe?

And G-d told Moses, “I will be who I will be.” It’s “will be” in the future tense, a Divine Name symbolizing the ability to have patience and wait, the ability to trust that things will work out, the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the ability to hope, (which happened in last week’s Parsha when Jacob was blessing Dan he said a prayer, “For your salvation I hope all day long.”) Hope is the key to Geula, to Redemption.

G-d told Moses to talk to the Israelites about hope, about how it’s a done deal and that they will bring it by hoping and by waiting for Me. And that’s ultimately what happened with the Israelites, as Pharaoh kept kicking and fighting and questioning, “Who is this G-d that Moses should hear His voice?” Since Pharaoh help himself up as a deity and knew nearly everything about spiritual matters in the world at that time he was disturbed because he didn’t know about this Divine Name, this G-d of Moses. Or, maybe he did know, but he denied it. There are commentaries from our sages from both viewpoints.

So, that’s the set-up of this week’s Parsha and the beginning of plagues next week, and the exodus from Egypt the following week, and coming through the Red Sea the following week. The state is being set this week in Parsha Shemot.






Know that the persona Arikh Anpin is a persona that stretches all the way, the entire length of the parsuf that corresponds to the core motivation inside of our personas. It motivates us to do everything we do, and when it’s activated, nothing stands in its way and everything aligns with it to make its will happen.

Focus on identifying the deepest, core motivation of your life.  And to the extent you catch it, to that extent you are going to melt away all the subsidiary motivations you have, and you will be on fire; there will be nothing that can stand in your way. 



Know that, as in the upper world, so too in our world, the ultimate Father and Mother, in their ultimate, altruistic state, are completely unified in their purpose, to do what they need to do for the benefit of their children. To the extent you do that, your children will benefit for all time.

So, experience your inner, altruistic, completely dedicated approach to parenting, and apply that with inspiration and joy, every time you connect with your children. That way, you can be sure your children will do the same with their children.



The parents, to the extent they inter-include and bond with each other, sharing the best of who they are, with each other, to that extent these parents will give birth to the greatest representation of who they are, in their children.

Experience doing that with your parenting partner, and with all forms of birthing in your life.



Know that our lives are in a constant flux of restricted and expanded consciousness. Experience the different states of expansion and restriction that you fall into and out of, and identify them. To the extent that you identify them, you’ll know when to jump in and make major decisions in a state of expansion, and when to pull back and just keep yourself quiet, in a state of restriction.

Know that the process of mothering in the higher and lower worlds involves a constant connection with your fetus, your newborn and your children throughout their entire lives. Experience this connection from the moment you realize you will be giving birth, and cultivate this connection. Then, everything you do for yourself, do that for your child – your literal child and the child of your creative output in the world.



Know that you are constantly in engaging with lost parts of your soul. Experience the level of resonation, how strongly you resonate with all the input that comes to you, in your life. And to the extent that you are drawn to and resonating with whatever and whoever comes into your life, to that extent you will be guided from above to redeem that lost part of your soul.



Know that the other side, the Sitra Akrah, the other side of reality is constantly waiting to suck out any goodness you display or experience in your life. Therefore, experience yourself being protective of the value treasure you hold inside your soul, and be very selective how you share it and with whom you share it.



Know that the Zeir Anpin is the parallel source in the upper worlds of Divine Providence in our lives. Experience revealing the Divine Providence in your life that is normally attributed to happenstance or coincidence, and reveal that it is absolutely purposeful and personalized and customized to bring you to where you need to be in life.



 Know that the dance of life is knowing when to connect when the connection will bring empowerment, and knowing when to disconnect when that disconnection will bring disempowerment. Experience saying Yes as often as possible, when it is to your empowered advantage, and saying No the No’s that disempower you.



Know that we have all 5 levels of soul, no matter which soul level we are rooted in, and we have the ability to access all these levels. Experience the Nefesh level of the connection of spirituality with physicality. Experience the Ruach level of the bubbly sensations of associations that come to you in your creative life. Experience the Neshamah level of feeling you are being guided from On High. Experience the Chaya level of feeling you are the right hand person of G-d in bringing this world to its Tikkun. And finally, experience the Yechida level of knowing that you are one infused and enmeshed with the Creator of the entire universe. There is nothing else but the Creator.



Know that your very soul inside you is the very tip of an upside-down iceberg that stretches to the highest heavens. And know that, to the extent you bring that which is beyond you inside yourself, to that extent you’ve grown spiritually. Experience the drive to know what you don’t yet know, to feel what you don’t yet feel, to speak what you have not yet been able to speak, and so on with all areas of human consciousness.



Know that for every manifestation and personality that exists in our world, there is an upper world parallel for all of them. With that knowledge in mind, experience when you sleep, the upper sleep and when you talk, the upper talk. When you meet with a person of importance meet that person’s parallel upstairs and your own highest, most realized self in the upper worlds.




Know that as counter-intuitive as it may seem, it is incredibly powerful, perhaps the highest power available, in the act of receiving. It’s the power of receptivity. Experience being an open vessel, open to receive from everybody and everything, all they have to give, thereby drawing down to yourself Everythingness.





The following meditations represent a lifetime collection of  ‘Pnimiyut’ (spiritual  life applications), which are translations of the otherwise very technical Creation Principles comprising the important Kabbalistic Classic—the Eitz Chaim—the Tree of Life.

These translations are in the form of meditations in order to best internalize and be impacted by them. This is the first of several posts with Creation Principle meditations.



Know that you have access to G-d in a  transcendent and in an immanent fashion. Experience G-d’s transcendence, His Infinite Presence being beyond your fathoming, beyond any limitations at all, while at the same time, experience G-d’s immanence, His intimate presence inside of you, nurturing you, loving you, guiding you, knowing you better than anyone in your life.

Know that in order for you to grow into becoming the best person that you can become, you need two seemingly contradictory approaches to life. First, draw down into yourself a certainty and a clarity that all is now perfect as is along with a knowing that nothing is perfect and you have the responsibility to improve and perfect everything that comes your way.



Know that your life is a blend of information you’re aware of, knowledge that’s accessible to you and also knowledge that’s beyond you. The way you grow spiritually is to draw down into yourself that which is beyond you.

This is called, “the outer lights,” or sometimes it’s called, “the surrounding light.”

Focus on what you know, in your life. Focus on it in conversation, in learning, in facing challenges. In any aspect of life, identify that which is known to you and that which is not known to you.

And make it a point to try and grow in your spirituality by stepping up into the world of the outer lights, the great world of the unknown. And ask G-d to send you the information, and wisdom and the knowing that it will take to fathom and to become familiar with that which is beyond you in life.

You’ll find that the very question itself, and the very request itself, when done earnestly, will bring the response, the answers, and the ability to fathom that which is beyond you.



Know that there is a future consciousness, a world of reward, where there will be reflected to us the reward of all we have done well in our lives. In that reward world, we will see how all of the wonderful things we accomplished, and the choices we have made result in their power. We will see their power ad infinitum, forever.

Step into that world right now. Experience how there is a result, there is a birthing of all the good things you think, feel, think and do. Step into the other side of your choices and your actions. Set that as a primary focus in all that you do, and you’ll find it all becomes primordially potent and effective.



Know that ladder leading from one world into the other world is a ladder that cannot be climbed head on, or directly. It must be climbed as the angels approached infinity in the prophetic visions we learn.

We must connect to that which is higher to us, by taking a step forward, touching it, then taking a step back and not touching it. Then we repeat it… stepping forward and touching it, then stepping back and not touching it.

Experience reaching out for that which is beyond you this way. But when you reach out for that which is beyond you, touch and grasp and engage and encounter and embrace that unknown area for just a short moment. Then stop and come back to where your base line is located.

Consider how it felt to extend yourself, and when you feel ready, go back and touch it again.

You’ll notice the more often you go forward and touch, and then stop and go back again, the more you’ll be ready to step into the new reality.



Know that the world, before it was in a state of Tikkun, or Rectification, was in a state of Tohu, or Chaos. The main reason for that is because the light, the influence of life, was so incredibly powerful that the vessels could not properly contain them. Know that in a future time we will re-engage these primordial lights in such a powerful way that we will be able to harness the most powerful energy, which today would be considered animalistic or criminal.

At that time in the future we will have the ability and the capability to contain them and to hold them.

Step into that future time, and experience a more powerful light force than you have ever experienced before. And visualize your ability to contain that, and to harness that and to hold that, and to step into a whole new levels of inner, positive, beneficial power.



One of the keys to rectification of all that is broken is to build a proper foundation. It’s to have a vessel that can contain whatever light or life force is being directed at it.  One to of the ways to accomplish this is by using teamwork. Two heads are better than one, and three are better than two.

So, step into a community. And search out the strengths of each individual member of the community, and unite the community by sharing that particular strength that nobody else has, and pool those strengths into some kind of single-minded directive or goal that can only be accomplished by a group, instead of one person alone.



Know that in the world as we know it now, in its march towards perfection and rectification, one person can be an influencer, a healer, a rectifier, and another person will be the influenced, the healed and the rectified.

Step into a reality where you completely accept, with full peace of mind, that relative to any particular person in your life, you are the one to be influenced by that person. While you will be, relative to a different person, the influencer.

When you accept and embrace this dynamic, then life becomes very rich and full and effective.



Know that the core of reality is the understanding that we don’t understand. It’s the knowing that we don’t know. It’s the mystery.

Accept the fact that the deepest levels of your processing of life, and of your knowledge, is a mystery. And have the humility to accept that, as much as you know, there’s much more that you don’t know. That very humility will draw down an incredible amount of knowledge to you, which you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.



Know that we all have certain traits which dominate our personalities. One person might have the character trait of transcendence. Another person might be an enabler or empowerer.

But know that on a deeper level we are holistic beings. We are personas, containing all of the Sefirot. Engage and empower and enliven all of the traits of your personality, until they are all shining as powerfully as possible.



Know that the highest of the Sefirot is the bridge between that which is above and beyond, and that which is within time and space.

When you step up to be a person with the ability to remove yourself from your own, natural limitations, you step up into the place which is beyond.

The way you do that is to leap straight into it.

Lag B’Omer 5775 Thoughts

THE POWER OF KABBALISTIC LEARNING [according to the Holy Zohar]

1. There is not a letter or word in the Torah that does not contain Kabbalistic secrets.

2. True Kabbalah causes the world to be filled with the knowledge of Hashem.

3. One who goes on to the post-life without Kabbalistic knowledge, though they may be filled with
Mitzvot and good deeds, will not be able to enter the [innermost] gates of the world to come.

4. The one who occupies them self with Kabbalah, is able to sweeten up all that’s difficult, cast aside harsh judgements and purify himself.

5. One who ignores to pay proper attention to Kabbalah, causes poverty and the elongation of the exile.

6. Every Kabbalistic word properly learned, creates entire worlds.

7. The masters of Kabbalah will be the first to rise in the resurrection of the dead.

8. The prayers of the Masters of Kabbalah will be received and answered.

9. The masters of Kabbalah have the power to nullify harsh decrees, to be in constant connection to Hashem, to bring down blessing and are called Tzadikim [righteous ones].

10. There is no wisdom that compares to that of Kabbalistic wisdom.

11. The knowledge of Mitzvot are considered to be the BODY of the Torah, whereas it’s SOUL is the secrets of the Torah [ie…The Kabbalah].

12. The masters of Kabbalah, relative to others, are referred to as the children of Hashem, as opposed to being Hashem’s servants, and this is because they know Hashem intimately and not just in a general way.

Sefirothic Tree




Dear friends,

My USA trip is only 2 weeks away [June 1-5 Cleveland, June 6-12 Maui, June 13-23 NYC] …..I tend to broaden my horizons prior to a trip, and peak into the future [even beyond the timeline of my trip], and try to explore what I’d like to be doing during the trip and afterwards….I hereby present to you the results of this exploration….I want to be able to grow—and at the same time share that growth with special people in an intense way…

I think the best way to do that, is in the context of a series of ongoing, personalized telephone sessions…..My trip could enable me to meet with interested people for one on one sessions[or possibly small groups]—to give us a taste of good things and good growth to come–though I am ready to begin now or whenever we are ready….I hope to blend text learning with tools and meditative teachings as well as personal guidance….

Though I am open to create a totally personalized track for anyone interested, I would like to suggest the following topics that I believe will be inspiring and attractive for many different types of people [and of course myself]…….The common denominator besides growth, is the idea of MASTERY—– mastering Torah and Kabbalah Text and Judaism areas in the first track , and in the other track, mastering the art of living in a way that’s beyond our present level….

If you’re interested , please email me at and we’ll work out together, all the necessary details….

and for more info about my upcoming trips , see my 3 latest facebook pages;

Kabbalah Maui

Kabbalah on maui

Kabbalah in new york

The torah masters track


Let’s become Masters—even mini masters, of the totally unique world view of our Sages , ancient and contemporary….Let’s complete sections of the Aggadata [the Homiletical part of the Talmud]….Let’s see the world as they see it with specialized texts and teachings that penetrate systematically to uncover their “Daat Torah’’[their Torah perspective way of engaging all aspects of life], until we can begin to develop Daat Torah as well…


Let’s become Masters—even mini masters, of the vast depth and breadth of Jewish

Mysticism….let’s learn to look through the eyes of the Mystics…let’s learn

the original texts in their abstract analogies and multi-layered technicalities, and

then together translate these texts into their holy physics formats and and then

further into their universal psycho-dynamic language—and thereby unleash the

esoteric wisdom of the Holy Zohar and the Ariza’l and the other masters of

Kabbalah, ancient and contemporary—unleash their wisdom to serve as a bridge

and a guideline for how to live all aspects of our lives in a transcendent way…


Let’s become Masters—-even mini masters, of the teachings and practices of the

Masters of Chassidut….let’s learn to see and engage the world as they do…to see

the hand of G-d pervading every detail of living…to see the wisdom of the

Kabbalah translated into the Chassidic perspective of personal growth and

transcendence…..let’s open up the [and become expert in ] the classic sources of

the Baal Shem Tov and the classic masters of the following generations up until

the present day….let’s gather together a data base, a working knowledge of the

terminologies, axioms and mindsets that will help us to see and engage the world
with the same ecstacy and purity and holiness as that of the Chassidic masters….


Let’s become Masters—even mini masters, of the unique wisdom that is usually

only practiced by the most elite and capable of esoteric masters—the wisdom of

identifying, translating and redeeming the vast array of wisdom that is found in

in the exile—an exile that is still very much a part of our lives, literally, spiritually,

conceptually and emotionally—-the exile-based wisdom which basically consists

of every type of knowledge , secular or otherwise,that’s found ‘out there’ in

the world……our challenge will be to find the corresponding source of this

wisdom in Torah, and then reintegrate these missing puzzle pieces into Torah—

‘bring it back home’ so to speak [a principle that’s based on the understanding

that G-d created the world based upon what is written in Torah [therefore ALL

wisdom is sourced in Torah—some of it just got exiled ]…..our work together

will be to work with the most compelling topics of the day, and compare what the

world says with what the Torah [both the mystical and revealed Torah ] has to say

—and to constantly build on this comparative base…..


Let’s become Masters—even mini masters, of Jewish observance,

the realm of Judaism that unfortunately is rejected and misunderstood by a large majority of the Jewish people…..the areas of Halacha and Mitzvoth and custom and tradition and practice, if

properly approached, with creativity and enthusiasm and meditative presence

and slow deliberate spirituality, can open up in one’s life a state of G-d

connection and rich full-bodied allness, incomparable in any similar

discipline…….let’s create that richness in our lives with a full blend of

learning and practice and mutual encouragement in a very personalized way…



Let’s become Masters—-even mini-masters, of enlightened interpersonalizing….let’s reach out beyond our present capacities in harnessing all the incredible abundance that’s available to us if we could only properly connect to the people in our lives [as well as the abundance that we could give to others]…..let’s learn how to paradise those people in our lives—those we are intimate with, as well as our casual acquaintances, those who are difficult to get along with , as well as those who we flow with easily….let’s learn how to identify inside of ourselves, the people of our lives, and how to then heal them as well as ourselves…let’s learn how to know how to hyper focus on the redeeming trait of the people that others have given up on, and thereby transform that person into a very desirable person……let’s learn how to maximally bond with our mates and our not yet mates…..let’s learn the inner essence of love and sex and marriage and how to tap into these dimensions in the most powerful and sacred ways….let’s learn to find everyone’s special point and tap it and make us and them shine….let’s learn how to have a bliss-bliss relationship with those who are our soul-brothers and sisters [and even those who aren’t]…let’s learn how to open up the heart and the allness of others by opening up our own…..let’s create communities—communities of like-minded mystical consciousness seekers….


Let’s become Masters—-even mini-masters, of living in an extraordinary way….let’s reach out beyond our present levels—beyond what the world considers standard or normal or in the stream of things—into a level of THE BEYOND…..let’s learn how to fuse ourselves with G-d 24/7….let’s learn how to see and live life like Abraham and Sarah did, and dare to live according to our values, even when we find ourselves alone in the world….let’s learn how to think with our Soul and not just with our mind…..let’s learn how to co-create and manifest miracles in our lives as much as possible….let’s learn how to receive Divine answers at will….let’s learn how to grow to the limits of our own potentials and beyond…let’s learn how to make the impossible become possible…let’s learn how to defy nature and live in a super-natural way….


Let’s become Masters—-even mini-masters, of a futuristic consciousness—that which is beyond the scope of our lives and beyond the scope of our era—and thereby prepare ourselves and all of mankind to step into the future and to usher it in……let’s learn thoroughly, the topic of the after-life, and based on the reality of that world, create a personalized plan for living in a way that will be as synchronized as possible with our anticipated afterlives…..let’s learn thoroughly, about the consciousness that will be prevalent in Messianic times—and then become that consciousness! ….let’s become G-d’s partners in rectifying the world and returning the world to the the garden of Eden and for making the world a more G-dly place [by revealing G-d where G-d is hiding] and for bringing back the glory of our glorious people and everyone else’s glory as well


Let’s become Masters—-even mini-masters, of healing—healing everyone—ourselves and everyone else—of healing everything—healing and opening up an uninterrupted flow to the body and the soul and the psyche and our relationships and all else that makes up the human experience…..let’s learn how to live a worry free existence….let’s learn how to maximally integrate our lower soul into our lives—our inner child…..let’s learn how to heal the massive brokeness and trauma and depression that is so prevalent in our generation….let’s learn how to heal with acceptance and integrity….let’s learn how to heal with the Kabbalistic healing approaches….let’s learn how to heal with the Sefirotc Alignment Therapy approaches….let’s learn how to heal with the mind-body approaches and the life-body approaches…let’s learn how to heal with the past-life healing approaches…….


Let’s become Masters—-even mini-masters, of self actualization—of living a life that we love living and loving the life we live—-of living a life of RATZON [primal expression of our Will and our Essence]—of living our calling, our mission our purpose, our unfinished business…….let’s learn the skills, and tools required to live such a life—the tools of Ratzon, the tools of manifesting, the tools of interpreting and acting upon G-d’s constant guidance, the tools of being in a state of maximal presence and receptivity and expanded consciousness, the tools of ALL-ING, the tools of Sefirotic alignment and all the other tools and meditations and teachings and prayers needed to maximally actualize our lives…..

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